Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 3


What a night! Shivaay thought, Tia being away was a blessing in disguise.

Standing overlooking the vista of the Oberio property Shivaay took a casual sip of his favorite espresso.
“I still can’t seem to tell you why every time I saw you; I just want to touch you.
I need you, Anika,” he thought.
Flash back….
Normally Anika loved the rain but strangely enough today she wasn’t keen on staying longer than necessary.

“Anika, while you are here you and Shivaay can sit and clear out some of the arrangements for the wedding”, Dadi said.

Shivaay was his normal overbearing obnoxious self, busy with a call when Anika walked in.

“Billu ji”, she began but was greeted by the palm of his hand in her face.

“How rude,” Anika thought to herself as she went to sit on his bed and scratching in her files for some catalogues.
“I do not know who you are or why are you even here. Whatever the reasons I don’t care just stay within your limits” Shivaay said rolling his eyes.
“I guess I have to make time for you now”, he said whilst fiddling on his phone.

“Couldn’t this have waited to be discussed with Tia”, he said and His sarcastic tone just confirmed to Anika that he wasn’t in the mood for wedding planning.

“Well……. I phoned her but she didn’t pick up and Dadi said that I should discuss this with you then”, Anika’s voice grew softer almost fading away.

“I’m sorry Billu ji”, she said as her voice trailed off in a hoarse whisper.
Anika waited through a lengthy silence, she was now super cautious of what she was going to say next, afraid that he would just steamroll her every suggestion.

Shivaay came to sit next to her, her perfume was addictive and intoxicating.
It definitely wasn’t unfamiliar to him but today the fragrance was not the same.
And he was reminded that it was the same smell that left him sleepless.

He looked at her while she was explaining certain pallets, themes and décor, her eyes shone with excitement as she described each item.
Shivaay couldn’t help but blatantly stare at her, she looked so happy and at ease.

When she smiled her eyes smiled too, it just was contagious
And that smile was contagious and he couldn’t help but smile too.

The flashing of his teeth came as a surprise; she was shocked that he would normally be bold, cave-manlike behavior but he just sat there and looked at her.
When she looked up their eyes locked onto each other’s like magnets.
Both Shivaay and Anika did not speak a word.
“Anika “,Mallika called out .
“Oh, here you are”
“Soumaya and I are going to watch a movie, want to join us” she said.
“Sure”, Anika replied jumping at the chance to leave Shivaay and their awkward moment.
Shivaay made a mental note to check on her once all had settled for the night.

Later that night
The sound of the other girls sleeping and Soumay’s babbling gibberish kept Anika awake.
“Go to sleep, Anika” she coaxed herself.
“I will spend the whole day walking, with swollen eyes”, she moaned in frustration.
“Ok, Let me see what’s on TV”, she said
Grabbing a pillow she got up to lay on the couch in the corner of the room.
Her eyes gazed at the TV; she was almost childlike in her as she was engulfed by the movie on the screen.
Like clock-work Shivaay slipped out of his room after all had calm down and the sounds of the house died down.
Far away he could hear a TV playing in the night air.
Walking closer to Priyanka’s room he found a dim light emerge through her door and he stood before the room uncertain if he should follow through with his plan.
He peaked through to find Anika watching some TV program; he then scoped the room to find out whether she was the only one awake.
To his amusement the other girl were all fast asleep.

The kitchen was gloomy in the nightlight.
Shivaay walked to the kitchen to make something to eat.
Anika got up to get a glass of water.

He had made him a sandwich and just as he took a bite his attention was on the voice behind him.
“Billu ji, what are doing up so late “, Anika asked.
Some of the sauce put on his sandwich smeared on his cheek.
Anika without thinking took her finger to wipe off the sauce.

Shivaay was finding it difficult to resist her as she traced her fingertip along his cheek to wipe off the sauce.
As she was walking to the tap to rinse her hand Anika’s kaftan caught on one of the cabinets and she stumbled forward.
Shivaay was quick to response as he hurried to catch her but he was able to balance both of them and pushed her against the kitchen island.
Anika felt the warmth of his hands on her skin.
They were so close that their forehead touched.
Anika rested her hand on his shoulder and Shivaay held her steady as he grabbed her around her waist.

“Billu ji,your hurting me”, she said as she gave an exasperated whispered.
“Don’t’ call me that” he said retorted.
“Please, Billu ji, Let go of my hand. “She begged her voice almost inaudible.
They stayed in the position aware of their heart beating in unison.

His eyes met her.
As the moonlight shone on her face he couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her subtle beauty.
He was so in the moment that without giving it e second thought he moved closer and kissed her, his lips ever so gently touched her lips and she instinctively raked her hands through his hair, gently pulling him closer.
Their kisses grew stronger and deeper.
“Tell me to go away, “he groaned.
But all she could do was hold on to his shirt and pulled him closer.
Shivaay closed his eyes embracing the moment and he knew that it wasn’t a dream but I sure felt like it.
Flash Back ends…..
“Why does one always miss the people you shouldn’t be missing “, he said aloud.
Shivaay was lost in his thoughts; the encounter of last night haunted their thoughts like a bad dream.
He wanted to feel her soft lips on his again.

It was not lust but something much deeper.
There definitely was something that attracted him to her, like a moth to a flame.
They just clicked, although they fought, something told him that she just understands him.

Anika decided not to go to the house today even ignoring Tia’s relentless messaging.
And I can’t see this feeling for him going away, Anika though to herself.
She wanted to capture that feeling she felt to be desired by him.
His voice ringed in her ears as she recalled his words “Tell me to go away”.
This was something she craved for.
“I think I got way too attached to you, Billu ji “she stated as she sat on her bed working through the budget for his wedding.
“His kisses on my lips made me forget that he is engaged.
Can’t know what you did, or how you did it?
But I need to forget you”, Anika said.

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