Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 4

Flash back………
The party was such a great idea Anika thought as she and Mallika was busy with the preparations.
Food ……Check,Anika answered as he walked over to check the drinks on the table at the back.
“Anika,I will make a fruit punch” ,Rudi yelled from the hallway.
“A punch with a punch “, he said to himself.
Tonight Shivaay will have no choice but to relax from his normal uptight and stuck-up self, he said as he let out a guttural laugh.
“What music have you chosen”, Anika asked Mallika who were standing next to the dj.
“Just hope its dance songs as I want to see how SSO is going to dance”, Anika joked.
“You will be surprised Anika”, Mallika replied
Hmmm, that’s something to look forward to, Anika thought.
Everything was still a blur on the one hand she wanted to forget the night….the kiss never happened but how could she.
He had that undeniable energy that she was drawn to.
When Anika came to the pool room, Shivaay couldn’t help but look at her.
Anika tried her best not to make eye contact with him.
But as luck would have it the moment she thought that he was looking away she looked up and their eyes met across the room.
Even though they didn’t speak to each other, their eyes were in deep conversation.
Her inner voice begged her to look away but her heart wanted to drown in his eyes and get lost in his smile.
For that moment she forgot that there was music playing, she forgot that there were people around them.
Her mind was on a mission and she was smiled softly enjoying the reverie of last night.
Anika instinctively touched her lips, the same lips he kisses just hours before.
Their souls met and for a moment he wished that they could bathe in the moonlights glow.
When Rudra gave Shivaay a glass of punch their shyly looked away carefully not to put attention to their already tense relationship.
“When is this madness going end”, Shivaay thought.
Shivaay’s growing primal urges were like poison.
The moment Tia entered there was a bit of sadness entered Anika’s eyes.
She has got that look again, Shivaay thought.
Her face was beaming with happiness and just as he thought he was free from Tia,a voice from the back shattered his dreams.
“Shivaay,Baby” Tia’s shrieked from behind.
The moment Tia entered there was a bit of sadness entered Anika’s eyes.

Shivaay’s arrogant smile drained from his face and as he turned around he saw Tia smiling from ear to ear.
Instinctively Shivaay looked at Anika and their smiles automatically softened.
“Shivaay, Baby I missed you so much”, Tia said she was so excited to see Shivaay she walked over and hugged Shivaay much to his annoyance.
Does she have to call me that, he thought as he couldn’t wait for the party to start.
Om watched as he saw Shivaay’s irritation towards Tia which was so clear as daylight when Rudra decided to play “spin the bottle” the truth or dare version.
He almost wanted to remind Shivaay that he was still Tia’s BF and the faces he was pulling whenever she spoke wasn’t something anyone could miss.
“Finally the music started to play and I don’t have to listen to her obnoxious voice”, Shivaay sighed as he took a sip of Rudra’s punch.
Shivaay instantly tasted the wine and walked over to Rudra to confront him.
“What is in this punch, Rudra”,Shivaay probed.
Rudra had a devious look on his face band as he was going ask Rudra about it, he was interrupted by Mallika.
“Maybe a spiked punch wasn’t such a bad thing”, he thought.
“I will need some of this if I was going to make it through the night”, he said as he took another sip.
Shivaay heard Tia speak to Mallika about him and he could see she was still madly in love with him.

He knew that the feeling he had for Tia was different, to those he had for Anika.
“How will I tell her that I’m not in love with her”, Shivaay wondered.
Anika was going through the playlist and every so often she would look up and find Shivaay’s piercing eyes follow her wherever she went.
Flash back ends…….
Shivaay woke up to find an unmistakeable smell of her perfume.
Anika was still asleep in his arms.
The moon was a perfect place to hide from prying eyes he thought.
Her soft locks covering her face and he thought it best to move them away as he didn’t want anything to spoil his view.
Shivaay relished his alone time with Anika as he gently caressed her hair.
Anika kept her eyes closed as she loved feeling the warmth of his breath fanning over her face.
This moment was short lived as his mother’s voice interrupted his
Standing up the headache brought a harsh reality to life; he was hangover and spent the night with Anika in his arms.
As he looked around he found everyone still in a fuzzy haze of hangover.
A few minutes later all heard a voice screaming “Oh my Mata!”
Anika and Shivaay looked at each other as they nervously smiled remembering the fun they had and all the other problems that existed between them.
Mallika and Tia walked out of a nearby room making their presence felt as they came to stand next to Shivaay.
Their mothers were looking at them with expression.
They standing pretty close to each other but went out of their way not to touch each other.
Anika wish that she didn’t remember last night but she did.

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