Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Sanju Episode 5

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Recap : Annika drops Sahil to hostel. Tialana follows Annika. Svetlana cuts the wire break of Annika’s car. Tia hits Annika with her car.

Let’s begin,

In Tia’s car,
Tia: “If that car wouldn’t have come here then I would have hit that Annika again” (agar wo car wahan nahi aati to mai Annika ko dobara hit kar sakti hu)
Svetlana: “Chill Tia, one hit is enough to kill Annika becoz no one here knows her and by the time oberois reach here she will die” (Chill Tia, us Annika ko marne ke liye ek hit hi kafi hai qki yahan pe Annika ko koi nahi janta aur jab take Oberois yahan pohochenge tab tak Annika mar chuki hogi)
TiaLana smirks and leaves from that place.

Meanwhile, In the other car.
All saw Tia’s car hit Annika.
Shivaay (yells) : Annikaaaaaa!!!!!!
{Yes, in the other car were ShivKara and Sumo but TiaLana were unable to identify them due to their disguise}
On rushes the car near Annika.
Shivaay gets down lifts Annika in his arms puts her in the back seat. He himself sits in the backseat and keeps her head on his lap and asks Om to drive to hospital. On follows.
Annika’s head is bleeding and she has swelling in her left wrist.
Rudra sees all this through camera and he too rushes to the Hospital, he also carries the belongings Of ShivKara and Sumo.
ShivOmRu, Sumo alongwith Annika reach Hospital together.

In Jail,
Tia, Svetlana & Romi (hereinafter to be referred as RoTiLana) come to meet Mrs Kapoor.
Tia tells everything to her mother. She smirks and says, “Now that the biggest hurdle in our path is removed we can easily execute our plans and destroy the oberois now no one will come to rescue them” (Ab jab hamare raste ka sabse bada kaanta hat chuka hai to ab hum apne plans pure kar sakte hain, oberois ko barbad kar sakte hain aur is bar koi unhe bachane bhi nahi aega.)
Svetlana: “yes now its time we make Chaddha against Oberois. Om will never agree to marry Chaddha’s daughter and Chaddha is so egoistic that he will take this as an insult and will try his best to destroy Tej Singh Oberoi” (haan ab waqt aa gaya hai ki hum Chaddha’s ko Oberoi’s ke against khada karein. Om kabhi is shadi k liye haan nahi karega aur Chadha bohot hi ghamandi hai wo is baat ko apni insult ki tarah lega aur Tej Singh Oberoi ko barbad karne ki puri koshish karega)
Nafratbaaz(RoTiLana + Mrs Kapoor) smirks.

In hospital
Doctor: “there is no need to worry the wound on the head is not very deep. 2weeks of dressing and the head injury will be fine but ya she broke her left hand, it needs plaste” (fikr ki koi baat nahi hai sar ki chot zada gehri nahi thi bas 2 weeks ki dressing fir ye chot thik ho jaegi lekin han inhone apna bayan hath tod lia hai hume usme plaster chadhana padega.)
All get relieved hearing it.
Rudy tells them that their belongings are in the car and they may change now. They follow.
All have changed and Shivaay asks Dr when can we take her home. Dr tells its a police case first do those formalities and then u may discharge her. ACP enters hospital for the enquiry.

Nurse informs everyone that Annika has gained consciousness. Shivaay rushes to meet Annika but ACP stops him. Shivaay:”how dare you to stop me” ACP “I know u want to meet her but first I will take her statement then only u can meet her. It is police procedure please corporate.” (Mujhe pata hai aap unse milna chahte hain lekin pehle mail unka statement lungs tabhi aap unse mil sakte hain. Dekhiye he police procedure hai please corporate kijiye)
Shivaay agrees.
ACP enters ward.
Prinku enters hospital and asks sumo how is Annika sumo tells she has gained consciousness. Om asks Prinku how did she come to know about Annika’s accident. We didn’t inform it to anyone. Prinku (lies) that saumya told her about this and pinches saumya. Saumya looks at her and agrees to her. Prinku is relieved.
Flashback in Prinku’s mind,

In the jeep, ACP is informed on the wireless about some accident case and patient being admitted is Annika. Prinku panics worrying about Annika and ACP says now we r going hospital together ur family will also be there.

