Ishqbaaz FF :Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 42

Later that day
Anika decided to go her some lunch as she knew had a meeting and she couldn’t stand the taste of the food they had to offer at the hotel.
“Take the umbrella” the voice at the back of her mind told her.
“It don’t look like it’s going rain till tonight” she answered.
Leaving her umbrella in the drawer she took her handbag and quickly made her way through the maze of hallways to the main elevator.
As the doors opened the mirrored walls reflected her image and stepping inside she checked herself out.
“Anika, you look amazing” she praised herself as she pick of some imaginary lint from her jacket.

After a hearty meal at a local restaurant, Anika made her way back to the office and when she was about 5 min from the Hotel the heavens decided to open up and a she was caught in a heavy downpour.
Anika cursed herself thinking how she planned to take her umbrella but chose to leave it at the office at the last minute.
The rain literally soaked her to the bone as she took off her heels and made a run for the nearest tree.
She quivered as she pulled the wet shirt away from her chest, only to have white material cling to her skin.
She instinctively pulled her jacket to close it; as she knew the shirt had gone transparent.
After a few minutes the rain died down a bit and she put on her heels again and made her way to the office.
She first wanted to phone in and go home but decided against it as she knew the office staff already had enough to gossip about.
“Anika, you just have to make sure that no one sees you like this” she said as climbed the steps to the hotel.
She decided to use the service staff entrance and take the back elevator.
The mirrored walls gave her a clear view of what she looked like, a mess. Her hair all wet and curly, mascara streaks all over her face, Anika pouted and pulled a face as she couldn’t believe this was the same Anika who looked killer an hour ago.
Her plan worked, she reached the office in no time and it seemed like most of her colleagues we also stuck outside somewhere.
Anika sighed as she kicked her heels off and dumped my handbag at my feet, closing the office door behind her.
She took off her jacket and hanged it over a nearby chair.
After she fixed her makeup and made herself half decent again,Anika decided to get herself a cup of tea and walked to the adjoining small boardroom that linked her and Shivaay’s office.
She knew he was still in a meeting will only return in an hour or so.
Meanwhile Shivaay sitting next door as his meeting ended sooner than expected and he heard a noise coming from next door.
He slowly crept towards the door halting just outside to peek through; the sight was quite to his liking as he already couldn’t get her out of his head since the morning.
While she was busy stirring she felt hot breath fan across the back of her neck and goose bumps spread all over her skin.
“You look cold, can I make you warm” a familiar voice whispered into her ear before nipping on her earlobe.
Anika wanted to yell but a warm hand covered her mouth before she could.
“Don’t make a noise, otherwise the whole office will hear” he said and she could hear the hustle and bustle just outside the office doors while Shivaay was set to torture her.
Shivaay wasted no time and began kissing his way from the back of her neck, slowly nibbling down to her shoulder.
Anika quickly let go of her inhibitions and didn’t even worry if he saw her with messy hair nor did she feel self-conscious around him.
Anika felt his arms quickly wrapping around her from behind to hold to pull her close.
And with one blow he ripped her blouse off.
“Shivaay…What the hell!” Anika whimpered.
But he just turned her around “Shhhhhhhh, No talking” he whispered in her ear.
His lips started trail down her throat, from her collarbone trailing down to her br*asts.
Shivaay pressed his mouth against her bare flesh kissing her bud gently and scraping his teeth against her sensitive flesh.
Anika’s hands instinctively grabbed a handful of hair on her head, tugging and pulling him closer while he attacked her wanting flesh, making a groan fall from her lips.
“Yes.” The word spilled out, before she could stop them and their eyes met causing Anika to guide his head up; pressed her lips hungrily against his.
And in one swift move he lifted her up and her legs wrapped around his waist.
He turned her around pinning her down on the boardroom table.
Shivaay let his index finger trace her exposed skin casing her to let out a soft moan.
Knock, Knock, Knock
Back to reality for Shivaay and Anika as they both froze.
“Shit.” he mumbled as he bit into his bottom lip.
“Mrs Oberoi… I guess we will have to continue this at home” Shivaay said as he let his fingers run through his hair.
That caused Anika’s face to change colour as she jumped off the table, scrambling to pick up her buttons.

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