Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Sanju Episode 6

Hello everyone. Hope u all r liking my story. Someone asked me for some shivika scenes, well y u think I broke her hand in the story obviously for some cute scenes. Readers keep commenting and silent readers please keep ur views in the comment box.

Recap: ishqbaaz gang rushes Annika to the hospital. ACP enters and takes Annika’s statement. Tia celebrates Annika’s death. Prinku reaches hospital and lies to all. Om gets doubtful. Ishqbaaaz gang brings Annika Home which shocks TiaLana.

Let’s begin.
In hall,
Pinky sees all coming and says to Shivaay, “Oh my maata, here my bahu Tia is suffering because of this girl and u r taking care of her(Annika).” (Oh my maata, yahan meri bahu Tia is ladki ki wajah se tadap rahi hai aur tu iska(Annika) khayal rakh raha hai)

Shivaay: “Mom please Annika had an accident and see how much she z injured. Annika did nothing to her, if Tia is suffering then it is due to her carelessness. Annika is not at fault.” (Mom plz, Annika ka accident ho gaya tha aur dekhiye use kitni chot aai hai. Annika be Tia ko kuch nahi kia agar Tia bimar hai to apni khud ki carelessness ki wajah se. Isme Annika ki koi galti nahi hai)
Pinky: “yes, yes u will take her side only. U can’t c anything else when she z around” (Haan, Haan tu to usi ki side lega na. Jab wo aaspas hoti hai to tujhe kuch dikhta hi kahan hai)
Shivaay: “mom plz just calm down” (mom plz shant ho jaiye) {saying this Shivaay hugs Pinky and then leaves to his room with Annika}

Rumya’s room,
Rudy is sitting on bed and crying, Enters Soumya.
Soumya: “what happened Rudra, why r u crying”
(Kya hua Rudra, tum to kyu rahe ho)
Rudra: “bcoz of me my Bhabhi got so much injured. I know no one will say anything but all know its due to me, neither I would have given such plan nor would have Bhabhi met that accident”

(Meri wajah se Bhabhi ko itni chot aai. Mujhe pata hai koi kuch nahi kahega lekin sab jante hain ki ye sab meri wajah se hua hai. Na to mai aisa plan deta aur na hi bhabhi ka accident hora)
Soumya: “Rudra, it is not ur fault. Don’t blame urself. Sometimes it is the situation” (Rudra khud ko blame mat karo. Isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai. Kabhi-2 haalat hi aise ho jate hain.)
{Soumya goes towards Rudra who z sitting on the bed, she stands near him and pats his shoulder to calm him down}
Rudra: “Sumo do u think all feel the same as u feel” (Sumo, tumhe lagta hai ki sab aisa hi sochte hain jaisa tum sochti ho)
Soumya: “yes Rudra”
Rudra hugs her.

Rudra: “still I feel I should say sorry to my bhabhi after all she z hurt bcoz of me.” (Fir bhi mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe bhabhi se sorry bolna chahiye qki unhe meri wajah se itni chot aai hai)
Soumya: “OK, go and say sorry to her”(OK Rudra jao aur unse mafi mango) saying this she breaks the hug and smiles.
Rudra: “what go, u also come with me to the kitchen. I will appologise to my bhabhi in Rudy style” (kya jao, tum bhi mere sath chalo kitchen take, mai bhabhi se mafi mangunga Rudy style me)
Sumo: “what!!!, what’s Rudy style sorry” (kya!!, kya hai he Rudy style me sorry)
Rudy: “Sumo, don’t ask questions just come along with me” (Sumo, sawal mat karo bas mere sath chalo)

In Sahil’s school,
Enter ACP with a cop.
ACP enters principal’s office and tells them about the accident case and asks if anyone here has seen anything. Principal tells him that they have one cctv camera at the maingate to keep an eye on the whereabouts of the students. May be u can find something in that footage. ACP says the footage and takes a copy of the footage alongwith him.

In Shivika’s room,
Annika is sitting on the bed
Shivaay asks Annika to eat her meds but she can’t open her medicine using just one hand so Shivaay does it and feeds her medicine then water.
Shivaay gets a call and leaves the room. Annika feels sleepy due to medicine and falls asleep resting her head on the wall and sitting on the bed.
Shivaay re enters his room and sees Annika sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
Shivaay (in mind): “this girl. She irritates me so much. How can someone sleep like this” (ye ladki. Ye mujhe itna irritate karti hai na. Koi kaise itni uncomfortable position me so sakta hai)

Saying this he goes near Annika, lifts her in his arms and makes her lie comfortably on the bed and covers her with blanket.
Shivaay moves away but stops due to some force. He then sees his coat button got stuck to Annika’s bracelet. He sits besides Annika and removes it gently. Then he looks at Annika’s face her hair strands had fallen on her face. He removes those hair strands and looks at her lovingly. He then recalls seeing accident.
He kisses her forehead and holds her hand and says “I will never let anything wrong happen to u Annika that’s my promise” (mai kabhi bhi tumhare sath kuch galat nahi hone dunga Annika, ye mera tumse vaada hai)

Saying this he kisses both her hands and leaves.

Tia’s Room,
Tia: “how come Annika is alive, no one was even there. No one informed oberois too then how” (Annika zinda kaise hai wahan pe koi nahi tha. Kisi ko kuch khabar bhi nahi hui tab bhi kaise)
Svetlana takes Romi on video call and informs her everything. Romi is shocked and says but I didn’t saw Shivaay leaving the mall, what on earth just happened.
Rotilana decide that they will have to do something bigger now.
In kitchen,
Rudy and Soumya r making Gajar ka halwa.
Enter Shivaay,

Shivaay: “what r u 2 doing” (tum dono kya kar rahe ho)
Rudy: “Bhaiya we r making gajar ka halwa for our bhabhi as it is her favorite dish” (Bhaiya hum bhabhi k liye gajar ka halwa bana rahe hain ye unki favorite dish hai na)
Shivaay: “but Annika is sleeping” (lekin Annika so rahi hai)
They hear Om shouting. All three look at each other. Soumya: “this voice is coming from the hall” (ye awaz hall se aa rahi hai)
All rush to hall,
Om: “I will not do this Marriage” (mai ye Shari nahi karunga)

Precap : Rumya marriage video leaked.

Guys I know this is short today. But to be honest, I have headache and can’t write more today. Sorry for short update. Keep commenting and supporting me.

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