Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Sanju Episode 7

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Recap: Shivika and Rumya moments

Let’s begin
In hall (all but Annika r present)
Om:” I won’t marry”,
Tej: “Ok, if not u den Rudra will marry Sonia Chaddha”
Janvhi: “Tej I won’t let u spoil my son’s life”

Tej: “I need this merger and Rudra will have to do this for me”,
Janvhi: “But Tej…..” (before she could complete)
Rudra: “I will marry Sonia for ur sake papa”,
Tej smirks, Soumya is hurt and all others r shocked.
Shivaay: “Rudra, do u know the meaning of marriage. Its a very big thing”
Om: “Rudra have u gone nuts, ur studies r also not complete”,
Rudy: “Bhaiya one day or d other I have to marry then why not today when papa needs it, and bhaiya its nowhere written that one can’t study after marriage”
Shivaay: “OK, if Rudra has no problem then even I m ok with it”,

Enter ACP and a constable,
ACP: “Miss Svetlana I am here to arrest u. This is ur arrest warrant”.
Tej: “What nonsense is this. Why do u want to arrest her. What proof do u have against her”
ACP: “Mr Oberoi, this is a hit n run case or I should say its an attempt to murder case.” ACP shows all the CCTV footage in which it is seen that first Svetlana goes to Annika’s and tampers it and later Svetlana’s car hits Annika.
But the driver of the car was not visible in the footage.
ACP: “I have to arrest her”
ACP arrests Svetlana and takes her away.
Tej: “don’t worry Svetlana, I will bail u out till morning”

In Tia’s room,
Tia is on call with Romi,
Romi: “what, how can they arrest Svetlana Di”
Tia: “its all happening becoz of Annika,
This time I will play such cards that Shivaay will himself throw Annika out”

Its evening in OM,
Enter Chaddha’s for Rudra’s Roka,
All r present.
Mr Chaddha gets a notification, he asks Tej to switch on the TV, Tej follows,
News plays,
They show Rumya’s wedding video and all r shocked.
Mr Chaddha: “Mr Oberoi, u wanted to spoil my daughter’s life for a deal. I won’t leave u. Just wait and watch how I destroy u” saying this he leaves.

Tej calls the media and asks for the number from which they got the video. He gets Annika’s number.
He asks Annika why she did so. Annika says she didn’t do anything.
He checks her phone and shows the message in sent folder.
Shivaay says he doesn’t believes in it. Tej hands him Annika’s phone. Shivaay sees and says “that now I m 100% confident that someone purposely sent this video from Annika’s phone and this message itself is proof for it”.

Tej: “what do u mean by message itself is a proof”.
Shivaay: “bcoz the message shows the time of 15:15 and Annika due to meds effect slept at 14:45 and she woke up at 16:10. So this message is the proof that someone wants to trap Annika into this”,
Tej: “but who would want to defame Annika, here no one has any enmity with her”
Om: “If Annika is defamed and thrown out then only one person will get the benefit and it is none other than Tia”,

Tia panics but then pretends and says “What, Om, u r doubting me, I m hurt”

Pinky: “no my Tia is not at fault, she can never do this. U shut up and don’t point fingers on my her”

“All this is done by this middle class girl and she z trying to put the blame on my Tia”

Obros understand that without proof they cannot prove Tia wrong so they remain quiet.
Pinky blames Annika.

Annika: “but I didn’t even know that they were married”

Shivaay: “Annika is right bade papa, see the video is not only in her sent folder but also in her inbox that too @ the time of 15:15”,

Tej: “what!!!, but from which number the video came”
They note the number and asks police to get all information of that number from which Annika received this message.
Tia panics and pretends stomach ache. Pinky takes her to room and asks her to rest there.
After Pinky leaves,
Tia calls Romi and informs everything.
Tia: “our plan backfired”
Romi: “don’t worry, I will bribe the officers”
Tia: “if they don’t agree then”
Romi: “if not by bribe then by blackmailing. Don’t u worry, I will not let any of my info reach the Oberois”,
RoTia smirks.

In Oberoi Hall,
All question Rumya about there wedding.
Rumya narrate the whole incident. Rudra says this marriage means nothing. Saumya says if for Rudra this marriage means nothing then this marriage means nothing.
Shivaay: “Now the whole world knows that u both r married”
Om: “Marriage is a pure relation, it doesn’t matter u believe in it or not but marriage is marriage u will have to respect this relation”
Rumya look at each other.
All come to a conclusion that since Rumya’s wedding news is out, then they will throw a grand reception for their wedding to show the world Reception date is fixed for next week.
Next morning.
Shivaay wakes up, he sees Annika sleeping on couch. He goes to Om’s room changes comes back and looks at her still sleeping.
Shivaay: “Annika, Annika get up, Annika wake up”

Annika doesn’t moves
Shivaay shouts at her ear “Annikaaaaaa”
Annika all of a sudden jumps out of the couch and she’s like what the hell happened.
Shivaay: “Its a new morning, in India”,
Annika: “why were u shouting so loudly at my ear”
Shivaay: “bcoz that’s the only way to wake u up”
“Now go get ready we have to leave in 15 mins.”,
Annika: “what in 15 mins but where and how can I get ready in 15 mins”,
Shivaay: “just go”
She goes.

Precap: Ishqies plan something to expose Tia.

Sorry guys I couldn’t meet all ur demands reason being I m very bad at creating romantic situations. I guess I will have to focus on the story as for now. Thanks for all ur comments.

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