Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 30

Dim light seeped through from the hallway and a small frown creeps on their faces.
The nearing sound of familiar voices blended together and Anika’s heart quickens when she recognize both of them.

“I want to show you something” Rudra yelled from the hallway.

“Why on earth do I still have these see through glass doors!” Shivaay groans in frustration and he flopped over on his back.
“You can say that again” she murmured, something that completely shocked him.

“I guess no reply means ….Yes” Rudra answered himself as he reached his hand out to open the door.

Shivaay ran like a bat out of hell towards door while Anika jolted up grabbing shards of clothes, rushing out by the poolside window.

A faint splash outside was inaudible as she lost her footing and slipped in the pool.

“Yes, Rudra” Shivaay answered.
“Well I wanted to know…” He started but was cut off by Shivaay.
“Listen, I’m tired and want to go to bed early” he lied as he faked an obvious yawn.

Meanwhile  drops of water teasingly started to travel down her skin.
As he started to shut the door ,Rudra wedged his foot in the door.

“But Shivaay…..”Rudra pleaded.
“Are you deaf?”
“I’m tired”
“Good night.” He said rudely.

After Shivaay closed the door he locked it behind him and closed the curtains.

Anika peeked in from behind the wall, checking whether the coast was clear and Shivaay silently nodded in reply.

He let out a sigh of relief and looked over to his wife who now entered soaking wet.

She sent him a wink and he grinned back her but his grin slowly faded as his stare turned into a hungry glare, almost animal like as he narrowed his eyes,focusing on her every move.

Chills to ran down her spine as Anika felt his stares continuously undressing her.  

Rudra dashed down the corridor to where Om was standing.
The two burst into laughter she Rudra said “Let’s go and listen in on his conversation”
But his question was quickly met with a smack behind head as a reply.

He wanted a small taste, something he has lusted over since the day Anika came to take care of him.

From the corner of her eye she saw following behind her, Shivaay forced her against wall.

He dragged his lips up along the base of her neck, grabbing her hips, he drew her closer.
With little effort, Shivaay lifted Anika, and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist.

Shivaay wasn’t a patient man, but he couldn’t resist anymore.

Her delicate hands trembled in anticipation for what was going to happen next as they travelled to take off his kurta.

Within seconds she woke up in his arms , like an animal she clung onto him, tilting her head as she parted her lips in acceptance.

Shivaay expected her to resist and push him away but she continuously surprised him.

She could feel his pulse  as he groaned into her mouth, her nerves spiked.

Their kiss roughened, as they welcomed the passionate embrace.

Without uttering a word, he walked her over to the bed and threw her down.
“Lay back,” he commanded, his tone low and guttural.  

She obeyed his every instructions.

Anika was shocked by the sultry groans of pleasure that escaped from her mouth and she shivered under his control as he mewled her.

She closed her eyes as she found herself being soothed by his tender caresses.

Next day

“So,did you sleep well” Rudra yelled from the kitchen.

“Like a baby,why” Shivaay said as he gave an audible yawn.

Anika came in and Rudra and Om immediately walked over to greet her.

“Good Morning” They greeted.

“Good..M….” She was cut off by a sneeze,she tried to greet again but sneezed again.

“Did you get caught in the rain or did my brother throw you in the pool again?”Rudra whispered to Om who couldn’t control his laughter.

“What?” Anika ask worriedly, because she couldn’t almost make out their word as she watched their lips move.

Shivaay gave them his death glare.

Breaking the silence,Om said “Breakfast is ready!”

At the table the everyone was busy eating when Shivaay noticed something which nearly gave him a heart attack.

He slightly leaned over to her side  and quietly whispers, “Couldn’t you find something better to wear?”
“Excuse me” Anika replied as she stared at him.

“Yes, the is a few marks on you nape of your neck”,he explained.

She frown back at him, and when she look down to inspect,she recognized the mark which he made hours ago.

Anika ran her fingers over it instinctively as she adjusted her scarf to cover it.

After breakfast as everyone got up and left the table Anika’s phone rang and her eyes lit up when she saw the name flash on the screen.

Shivaay looked at her and was infatuated with her addicting way of  talking but,moreover the way she moved her hands he could see his marks on her skin and she looked perfect.

From across the room Pinki glares at her son who was totally in awe of Anika  .

That look she gave,that of someone ready to murder,but it disappeared when her expression softened a bit, like someone who was planning something sinister.

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