Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 21

The rest of the day went by in a blur as Anika was stuck in leaving her job here and going with Shivaay then there was the Sahil dilemma.
Her phone rang as she was finishing her last bit of coffee; she groaned as she grabbed her phone.
Anika answered the phone only to her a familiar voice on the other side.

“Ranveer”, Anika said as her eyes drifted to where Shivaay was sitting.
“Anika, please tell me are you coming into work today,” he asked.
Unfortunately, Anika was that kind of person who always seems to get things done and in the hospitality business; she was making a name for herself.

Anika was great at what she did.
Her ability to set up schedules and managing things was astounding.
As an event manager, she was forced to work odd hours and even over weekend something she didn’t mind at all.
Her people management ability was what Ranveer admired amongst other things.

The situation was slightly uncomfortable though, Anika thought as she was stating the pros and cons in her mind.
There was a loud knocking at her door along with the doorbell.
“Anika,Door!” Shivaay shouted as he continued to read the newspaper.
Anika let out a lengthy moan, as she moved towards the door.
As soon as she opened the door of her apartment, her eyes met his.
She had no other choice but to look at his face. But what she saw came as a surprise.
“Was there something wrong?” Shivaay asked.
“No” Anika stuttered as she replied.
Ranveer looked at Anika as she slowly hung up the phone.

“Anika”, he spoke, his voice was guarded.
“As my event manager you are to move in at the Hotel for 6 months.
Priya will provide you a list of the regulations and she will also explain what is expected from you.
You have already agreed to this when you signed the contract my colleague had given you when you first came in.”
He looked at Anika, unaware of Shivaay’s presence.
“I can’t.” Anika whispered.
Part of her knew what a great opportunity this was but she already had Shivaay with this ultimatum and Sahil and his education to think about.
“Look, Ranveer. I really need this job” she said.
Hearing his name Shivaay, turned around and looked towards the door.
Over the back of the chair, Shivaay’s eyes zoomed in on her and she could feel his eyes examining her every move.
“But I can’t just leave Sahil to live alone here” Anika said quietly.
Shivaay got up and walked towards them.

He came behind her and hugged her from behind as he raised his brow.
Without turning around to look at him, Anika just stood there, not knowing what to do or what to expect from Shivaay.
An awkward silence followed.
“Fine!” Ranveer said as anger slowly rose within him.
“It is?” she asked.
“You’re probably right.” Ranveer said as he rubbed his temples.
Ranveer looked at Anika as she was standing in another man’s arms…that he so wished was his.
She was a very attractive girl; she was just that do-it-yourself type kind of girl.
Her subtle womanly features made may workers life has been hell, as she often mesmerised them.
Shivaay looked back at him, questioning him with my eyes.

Only to be given an icy glare back.
Anika’s heart began to beat faster she could sense both men anger rising.
Slowly, she wiggled her way out of his arms and walked to the kitchen,”Ranveer are you staying for tea?” she yelled.
Anika knew this was not going to sit well with Shivaay but Ranveer was her boss and friend, she always made him tea.
Shivaay’s eyes were focused on Ranveer’s arm which was hidden behind his back.

“Come in and make yourself at home” Shivaay wittingly remarked.

The smell of tea filled the room as Anika was busy rearing it.

Shivaay can under the guise of helping her
He came beside her and while Ranveer checked something on his phone, he leaned in to say something in her ears and brushed lips against her ear.

Anika’s eyes focused on Ranveer as she true to deter Shivaay by stepping away from him.

This only caused him to take a step closer to her as well.

“If you come with me; you know that there is a job waiting for you, Anika” he whispered.

His warm breath soothed her skin.
Anika quickly moved back in quick, she needed to regroup.

She turned around to take out some cups from a nearby cupboard which came as a relief as looking at him made her heart beat faster.
Somehow it kept her sane at that moment as he was the kind of guy that made her lose her self-control.

Anika was aware of the effect he has as she watched how her chest rise and fall as she took slow, deep breaths.
She restrained herself by biting on her lip.

Ranveer’s eyes now on the two in the kitchen, his smiling face concealed his rage fairly well.

They shared closeness.
There was something about his confidence that drove her insane.
“I miss you too, Shivaay,”Anika said.

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