Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 27


Anika really didn’t the fact that his touch affected her so much.
This whole situation wasn’t entirely Shivaay’s fault and she was equally at fault, if not more, since she was the one that gave in to him all those months ago.
Anika hated the fact that she has become so weak and but she knew that she could only resist that much.
One thing was clear, Shivaay Singh Oberoi, certainly had the ways and means tom persuade her.

“I am so sorry,” Shivaay apologize to her again.
Anika’s inner voice was shouting at her” Just Go Anika, you know when he looks at you like that with that.”
Her brain was unable to communicate to her legs, to tell her to go.
“Focus Anika ,if you didn’t notice, the person in front of you, is Shivaay,”
Anika bit her bottom lip, something he w always found attractive.
“What will you do to make it up to me” she blurted out.
“Is she trying to flirt with me?” He wondered.
She was full of surprises.
Immediately after the words left her mouth, Anika regretted every word.
“That wasn’t meant for his ears….how did her thought get crossed with her words” She thought.

“Because it’s strangely working” Shivaay thought.
Shivaay had a feeling it was one of those instances she didn’t mean to say that, her rosy cheeks was evidence enough.
“Shivaay,I got to go” Anika said.
“Just know that I was worried, Anika”Shivaay replied he sensed that there was something she wasn’t saying.
And there she walked off Shivaay was curious to know what triggered her anger and silent treatment that was a thing he haven’t seen since the whole Goa experience.
He was curious and as she turn the corner he tip-toed behind to catch one last look at her.
Those ebony locks that had all the fun, whether it was teasing her lips when a subtle breeze blow them on them or the ability to caresses her skin every day.

Shivaay knew they needed to be alone to sort out this mess, as there was always someone at him who would interrupt them.
“Mishra, Please book a table at the hotel restaurant we normally order from.”
Anika closed the door to the bedroom glad she made it out of that uncomfortable situation.
Flash Back
Anika stood by the door as she forgotten her cellphone on the table next to the hospital bed.
“Thanks Dadi” Shivaay said.
“I knew she would be able to say no to you” he said there was a feeling of content that came over his face.
Turing around the walked in to the waiting room again.
“What is wrong with his man?”Anika thought.
“Yes, he kind of married me by applying the sindoor on me, but that doesn’t really make it ………..” Anika stopped mid-sentence questioning herself and her values in her mind.
Flash Back Ends
“I made a promise to Dadi and my duty is done” Anika said.

Later that day
Over the few months Anika had begun to take over some of the duties that Pinki and Jhanvi had done before as Dadi requested her to do so.
The difference was that Anika loved to cook herself and was good at it.
Shivaay made sure everyone had left before Anika woke up from her power nap for his plan to fall in place.

As Anika walked into the kitchen she instinctively got busy with the menu for the night.
She didn’t want help when she was busy with the preparations.
Shivaay looked at her while she got busy.
Anika effortlessly moved from cupboard to sink, cutting and chopping.
Shivaay turned around to go to his bed room when the sound her voice made him turn around.

“He wanted me to take care of him after the accident and I did.”
“Using Dadi to do his dirty work”
“Who does he think he is?!”
“Your husband” Anika answered her own question
Shivaay looked on in shock “She knew all the time, she knew I asked Dadi to persuade her.”
He knew that to make this right he had to pull a rabbit out of a hat or something.
“I really don’t want to lose her” Shivaay said as he quickly made his way to his room.
After what seem to be forever Shivaay got off the phone with Mishra, “The poor man should get a bonus for all this after hours work,”Shivaay though.

After a while Anika came to the room to call him for dinner.
“Shivaay, dinner is ready”Anika said.
He held her gaze; it wasn’t as cold as it normally was.
It… was different.
“It’s just us, the other have gone out” she stated as she rolled he eyes.

He let her walk ahead while he trailed behind.
Still he didn’t feel like his wedding antics with the sindoor was enough for her to stay angry like this.
“Her body language was clear that she wanted to be with him yet her words say otherwise.”Shivaay thought shaking his head he went to sit.

After a long awkward silence Shivaay broke the silence.
“Anika, Why are you so angry at me?”
“What supposedly happened that was so bad?” He said as his voice faded a bit when he said the last part.

“Shivaay if you don’t remember, I really don’t want to remind you.”Anika said her voice was cold just like her eyes that stared back at him.
His eyes widened.
Every time he looked at her, he got chills.

“I have a really strong feeling that I hurt you, Anika” He said his voice was soft-spoken. Just like his caress, full of sentimental emotion.
“You’re right”, he said as he swallowed and cleared his throat before speaking.

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