Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 13

“Yesterday, I saw her for the first time, and as I saw her, I immediately fell in love with her again”, Shivaay said and that sad look in his eyes indicated to Om that that this was more serious than they thought.
“My dear brother, you have to be playing in order to be able to lose you know the saying “Only brave warriors fall off their horses in battle”
Shivaay, you have to fight for your love, Om advised him as he looked at his brother’s dejected smile.
“What does it matter?” Shivaay said as walked off to stare at the vista ahead searching for a conclusion.
“What is the hang-up, if her heart is pure then she is the right person” Rudra interrupted
Om looked at his troubled brother, he instinctively walked over to him, and “You know for once Rudra is right. She always have you and the family’s well-being in mind and have saved us from numerous occasions.”
“You don’t have to tell me this, try explaining this to her”, Shivaay said.
“Sivaay, you know I have messed up a few times and although I am in a committed relationship, I now realize that I still feel alone” Om confessed.
Anika has that kind of spirit that shines and everyone wants to be around her.
Brother just forget the restriction and go after her, Rudra said as concern crept in his voice.
“Shivaay I know it’s difficult but you have to decide what you are going to do”, Om stated.
A light breeze tickled his face and that sweet scent of Anika’s perfume wreaking havoc on his senses and his thoughts transported him to their times together and he could almost feel her body.

She made him change his ways and he knew that he had a chance. He had his brothers behind him
“Shivaay I have a plan”, Rudra as he made is way over to him wrapping his arms around Shivaay while he whispered something in his ear.
He puckered his brows trying to make sense of what his rudimental brother suggested.
Shivaay waited before he spoke, “This might just work” he said as his mind flooding with possibilities.

Anika had only a few tasks to finish and them she would be out of his life, Anika thought.
He was all she could think of.
Yes, being in love made her do a whole lot of things she wouldn’t necessarily do. She had to stop herself from constantly calling him to know how he doing or hear his voice.
Yes, she had it bad!

A half an hour before the wedding……….
So Omkara called Anika in a last effort to help Shivaay get Anika.
The two of them were supposed to meet and it was getting late.
His nerves was hanging on a thin thread and she hasn’t shown up yet.
There was an inherent cautiousness in the air as even the universe could feel their delicate situation.
Shivaay had never been so unsure of where things were going.
When he saw her walking towards their meeting spot the mere sight of her he made, him nervous.
The way the wind played with her hair caressing her neck, raised his pulse but also frustrated him as they could touch her porcelain skin that he wanted kiss so much.
Suddenly her heart started to beat faster and she was breathing hard, he didn’t need to speak but her heart sensed that it was him.

Anika cautiously looked around surveying the area as she remembered her time with him, “Shivaay” she said a faint whisper.
“Am I really do to do this”, Shivaay said as he thought about Rudra’s idea.
“Anika, I think it’s obvious what you mean to me” he said as walked closer to her.
“You’re in every second, in my every thought, Anika and without you my life will have no purpose”, Shivaay said.
He moved closer to Anika until he stood behind her.
The box he had burned a whole in his pocket.
He unconsciously threaded his hand through his hair.
“Shivaay, I know what you’re going to say but I have made up my mind and nothing you say will change my mind”, Anika said hugging herself.
Out of frustrations he hit his fist against the wall as it was getting the better of him as it felt like nothing he says or does would change her mind.

This made Anika turn around to see the blood flowing from the wound on his hand and her eyes welled up as she couldn’t bear seeing him like this.
He didn’t want to keep his love for her behind closed doors anymore.
All of a sudden Rudra’s words played over in his mind and as she went to fetch some water inside to wash his wound.
He took out the box with the sindoor and some of his blood mixed with it.
When Anika rushed over to him he took a pinch of it and placed he blood soaked sindoor in the parting of her hair.
“Shivaay!”Anika said as the significance of his actions soaked in.

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