Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 33

Anika, breathed heavily as Shivaay’s lips tormenting her abdomen sensually, each touch like a stroke of fire against her highly sensitive skin.

It was as if time stood still and the only thing that mattered was her brain’s capacity to memorise the tempting brushes of passion.

She remained in a state of desire,a insatiable hunger of the erotic kind.

Unknown to her she fell asleep when he went to get some water but the only part of the night that remained were those rough all- consuming caresses.

Next day
Anika woke up turning slightly towards Shivaay,letting her hand  feel around just to meet with realisation that he had already gotten up as his place was cold next to her.

Then the bathroom door opened with a ball of steam seeping out but her eyes fixated on one thing.

Shivaay……dressed in only a towel.

From the corner of his eye he could see that Anika was awake but pretended not to see her.

He saw the looks she gave him and decided to tease her a bit.

Her lips parted and she rolled her bottom lip into her mouth as her eyes gawked at the semi-nude man across the room.

She mentally begged herself to gain control, and to look away but all she could do was lick her lips as she watched the water drip off him.

He wasn’t as toned as many men his age but he oozed s*x appeal.

Flicking his fingers through his hair.

Shivaay picked out some clothes to wear and laid it out on the bed and proceeded to dry himself,much to Anika’s dismay.

She squirmed around uncomfortably as she needed him but she knew she didn’t want to give in first… for the first time she was confident with her decision to stay.

When he was done with his morning routine he walked over to her side of the bed and whispered,”Hope you are ready for round two tonight as I see you already had an eye full just now.”

Planting a kiss on her cheek he walked out the bedroom leaving Anika in a state of awe.

Later that night

Anika gave a small wave to some colleagues as she grabbed her phone off the bench and moves through the room and out the opening.

Her sultry curves swayed with the motion of her walk,her soft curls bounce and played in the wind as she headed down the street towards her trusty old scooty champa.

About a metre from her scooter, she was slammed quite forcefully against a nearby tree in a secluded part of the parking lot walkway where some lights was not working.

She suppressed her urge to scream but rather tried to knee the stranger but he surprisingly dodged her.

She then tried to scratch his neck but once again she missed.
Fear rushed through her mind and she now tried to call for help, only to end up with a hand over her mouth.

Even more surprising is the fact that her body for some reason doesn’t feel the need to call for help all of a sudden,for reasons she herself found to be insane.

She could only make out faint outlines of the figure’s body as he motioned her to keep quiet with his finger now pressed against her lips.

And her body instantly obeyed as she stood against the hard surface quietly.

“Let go of me.” Her voice cracked when she said that,but the dull whisper of his voice send shivers down her spine.

“They were following you.” He said with the all too familiar voice with piercing eyes staring back at her.

A bewildered Anika looked back in the direction she came from,one looked around through the parking lot and the other two ran past them.

Slowly he moved into some light and the shadowed stranger wasn’t a stranger anymore.

“Shivaay……” She muttered in hoarse whisper.

She recognised the one man from the Hotel and involuntarily shivered.

“What are you doing here…” Anika asked.
“Saving you.” Shivaay answered.

“So how did you know I was here?” She frowned as she questioned his presence, the words sounded  a bit harsh after what he just did.

Shivaay loathed the situation he was in. But she was his wife and it was his duty to protect her at all cost.

Keeping her hidden from the men, he took a moment to scan her soft skin in the darkened corner behind some trees.
His eyes kept creeping along her neck…ready to attack her nape.

Anika looked back at his menacingly, “so why does it feel like you’re the one following me…” Her words instantly broke his trail of thought.

He was at a loss for words as he knew there was no valid reason for him to be here.

She watched him flick his fingers through his hair something she found disturbingly erotic.

That was one of the things about Shivaay Singh Oberoi that was inherently s*xy… manly,so him that it drove her insane sometimes.

“Because, I am.” He replies,nonchalantly ass if it’s the most normal thing to have said in the situation.

Shivaay needed to change the topic as he didn’t want Anika to know why he was at the Hotel let alone,let her know the reason why he was there.

“So much for being incognito” Shivaay thought.

Fear curls around her skin and she presses her back further against the rough backdrop.

Their gazes locked and she began to breath heavily.

Shivaay slowly wet his lips as he followed the movement of her rising chest.

He tucked a few locks of her hair out of this view as his finger traced the shape of her lips.

A blush crept on her face leaving her with a faint pink tint on her face.

Lifting her chin he leaned in to whisper in her ear,”Ready for round two?”

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