Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 15

Shivaay looked down at his cellphone and saw that he had 45 minutes before he had to leave to catch a flight.
Walking over to his closet he picked out his favourite grey suit with his blue floral dress shirt to wear.
The only reason he was going to this meeting was his uncle Tej was sick and his father nagged him to go.
He wasn’t in the mood to go but I finally gave in and decided to go, but just for a few days.
It has been almost 5 months since he has seen or heard of Anika.
After that whole wedding debacle Shivaay decided not to marry Tia as he regarded his marriage to Anika as the only one he was going to validate.
To say that she took it well would be lying, the Oberios and Kapoors had a lot of joint ventures and the Oberio Industries lost a lot of business because of that.
He tried to texts and call but she changed her number.
She and Sahil just disappeared.

He went by her house but not even her aunt knew where they went.
You could say that Shivaay buried himself in his work and slowly but surely he became a workaholic, but having to run a million dollar companies and family pressure makes you that way.
“If you want to stay at the top then you have to work hard to get and stay there” Shivaay said as he spoke some manager that he worked with on the project.
It was a long drive and he didn’t feel like driving, so he arranged with one of the drivers to take him.
His phone went off again, Shivaay pulled his face in irritation.
“What now!” he said just listening to his tone of voice would have made even the experienced manger squirm.
“Sir, there has been a problem.” The shaky voice of Metha said.
“What problem!?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes to listen to the umpteenth excuse Metha had again.
“Some files have been hacked and information had gone missing and we have The Sharma IT group coming over tomorrow.” He said hesitantly.
“Just take care of it, now!” Shivaay yelled and hung up.
“Idiots!” he snapped
Seconds later the car came to a stop in front of the airport. The driver, came around and opened his door. He trusted Hariprasad, he was one of the most senior drivers. He was his father’s Shakti’s driver. Shivaay nodded in thanks and slid out of the car, as he put on this black sunglasses.
The 55 min flight was the nothing compared to the others he had taken the past few weeks, but the meeting was the same as all the other he attended; long and a waste of his time as he always put it.

Afterwards he went to a nearby Alila Diwa Hotel to overnight as he had nothing urgent the next day, and he thought he might as well take a day off.
He would have gone to the Leela Hotel but the Kapoor had some shares and he didn’t want to come there and be politely asked to leave, as this has happened to his mom and dad before.
His suite had a private balcony overlooking the infinity pool and paddy field on the vista.
Tranquil and quiet, just like he likes it.
From afar he spotted a figure.
An unobserved girl.
There was something about the figure that seem familiar even if he could only see shadows.
It felt like he could feel her every heartbeat.
Shivaay slapped himself across his right cheek then slapped the other cheek, and slapped the right cheek again.
“Don’t be stupid Shivaay, you have been seeing Anika everywhere you go.”
“On the plane, walking in the house.”
“Sometimes he even hear her voice in the hallway”.

“The only girl that he had that kind of connection with was Anika”
“It’s just your mind playing games again” Shivaay scolded himself.
The waitress had a few men ogling her, they couldn’t take their eyes off of her, included him.
Shivaay finally turned away with a blowing of cheek full of air
But something about her pulled him towards him.
He stood up taking a sip of my drink and he turned around as part of him had his uncontrollable urge to go to her.
But when he turned there was two men around her, clearly drunk as he could only make out by their movements.
She tried getting away but she was trapped between the two of them.
The light caught her face and he looked on in disbelief.

It was her.
His Anika
Shivaay fought for air in lungs as anger ranged in his veins like a wild fire.
The mere thought of those men touching her and looking at her drove him mad.
And in that few minutes he felt more alive than he have been in months.

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