Ishqbaaz FF Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 29


“Shivaay” Anika said in a hoarse whisper her voice trailing off.
“Anika before you ….”Shivaay tried to explain.
“You knew where I was all along and didn’t say anything.
“You didn’t do anything!”
“Do you know how many times I cried myself to self ……”
“After all …..”

“Wait just a second there, Anika” Shivaay jumped in.
“Phoned you…..and you didn’t answer”
“Did you think it was easy for me?”
“This wasn’t something I wanted to do, you leaving wasn’t easy.”
“I had no choice” he said as he drew his lower lip between his teeth
Anika just stared at him and recognition dawned on her face.
“He did all that to protect me” her inner self told her.
The lines that she has drawn disappeared.
She knew she too was to blame.
Her mind was flooded questions, the answers of which she died to know.
She raised her hand touching his face, letting her finger trace his jaw.
Shivaay looked away, turning away from her.
Something in him couldn’t handle her questioning eyes.
She always had that electrifying effect on him something that was hard to explain.
His hand met hers and trying to pull it away from him, but she stopped him.

Her touch was full of intent; her palm brushed his arm, slowly moving up, it was so electrifying that caused goose bumps on my skin
“Anika, don’t!” Shivaay said his was voice cracked and raw.
But in his heart he knew that he so yearned for her.
As he looked in her eyes, Shivaay saw his life reflecting in her eyes and as he came nearer to her pulling her close in an embrace he felt his heart sync with hers.
For a brief moment he envisioned a future with her, the future they could have.

Anika knew that she have deprived her heart as well as his of love.
Keeping her desire to be with him hidden for the past few months but down in Goa she ignored all her inhibitions.
The memory of the Shivaay she met in Goa however is stuck in her mind.
A faint glimpse of their meetings, the soft touch of caress on her skin turned her body into liquid.
Shivaay held her against his chest; his heart was pounding underneath his shirt.
It was getting harder to breathe but he didn’t stop nor did he want to.

Anika felt so safe in his arms, it felt good to just be with him.
“So what made you come to Goa, Shivaay” Anika said as she pulled away from their embrace.
“Do you want to know why?” Shivaay said as he looked over at Anika who was looking at the man who was her husband.

“When Khanna informed me that you were getting close to Ranveer” he groaned.
“You know how I feel about another man being close to you” he said in harsh breaths.
Anika came from behind and hugged him.
“You know, I will always be yours” she whispered.
Shivaay turned around and raised her chin with his index finger.
“I know I was wrong, just don’t not talk to me” he confessed.
She took in a deep breath “Enough” she said as she pulled him closer and whispered something in his ear.
Anika waited for a reaction as she walked off, she could no longer ignore her body and the small voice inside her heart were telling her to let go.
But her head was screaming at her to stop.
Shivaay looked over at his crazy wife who looked to be talking to herself, she is standing across him in tight jeans and a flimsy top which already stirred his urges.
Before she could listen to one of them she was whisked away as Shivaay picked her up and throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
At first she protested kicking and screaming but that was to no avail.
“Tonight was the ideal time” Shivaay thought.
“I just wanted us to talk, but this is even better” he said.
“Wait! What is even better” Anika asked.
He opened the door to his room and swiftly closed it with his foot.
He walked over to the bed and threw her on it.
“I want one thing and it seems I already have it” He said wickedly.
Anika felt her skin prickle underneath his wanting stare.
She could feel his eyes burning through the material of her top.
He didn’t have to say anything as everywhere his eyes travelled to burned and a weird sensation throbbed all over her skin.
Sh has almost forgotten what this felt like …
This aching feeling made her arms and legs went limp as she looked at the man who was in a daze.
“Shivaay…….”Anika said.
“No need to speak tonight, Anika” he said through his teeth in a low growl.
“Let’s see what your body has to say” he answered.
His words looped continuously in her mind.

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