Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 26


The move wasn’t what Anika expected but she was pleasantly surprised by the hearty welcome she received.
For Anika the past few weeks was an interesting one.
She and Shivaay have been sharing the room with her taking the sofa at first but the cunningness of Shivaay proved to be more than Anika could handle.
Anika pushed her hair out of the way, I grabbing her phone and her heart sank when she saw the date.
She quickly got up and rushed to the en-suite bathroom.
Anika shrieked when she Shivaay in the shower.
Covering her eyes, she flushed with embarrassment.
“Why am I blushing” Anika thought.
“He is my husband, we had……..”
“I’ll be out in a minute” Shivaay interrupted her thoughts.

He saw the way she surveyed every inch of his body…counting each glistening drop of water that rolled on his toned body.
Anika rushed out why is her mind playing with her like this.
To say that he was handsome would be and insult to the fine specimen of the male that is Shivaay.
For a man that liked a suit and tie if he wore nothing it would actually improve him.
Anika’s mind kept replaying the scene the way his eyes met hers.
His smile dripping with confidence, Anika needed to steady herself as the mere thought of him made her weak in the knees.
He seemed to like her eyes all over him.
As Shivaay got dressed, he too thinking about the way she looked at him.
He didn’t have to think twice to know that she liked what she saw; he recognized that look.
“That look, looks good on her” Shivaay thought to himself as she put on his suit jacket.

For Anika this wasn’t an easy decision to come with the family to look after him but she also felt she had a certain responsibility towards him.
After taking a shower, Anika decided to have her breakfast in their room to regroup her thought.
Shivaay have recuperated well and was working again.
The whole morning went by and Shivaay was lost, normally by this time Anika would have sent him a message or phone him to check up on him but nothing.
He decided to work the rest of the day from home.
He had to be honest; this wasn’t what he had expected.
Although Anika was living with him in the same house, in the same room; the atmosphere was gloomy when they were together.
As he reached home, Dadi cornered him as he stepped in the house.
“Billu, we have to talk” Dadi said and he could sense the concern in her voice.

They walked to his room and Dadi went to set on his bed “sit child” Dadi’s voice was stern as she patted the space next to her motioning him to sit next to her.
“Billu, you asked me to convince Anika to come here, she took care of you but you are well now.”
“She gave up her job”
“Now she just sits here”
“Dadi….”Shivaay tried to speak but was interrupted by Dadi
“She is unhappy?”
“You have to fix this, Billu!”
As Dadi left Shivaay saw Anika in a corner having a chat with Rudra, both of them were laughing at whatever they were talking about.
Her eyes sparkled when she laughed, something he hasn’t seen in a while.
“Think Shivaay, Think!” he said aloud.
“How will you make her happy again?” he questioned himself.

“I can’t make her happy if I don’t know what makes her sad” he said as he looked through his window at the mystery that is Anika.
Shivaay gathered all this courage to walk up to her and say hello.
They needed to talk and today was a good day as ever to clear the air.
It wasn’t like they didn’t talk, they did but it was just the pleasantries and nothing of substance like they use to talk before.
She looked so pretty in her jeans and her navy bat-winged top with her favourite sandal “Chameli” of course.
A slight breeze blew through the room and her hair came alive, disturbing her, she did that thing with her hair he like so much; flicking it back.

Shivaay smiled as he approached the two who was clearly enjoying each other’s company.
“Well, I got to go, Anika” Rudra said just as Shivaay came.
Anika immediately turned her attention to him.
“Excuse me”, she said as she turned to walk away.
“Hey! Hey, wait a minute.” Shivaay said as he caught her by the wrist, stopping her.
“Anika, can we talk” she wanted to free her wrist and walk off but something stopped her.
His hand lingered on hers for a second and Anika could feel her heart beating faster.
It was always like this, the simple touch of his finger could set her body on fire
Shivaay could see Anika’s expression softened, “Anika, I am worried about you. I didn’t want you to get hurt.” He touched her cheek with his fingertips but she turned her face away unable to look at him.
“Don’t ever do that again” Anika said.
His eyes went wide, “I’m sorry” Shivaay stuttered.

“Is she trying to flirt with me?” He wondered.
She was full of surprises.
“Because it’s strangely working” Shivaay thought.
Shivaay had a feeling it was one of those instances she didn’t mean to say that, her rosy cheeks was evidence enough.

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