Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 10


Shivaay finally found paradise right before his eyes.
She never looked more beautiful than now.

The next day
When she woke up at half past five, her whole world just exploded
Anika decided that she needed a break from the Oberio house and only to go when they asked for assistance.
In actual fact she couldn’t face to look Dadi in the eye after what happened between her and Shivaay.
She didn’t even know what he had decided but the moment when he dropped her off at home she had waves of regret crashing over her.
His touch haunted her but it was like he gave her heart new kind of highs.
He gave her butterflies as his hands explore her every curve.
But as happy as she was she still felt that they didn’t have love.
That what happened between them was a mistake.
How could they have mistaken lust for love like that…..
It was like an emotional earthquake hit her.
“Maybe you just had a dream, Anika”, she said trying to convince herself.
Although the faces of in her dream were hazy, she could feel it in her body what the harsh reality was.
Her mind played the scene of the night before over and over of her waking up next to him.
Her mind was flooded with problems but something that was crystal clear to her was the fact that her life has taken a turn, more importantly a wrong turn.
“Was this love,” Anika said as she made her way to the bathroom
“Wish someone could just explain it to me”
She had so many unanswered question, coursing through her mind.

Meanwhile Shivaay was at the Oberio Mansion worried as he hasn’t heard from her Anika.
House was so empty, so quiet.
He decided to phone her but what he saw when he unlocked his screen was a message and his eyes instinctively focussed on the sender….Anika
Flash back……..
He looked at her and he like what he was seeing.
Anika’s delicate hands tending to his scrapes and the way she reacted each time he flinched touched him deeply.
What happened was just a natural response to him.
He relished in a hue of comfort when her body melted into his.
The immense pleasures she experience, the kind that made her want to rip all the skin from off her body.
And the way he coaxed her.
“Anika, it isn’t my fault that you keep turning me on like this”
All these moments plagued them both as they relived the night before.
It was just different with her.
She was different.
The way she could barely talk and all she could do was moan.
Shivaay, please was all, she could get out in a whisper.
How her body ached to be with him.
He was alive with her in his arms.
Flash back ends……

Shivaay, you know I was doing just fine just before I met you…
You change my life, brought some happiness back.
And please don’t see it in a negative way, we just don’t fit together.
Your life style, lineage, family and here I am the adopted girl who is struggling to scrape by.
If the media or even Tia gets to know of us they will see me as a gold-digger, someone that only after your money.
I know you feel like we are meant to be and we are but we just can’t.
Marry Tia and forget about me.

Tears rolled down her face as she pressed the send button on her phone.
Her heart was tormented by her decision.
Even when she felt that it was beating for the first time today.

Shivaay’s happiness was short lived as he read her message and instinctively sunk on the bed, in unbelief.
She was everywhere he looked.
She was in his every desire.
He couldn’t see himself with Tia, let alone marrying her.
She was his life, his new beginning.
She gave him courage and whenever she was near his heart started to beat rapidly something that was non-existent with Tia.
Shivaay replied to her text and started to type a message and stopped halfway.
He rushed to get his Bluetooth ear piece and went to sand in the light breeze by the door, leaving his phone on the bed.
I should phone her, “Dial Panika” he said as his phone dialled her number.
“Yes, Shivaay”, her voice echoed in his ears,
Anika just listen to me………
Isn’t your fault, Anika because it is my fault.
Believe me you’re going to feel like here, with me is where you’re supposed to be.
You’re not going to feel out of place anymore if I’m here.
And yes, I know that this isn’t the right time for us to fall in love, but why not.

Anika, I know we are running in circles as you don’t want to give me a answer but I want you.
I know you want me too.
I know that you miss me, just like I miss you.
I’m prepared to sacrifice my life, my money and family for you
With you at my side I know that I’m stronger but far from perfect.
I’m not asking for a lot.
Just that you’re honest with me.
You were made of me, you complete me.

Click …his phone went dead.

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