Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 25


Before she opened the door the nurse turned to her, “He will be fine, but there was a slight head injury. But he is awake.”
Anika concentrated on her breathing trying not to think too much.
Like how the family especially Tej reacted when they saw her.
Shakenly Anika pushed open the door to the room; her eyes fixed on the man that she would risk her own life for.
Even with his hand wrapped in dressing Anika had to admit that he still looked s*xy, even more so when he looked up at her with his soul piercing eyes.

Their eyes met and she looks away trying her best to hide her worry.
Anika touched the parting of her hair
Their eyes spoke what their heart struggled to.
“Are you okay?” Anika said
“Of course.” Shivaay answered.
Anika could see he was lying.
“You scared me” Anika said as she walked towards his bed.
Staring at her Shivaay couldn’t deny what she had said.
“Anika” was all he could muster to say.
“Go to sleep. I can hear your brain working.” her tone was weary, but cheerful under the circumstances.

“I don’t have time to rest” Shivaay said.
“What?” Anika exclaimed as she puckered her forehead.
There was a momentary pause before his voice asked, “Are you coming home with me?”
Hearing that made Anika’s eyes widened.
Anika took in a deep breath “You need to rest.” she said trying not to show him that she still wasn’t sure if this was a good decision.
Shivaay stared at Anika with an expression mixed of anger, hurt and pain. “Don’t go.” he said as Anika turned around to leave stopping her.
She ignored the flash of hurt from his eyes.
But with just one word, he made all her reasoning sounds unreasonable.

After that he remained silent as the accident flashed before his eyes and confirmed his suspicions on what happened.
Anika held his hand as he remained silent for a while as a tear formed in the corner of her eye.
“Why do you have to be so difficult” she said, looking upset, but he knew that deep down she would do anything for him.
Shivaay seemed to be content and slowly drifted back to sleep.

Dadi came in whilst Anika was in her own world.
She looked at Shivaay and didn’t even noticed Dadi coming in ;only when she hugged Anika ,did she realise that there was someone les in the room.
Anika eyes flooded with tears she had to blink a few times and looked heavenward before she could process any words.
“It depends on what it is,” she said warily.
“Are you coming home to take care of Billu, Anika?” Dadi asked.
“You are the perfect person to help him.”
“Don’t keep pushing away the people you love, one day they won’t come back.”Dadi said something that caught her off guard.
Anika bit her bottom lip as she contemplated what to do.
The first thing Anika thought of was ‘No,I can’t ‘, but instead, she said, “I’ll do it.”
“Anika, it will be better for him for you to come with us and take care of him.”
Dadi stared at Anika. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, Dadi” Anika said this time more boldly.
But deep down, she knew why.
Anika felt like it was her duty to take care of Shivaay when Dadi asked her.
She couldn’t just let him alone.
But she knew that another reason of her agreeing was because she wanted to see him; to be with him.

She loved him and she couldn’t deny that, he staying over at the hotel she was working was just fate.
She had to admit, she had missed these talks she had with Dadi, someone who always accepted her without prejudice.
And although she tried to forget the Oberio family, she couldn’t no matter how many times she tried.
Looking at the Dadi, she thought to herself “I got hurt and I know I’m supposed to be over it by now. But I just never stopped hurting; the pain just hasn’t gone away”.
Walking out Anika went to Sahil who was sleeping on the bench in the corner, but she was stopped by Tej.
“Anika” he growled.
But she was too exhausted that just stood there not moving and just looked at him.
“Anika” the second time he spoke she turned away to pass him.
He took her by the arm to the corner of the room and she scolded herself for being so weak to submit to his commands.
This time she needed to show him that she was strong and independent and didn’t rely on his money something she hasn’t touched but rather put in in an account.
She needed to show him that she was no longer that girl from 5 months ago.
“What!” Anika snapped back.
“You asked me to stay away from him.”
“I did”
“We met by accident”
“Here in Goa”
“I told him to leave me alone but he didn’t” Anika said hardheartedly.
With that said Tej turned around and walked off.

Shivaay woke up uncertain of how long he dozed off.
He groaned as he tried to sit up straight.
Shivaay sat there wondering whether his plan was going to work.
The fact that he was in an accident was just pure luck.

Flash back

“Dadi, you have to convince Anika to come back and take care of me” Shivaay said.
“Shivaay, I do not agree with what you did” Dadi scolded Shivaay who helplessly looked at her.
She also knew what he was asking was right.
“Billu, do you really think it will work” Dadi questioned as she looked at Shivaay menacingly.
“Dadi,if you ask Anika will agree” Shivaay said confidently.

Flash back ends

Shivaay tried not to be hopeful that she would agree with Dadi and come with them to take care of him because he knew it wasn’t an easy decision for her to make.

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