Ishqbaaz FF -Ae Dil hai Mushkil Episode 32

Shivaay combed his hair with his fingers tiredly as he waited for Mishra’s call.
He was the only person he trusted to look into Anika’s past.

Shivaay impatiently drummed his fingers on the table; he needed to know everything about her. She was after all , Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Finally, his phone rang and he nervously slid his finger across the screen, “Mishra, Talk to me”
Even when he was on the phone he could hear her voice and he looked towards the poolside window where her voice was coming from.
She was talking to Dadi.
She was so beautiful, the way she unknowingly destroys his entire defences with just a smile, always surprised him.
The way she threw her head back when she laughed or how her eyes seemed to almost sparkle with innocent happiness.

Shivaay’s eyes suddenly began to fill with tears; nothing could possibly make him sad at that moment.
He felt a wave of protectiveness flow through him as he looked at her and he knew that he would do anything to make sure that no one will harm her.
Shivaay aimlessly played with the curtain as he listened to Mishra.

“Really, are you sure” he muttered as the expression on his face softened a bit.

“I don’t really know what to say …..” he said as he looked heavenward.

It didn’t take long until Shivaay’s eyes drifted over to where Anika was sitting again, this time Anika saw Shivaay staring at her; as soon as he was caught, he quickly looked away.

“What was he up to?” she thought as she found herself staring back at him, he had that alluring look in his eyes, which almost had her drowning in them.

There was a hint of concern on his face as he unconsciously, he blew out a sigh of relief and an instant wave of calmness came over him.

The day went by quickly with Shivaay attending a few meetings and responding to some urgent work.
At lunch, Mishra stopped by bringing a folder, stamped the word ‘Confidential’ in red.
They talked about Shivaay’s theories while looking over the contents of the file.
He encouraged Shivaay to leave the file with him, but Shivaay of course refused to listen to him.
He knew what dangers the file held and tried to bargain with him explaining what could happen if it came in the wrong hands but had to respect his boss’s wished.
Shivaay admittedly wasn’t very social and that was something that needed fixing in Anika’s eyes.
She knew how he enjoyed his introvert lifestyle, but wanted him to relax a bit.
She wanted to share the Shivaay not many have seen,with his family and a party seemed like just the thing that would help.
Shivaay and Anika’s room
When Shivaay finally got home ,he was dead tired and went to his bedroom, the door was ajar so he peeked in“Anika?” he called out as he took off his jacket.

Walking over to the window and slowly opened letting some air in.
He read through some emails on his phone as he looked out the window.

Anika walked in from the bathroom, she had no idea Shivaay was in the room.

Shivaay quietly stood there, speechless.

She was unlike other girls; she wore a fitted white dress and still took his breath away, she always had a way of intriguing him.

She slowly bit her lip and Shivaay wasn’t sure if she did it intentionally or what but it was very attractive.

He tried to focus on other things than her lips but his want to press his lips against hers were becoming all consuming.

Sometimes just a look was all that was needed for him to yearn for a taste of those lips.

So he decided to creep up behind her and when he put his hands on her shoulders, he immediately felt sparks shooting through his fingers right down to his toes, igniting his desire.
‘You missed me?” he said.
The feel of his hands on her and the smooth tone of his voice drew her into a trance.

Anika froze on the spot.
His touched send a tingling feeling through her, and her desire came to life.
She couldn’t help it; Shivaay was a very s*xy and desirable man.

He had a way saying things …a way he touched her…..of kissing her; that made everything go away, everything except how it felt being kissed and touched.

He was demanding, yet gentle, bringing out the wild side of her.
But she could not afford to go down that path again; she knew her heart couldn’t take it.

The way he knew every inch of her body intimately, she knew he was very capable of bringing her to ecstasy.
Again and again.

She just stood there in total silence, he moved so quickly she didn’t have time to react.
Closing her eyes she soaked in the feeling of his touch.
He made her start over, made her believe in things that she thought was never going to happen.
When he lifted her chin, leaning in for a kiss, his eyes widened at he re- action, as she kissed him back.
Grabbing her waist and he threw her on my bed.
Then walked over to the door and locked it, the sound of the lock clicking indicating the door was locked filled her with fear.
He turned around for a moment looking at her, then he turn back and closed the curtains.

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