Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 37

Next day

Anika walked out the large glass doors of their bedroom ready for work.

Arriving at work Mrs.Mukerjee informed Anika that she will be working in some other department.

“This is where you will be working, your job is simple; take calls, make coffee and assist Mr……..” just as she about to finish the sentence the phone rang. “Just a minute” she mouthed raising her index finger.

“Come, I’ll show you around.” she said as Anika nods and trail behind her as she leads her through various offices some of which Anika didn’t know was in the Hotel.

The mid-aged lady shows me how he liked his coffee, how to hold off calls and take messages. “Seem easy enough.” She thought as she tried to memorize everything she explained.

“Miss Anika, Please wait here” and as she turned to leave “Go ahead have a coffee and make one for him as well.” She said as she steps out of the room.

Anika nods politely and place the folder on the glass desk.

She took a moment to take in the view as the one side of the whole building was made up of windows looking down at the city.

“Simple, elegant and modern” she said as large frosted walls cordoned off a lounge space where she was making the coffee.

Shivaay’s Office

“Well, I hope this……person doesn’t distract you from work.” Tej remarked.

Shivaay simply dismissed the conversation, biting his tongue as he tried to keep his reply to his uncle in check.

“It won’t, I’ve worked with her before……” Shivaay replied as he entered the office.

A smile automatically crept on his face, “This will be fun” he thought as he closed the door and walked around to his desk swiveling around to look at the cityscape.

Taking a sip Anika leisurely walked in and just as she was about to place the coffee on the desk and her eyes met his.

She almost spit a mouthful of it on him out of shock but instead she dropped her cup.

Shivaay just stood there eyeing his stained shirt.

“So you are…….. my boss?” Anika muttered unable to make eye contact with him and bend down and begin to pick up the broken cup.

“What are you doing?” Shivaay’s voice closed in on her and she noticed his designer loafers stopping next to her hand as he shadowed over her.

“Get up.” He ordered.

“Just a second.” She replied.

“Get up now, Mrs.Oberoi” he ordered.

And as Anika went to pick up another piece, a strong hand grabs onto her arm and pulling her up but finger slid across the broken glass; cutting her.

“Ouch!” She yelped.
“Are you ok?” He asked as he immediately took her hand to do inspect it but she pulled it away.

Looking down he realized his shirt had some coffee splatter and blood droplets on it, Shivaay cursed under his breath as he started to unbutton his shirt.

Anika turned to look out the large window, although was pointless as his reflection off the glass gave her great view of him, something she has seen many a time but she still felt shy.

“You’ve never seen your husband shirtless?” Shivaay scoffed as he raised his eyebrow.

“Here, you are my boss.” Anika replied looking down at her feet,.

“She still seemed distant” Shivaay thought.

Shivaay opened a door of a credenza cupboard; it popped open to reveal a section that opens a small wardrobe.

Grabbing a neatly pressed white shirt and his first aid kit he headed back to where Anika was sitting.

He pulled on a clean shirt and quickly buttoned, “Here.” He said handing her a Band-Aid.

He quickly tucked in his shirt, grabbing a folder off his desk he headed out.

Anika gaze followed him out and as she raised her head, she only found him staring at her as well.

“On the way to Mrs. Mukerjee.” Shivaay smirked before moving through the door and disappeared into a maze of offices.

Anika walked to the door as she fiddled with the Band-Aid on her finger, peeping to see where he was “The man is so attractive; I heard he is married but no one has seen her”, she overheard two ladies talk about Shivaay pausing to look at him talking to someone who she could make out was Mishra.

A hint of jealousy came over Anika like a bad rash, she almost wanted to confront the ladies but when she saw Shivaay moving towards the office, she rushed in and crashed on one of the visitor’s chair at the desk.

Leaned against the door, watched as she was in some sort of conversation with herself, it has been a while since he have seen this “Annika”, the buzz of his phone alerted her to his presence.

Shivaay checked his phone and motioned her to come and they left the office, but their entire walk was met with raised eyebrows and hushed talks, all Anika could do was look away.

Her mind was elsewhere though; Anika dreaded being in a confined space with Shivaay as it always was problematic.

Shivaay pressed the arrow facing down and we for the doors to open, sticking his hand across the opening, he nodded for Anika to enter first.

Anika almost tried to blend in with the mirrored walls behind her.

“What’s wrong” Shivaay thought desperately wanting to find out why she was behaving so strangely.

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