Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 19

Shivaay brushes the hair from his brow and sighs.

Walking behind her, he took the moment to devour every single movement her body made with his hungry eyes, every image that was being burned in his memory.

“Anika, why did you leave?”Shivaay asked his voice faded as he said the last part.

Shivaay moistened his bottom lip.

“I need to know, Anika” He said this time with more fervour.

Anika froze, as she wavered in her indecision.

She nervously nodded and turned towards him.

They made meaningful eye contact, “Billu ji” Anika said she bite her lip, her hands begun to shake as his eyes searched for answers in hers.

At once there was an explosion of words as she told him about his uncle’s warning as well as the money he offered her.

The colour drained from his face as he stood there in utter shock, he just could believe his ears, as flash backs of the past 5 months played before his eyes and all the missing puzzle pieces filled his once incomplete picture.

Shivaay focused on an empty space in the air and suddenly eyes radiated anger.

Anika tried to subdue the urge to cry as her emotions got the better of her and she couldn’t contain it anymore.

She turned around to hide her tears from him, as her body slowly went numb.

Shivaay closed the gap between them and placed his hand gently upon her back causing shivers to run down her spine.

His mouth felt dry and he was at a loss for words as he was unsure of what he was going to do about the situation.

He then turned around as he hands balled into fists; a hard thud caused Anika to turn words the sound.

Shivaay’s knuckles cracked and a jolt of pain shot up his wrist as he let out his anger and frustration.

“You should have told me this, Anika” He said his eyes turned a shade greener as rage took over.

Shaking his hand, Shivaay looked at Anika’s tear stained face.

Part of him was hurt but he also knew that she had no choice.

Anika reached for his bruised hand but he pulled away every time her hand came near.

“Shivaay, just give it to me” she shouted as she manage to grab his hand.

Anika instinctive brought his hand to her lips as she placed a kiss on his knuckles then she walked away to get some ice from the refrigerator.

Anika put the ice in a nearby cloth and ever so gently began to dab he ice on the hand.

“So… what are you going to do now?” She asked.

“I don’t know” Shivaay said as his anger is slowly disappeared, being replaced by feelings of doubt…

They stood there in silence.

There is no strength left in his body to hold him up.

“I don’t know.” Shivaay repeated leaning against the wall.

Anika couldn’t get over how his touch tingled upon her skin, his hand moved up slightly as the zip met just below the centre of her back.

Shivaay’s eyes lingered on how her watching as he tended to his hand.

“Billu” I am just going to get some ointment she said as she walked off into a dimly lit part of the house.

The light s went out with only street the weakly illuminating street lamp right across from her apartment building to give light.

Anika’s fear of the dark kicked in and she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Billu ji” Anika yelled.

She was beginning to hyper-ventilated, slowly retreating out but grew to a halt went her leg was stopped by the bed.

Shivaay came running in and he run into her.

Shivaay noticed Anika’s eyes were closed through the mirror.

He walked towards her, “Anika” His voice interrupted her and it sounded like a caress.

For some reason she held on to him putting her hands around his neck and holding on to him for dear life.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“You” she said whispered.

Shivaay brushed his beards against her soft skin taking in the scent that intoxicated him and kept him awake so many nights.

With the one hand she caresses his cheek and the other she gripped the hair at the back of his head.

A soft moan escaped her mouth, accepting his lips.

His body felt so right against hers.

“Wait, Anika” Shivaay interrupted their embraced as he quickly pulled away from her.

“Billu ji” her eyes were full of want.

“Please” and he couldn’t do anything but to oblige.

Shivaay looked over to her cocking his eyebrow for a second he struggled to think clearly because was this exactly what she asked.

Tonight he of all people was a little anxious; he closed his eyes for a moment, as he felt Anika’s hands moved over his chest.

She let her hands linger hands teasing him a bit with her touches before she pulled her hands away slowly.

Everywhere she touched felt like fire and he wished that the thin layer of his shirt’s material didn’t exist.

What she did next came as a total shock. to Shivaay.

Anika moved her hands towards his shirt’s top button and she started to unbutton each one very slowly.


“Do you remember?” He murmured, looking past her to her reflection in the mirror.

“Kissing me?” He asks waggling his eyebrows.

“Yes, of course, I remember.” She said as a slight blush creeping over her face.

“You will always be mine” His voice is delicate, almost a whisper.

Anika had to admit, she liked being in his arms.

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  1. Akshaya

    Oh my god. Your ff episodes are always romantic and makes me to blush always

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    Nice.. Luved it ??

  3. Nansshivika

    Its so romantic. I just can’t stop smiling throught out the episode.superb

  4. Oh my goodness. your writing is so awesome!!You have a very true talent to write. Felt like I am reading a legit book or something. Better than some I have read to be honest.

  5. Nishi33

    Romance in the air…shivika scenes were just…amazing

  6. Priyanka_22

    I must say u alwyz manage to take breath away monique 😀
    cant describe how much i loved it <3
    keep goin
    can't wait fo next part ( thanks to precap :p )
    update soon

  7. Loved it

  8. Alekhika20

    Asum update

  9. Tulasi

    Awwww……..evrythng is on fire…..cnt stop blushng……

  10. Priyali

    On fire. Steamy. Whatever u call it . It rocks.

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    Aww how romantic..wonderful

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