Ishqbaaz FF :Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 40

Anika let out a shaky breath, her shoulders sagging as she let go of all the tension that had been running through her the entire time she was talking to her friends.

Rubbing her hands down the side of her legs,she tried not to think of what just happened but she couldn’t.

She wanted more ,needed more as Shivaay were adding fuel to their already smouldering furnace of desires burning and it was building up to a point to where Anika could almost feel it pushing against the confines of her skin.

The image of them wrapped in an intimate embrace struck a chord within her body, causing her to touch her thigh where his hand where moments ago.

Suddenly a gentle touch made her snap back to reality,causing her skin to pulsate with sparks of lust which only got worse when she saw his smile.

It took almost all he had not to go and tear her clothes off when Anika shivered involuntarily.

The feeling of being trapped in his arms and the longing for his embrace had woken something in Anika which just wouldn’t go away.

Shivaay’s body on the other hand was craving something he hasn’t gotten in a while and this feeling wasn’t just going to go away.

“I’m sorry.” Shivaay said quietly after the silence stretched between them and Anika instantly felt a pang of guilt for her behaviour.

“No, I’m sorry. I was just tired and feeling a bit off because of it.” Anika told Shivaay, flashing him a shy smile but her eyes widened when he picked her up and carried her to bed.

The silence stretched between them and after a few moments, he slid his hands over her skin,raising her chin as he planted a soft kiss on her lips.

His touch burning every inch he touched,so much so that it had her gasping softly.

“I want every moment to count” he whispered into her ear as he nipped her earlobe causing her to purr.

He was now aching for release and in one swift movement her pulled her on top of him and a mischievous smile crept on Anika’s face as she looked into his eyes,she missed this……

Shivaay was struggling to keep himself from letting out all his pent up frustrations when she started to kiss him.
But he also wasn’t going to sit with the same urges and desire that plagued him the past week.
He had a hunger in him and he wanted more.

The air around them disappear as there was a familiar feeling growing in his core as the pleasure was getting unbearable.

Anika slowly kissed her way down his body and he couldn’t help but let out a hoarse moan.

Her kisses left a trail of love bites down his bare skin.

She wanted him and by the looks of it ,he wanted her even more.

“Ohhhh!” Shivaay groaned as he felt her slowly trailing her fingertips over his naked flesh where her lips were just a moment ago.

This proved too much for him and he switched places with her again.

Anika let her nails dig into his skin as she scratched down his back.

He let his thumb caress over her delicate skin of her bosom causing her heart to beat uncontrollably.

“Shivaay…” Anika whispered huskily into the night air.

She sound of soft moans echoed in the room his mouth were teasing her to euphoric bliss.

“Anika…..” he grunted through his teeth as he felt her body give in to him as pleasure engulfed them.

And after several seconds he flopped next to her out of breath and closed his eyes as he basked in the ecstasy of nirvana.

Next morning at the breakfast table

Anika stared at the hand holding hers, silently cursing the feminine thrill she experienced by having his touch teasing her body.

Shivaay now decided to put his hand on her thigh under the table gently caressing her as he let his hand inch further and further up her thigh,which caused her to almost jumping to her feet but his hand kept lingering there.

So she decided to dig her nails into his skin to deter him but he didn’t budge and after a moment she released her hold to find him sliding his fingers over her hand intertwining his fingers with hers.

“It was going to be a long ……long day” Anika thought as she took in a deep breath.

It made her feel special,in a way that she hasn’t experienced in a while which was in a part entirely her own fault.

Looking over at her son,Pinki gritted her teeth and automatically curled her hands into fist out of frustration, causing Tej to give her a questioning look over the table.

For some reason Anika’s eyes glanced to Pinki and she saw her rolling her eyes them when she thought no one was looking.

Anika quickly looked away before she could see what effect she had on her and she wondered why her mother in law was like this all of a sudden.

And for a second her mind replayed scenes of previous meetings with her and it all became clear to her,her mother in law has always been like this.

She didn’t want them together and most importantly didn’t like her.

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