Om looks at Prinku and gets doubtful
In ward
ACP : “Mrs Annika tell how this happened I m here to take ur statement”
(Mrs Annika mujhe bataiye ki ye kaise hua mail yahan apki statement lene ke liye aaya hu)
Annika tells him she went to drop her brother to hostel and there a random car hit her. ACP asked did u c who was in dat car or the number plate. Annika says no. ACP leaves.

In Tia’s room,
Tia is drinking and celebrating Annika’s death she is all drunk. Svetlana enters and tells Tia that no one hear is asking about Annika. It means no one got to know about her accident till now. She asks Tia not to drink in such condition. Tia ignores. Tia talks to Robin’s photo on her phone, “today I avenged ur death, today I have killed Annika ur soul will get peace now.” (Aaj maine tumhari maut ka badla le liya, maine Annika ko maar dia ab tumhari atma ko shanti milegi)
Pinky enters, Tia is shocked.

In hospital,
Shivaay enters Annika’s ward.
Shivaay: ” r u mad, can’t u take care of urself, c how much u r injured, can’t u walk on road properly” (pagal ho tum, tum apna khayal nahi rakh sakti, dekho kitni chot aai hai tumhe, tum road pe thik se nahi chal sakti)
Annika: “what, I m so much injured and u r scolding me” (kya, ek to mujhe itni chot aai hai aur upar se aap mujhe daant rahe hain)
Shivaay: “so what shall I do, u do such things that I m forced to nagg u” (to mai kya karu tum karti hi aise kaam ho ki mujhe tumhe daantna padta hai)
Annika: “u messaged me about the break fail that is why I didn’t enter car and now u r blaming me” (apne mujhe wo break fail wala message dia tha isliye mai car me nahi baithi aur ab aap mujhpe iljam laga rahe hain)

Shivaay {before he could start}
Enter OmRu, Prinku & Sumo.
Rudy: “O, I think that these Billu-Billi can’t stay without fighting single day” (O, mujhe lagta hai ki ye Billu-Billi ek din bhi bina lade nahi reh sakte)
Om: “Shivaay, Bhabhi’s discharge papers r ready, we can take her home now” (Shivaay, Bhabhi k discharge papers ready hain ab hum unhe ghar le ja sakte hain)
All leave hospital.

In Tia’s room,
Tia is worried that Pinky heard everything.
Pinky enters and asks Svetlana what she is doing here. Svetlana asks when did u come here. Pinky says this is my daughter in law’s room, I will come whenever I want to who r u to ask.
Hearing all this TiaLana understands that she didn’t hear anything. Tia pretends to puke. Pinky runs to her and asks her r u OK. Tia says no mom actually Annika served me breakfast today after that I m feeling like this, Svetlana entered my room becoz I was vomiting and the voice was too loud so she came to ask my health.
Pinky: “don’t worry beta come sit in the hall, u will feel better” (fikar mat kar beta, chal hall me chal kar baith, tujhe acha lagega)

In hall Pinky, Tia r sitting in the hall
Pinky: “I m calling Shivaay he will take u to the doctor, u wait here” (Mai Shivaay ko call karti hu wo tujhe doctor k pas le jaega tu wait kar)
Tia(in mind) : “Now Shivaay will have no choice except me bcoz I have removed Annika from his life and from this World too” (Ab Shivaay k pas mere siwa aur koi choice nahi rahegi qki maine Annika ko uski life se aur is dunia se bhi mita dia hai)
Enter ShivOmRu, Annika, Prinku, Sumo.
Tia is shocked to see Annika alive. Tia gets irked and fumes in anger Svetlana sees Annika with the gang and she is shocked too.

Precap: ACP enquires the school authorities for the accident

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