Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 16

“Tell me, what did they do? Did they touch you?” as he pulled her towards him.
She turned walked further away from him; he suddenly caught her wrist.
“You are only mine to touch?” Shivaay said in a whisper, looking into her eyes.
She proceeded retreated until her back was against the wall.
His index finger trailed the contours of her face and he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear but his hand soon left her hair and drifted to her body.
Anika wanted to scream at her body for reacting like to his touch.
His hands went to my thigh and then she stopped his hand.
“No”, she answered, fighting her urge to let him as she was lost in his touch.
“Good”, he whispered against her lips as he leaned forward and their noses touched.
“You. Are. Mine. Forever”, he said claiming his rights with a kiss.
For some reason Anika didn’t want to resist him.
His lips moulded into hers perfectly but with each kiss, touch, bite he possessed her; making her his territory.
“Leave me, Billu…..” Anika moaned pulling away in the middle of the kiss but he interrupted herby attaching his lips with hers again.
“Don’t act like you don’t want this” He said as his voice becoming firm as a smile crept over his lips.
“I…….. Uh……” Anika blushed biting her bottom lip.
“Don’t ever do that to me again” his eyes always spoke on a subconscious level; a language that she was fluent in.
Her hand rested on his shoulder and she picked a piece of imaginary lint his shirt, making sure not to look him in the eyes.
“We just can’t Billu ji” she said.
“We need to talk” he stated.

“This man already thinks he can tell me what to do. I am not letting that happen.” she thought.
All Shivaay did was smirk and gesture her to come with him with his finger.
Anika looked down at the ground wishing the earth could swallow her in but when Shivaay back turned his back, she pinched herself and bit back a pang.
This was most definitely not a dream, this is real.
Anika followed Shivaay almost running after him as he hurriedly walked ahead of her.
Part of her wanted to turn around but she knew she owed him this much.
His suit was beautiful and the view she saw from the door overlooking the fields was breath-taking.
Shivaay loosed his tie and walked over to his unfinished drink.
Anika flopped down onto the couch as the whole incident sank in.
“Which way to the bathroom “Anika asked all Shivaay could do was gesture towards a door on the right, as he was unable to look at her.
Anika washed her face but trying to find way to tell him why she left.
Whilst in the bathroom her phone rang ……
Shivaay, though about answering her phone and he walked towards it.
A name flashed across the screen Ranveer
Anika rushed in “Hello.” She answered breathlessly, afraid that Shivaay looked at the caller ID.
“Sorry I can’t talk… I am busy” Anika said turning around trying not to look at Shivaay.
When she hung up, they both silently looked at each other wide eyed.
“Who was that……” Shivaay said as he stared at my phone in her lap.
She opened her mouth to reply back at him but the ringing of her phone interrupted her.
“Anika, are you going to answer the call?” he asked.
“No” she stated.
When she looked at him, he didn’t back down as his eyes stared back at her.
His face seemed serious and she couldn’t hide the minute traces of guilt that her eyes so freely revealed.
“You are quitting and you going to come back with me” He declared.
“Shivaay, it’s my job and I can’t just quit.” Anika replied.
“It’s okay I will just find you another job. I don’t want you working at this place anymore.” he ordered.
“Just think about it okay. You have until tomorrow morning to make your decision.” said as he glared at her.
The only she could do was nod giving him a faint smile.
Knowing that the conversation had turned serious, Anika walked to window.
Shivaay was a man who always kept it simple with women and made his intentions clear from the start.
Her answer didn’t matter, she was coming with him and that was final.
“Come here”, he instructed.
“No”, she said looking away from him with same arrogance. If he thinks I am the same old little innocent girl whom he knew 5 months ago, then I will show him that I am not the same girl anymore.
His face was now looking back at her menacingly.
He raked his fingers through his hair and walked towards her.
“I am Shivaay Singh Oberio.” He stated.
“And you’re SSOO”, Anika’s eyes widened when she heard that.
He came to stand behind her enfolding her in his arms, and in that same deep tone; he had whispered words in her ear that had made her blush.

“Tell me, did you make out with him”, he demanded in a whisper against my lips. I kept looking at his lips.
“Believe me. I don’t know what I will do”, he said in a dangerously low voice.
Anika gulped a little, “Almost”, she whispered back.

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