Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Sanju Episode 4

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Recap: ACP learns that Shivika is married. Mrs Kapoor gets arrested. Tia plants a snake on Annika’s blanket but Annika gets saved.

Lets begin,

In Shivaay’s room,
Shivaay: “how will we make the attacker believe that Annika is all alone and he can attack now”(hum attacker ko kaise vishwaas dilaenge ki Annika bilkul akeli hai aur ab wo uspe attack kar sakta hai)
Sumo: “we can send bhabhi to her old home and inform everyone that she left then the attacker will surely try to attack her at her home.” (Hum Bhabhi ko unke purane ghar bhej sakte hain aur sabse keh denge ki wo yahan se chali gayin tab pakka attacker unpe attack karega)

Om : “No everyone knows how Shivaay brought Annika home even when choti maa threw her out. The attacker is very clever he will understand that it is a trap and he will not dare to attack Bhabhi, think of something else” (Nahi, sabhi jante hain ki Shivaay Annika ko kaise ghar laya tha wo bhi tab jab Choti Maa ne Annika ko ghar se nikaal dia that. Attacker bohot chalak hai wo samaj jaega ki ye koi jaal hai aur so Bhabhi pe attack karne ki himmat bhi nahi karega)

Prinku : “I think we should think of a new plan then Rudra Bhaiya I think ur plan will not work.”,(Rudra Bhaiya apka plan kam nahi karega Hume koi naya plan sochna padega)
Rudra “my plan will work. Listen tomorrow we have to drop Sahil to boarding school so bhabhi will go alone to drop him and we will follow her in another car this way no one will doubt us” (Mera plan kaam karega, suno kal sahil ko boarding school drop karne ka din hai kal hum Bhabhi ko akele bhejenge sahil ko drop karne aur hum sab unhe dusri car me follow karenge)

Annika: “what if the attacker sees u following me he will understand that its a trap ” (lekin agar attacker ne tum logo ko mujhe follow karte hue dekh lia to work samaj jaega ki ye ek jaal hai)
Rudy: “Bhabhi don’t worry when Rudy z here. I have a plan to cover it too. Our parents won’t be able to identify us den what is that attacker” (Bhabhi, jab tak Rudy yahan hai apko fikr kaene ki zarurat nahi. Mere pass use liye bhi plan hai aisa plan hai ki hamare parents bhi hume nahi pehchaan paenge to ye attacker kya cheez hai)
All look at Rudy like this ???????

Next day morning,
At Prinku’s college,
College announced off due to some reasons so Prinku is returning she is coming out of college gate and is shocked to see ACP in his jeep. She asks the driver to go home she will come home by herself. Prinku asks ACP “what r u doing here”(aap yahan kya kar rahe gain)
ACP “I came to meet my future wife” (apni hone wali biwi se Milne aaya tha)
“You didn’t tell me that ur brother has married Annika”(tumne mujhe bataya nahi ki tumhare bhai ne Annika se shadi ki hai)
Prinku :”look its my personal family matter and I don’t want to discuss it with u.”(dekhiye he meri family ka personal matter hai aur mail ise apse discuss nahi karna chahti)
ACP :”Why would u want to discuss it after all ur brother has done two marriages one with Annika and another with Tia, u would be so ashamed of ur brother that u didn’t want to discuss it with anyone by the way who is his first wife” (haan tum q discuss Karna chahogi akhir tumhare bhai be do do shadiya jo ki hain ek Annika se aur dusri Tia se, tumhe to bohot sharm aati hogi apne bhai par, waise uski pehli biwi kaun hai Annika ya Tia)

Prinku {in anger} : “You have no right to question my brother’s character, he is a very nice person..” (Apko mere bhai ke character pe ungli uthane ka koi haq nahi hai mere Bhaiya bohot hi ache insan hain)
ACP : “sit on my jeep I have to do a very important discussion with u” (jeep me baitho mujhe tumse bohot zaruri baat karni hai)
Prinku sits on the jeep and ACP drives away.

In Oberoi Mansion,
Annika is packing Sahil’s stuff and she tells him that today she will drop him to the hostel. Tia overhears this and smirks.
In hall Obros and Saumya r going out,

Pinky : “where r u four going?” (Tum Charo kahan ja rahe ho)
Rudy : “Choti maa we r going for shopping. Its been a while that we brothers have shopped together and sumo is also coming with us” (Choti maa hum shopping ja rahe hain kafi waqt se hum teeno ne sath me shopping nahi ki sumo bhi hamare sath aa rahi hai)
Pinky: {in mind} “it z good atleasr this way my son will stay away from that girl” (acha hai is tarah kam se kam mera beta us ladki se due rahega)
Dadi : “OK go enjoy ur shopping” (think hai jao maze se shopping Karo)
Svetlana sees all this and informs Tia, they think this might be a trap and asks Romi to follow them & c if they r actually going shopping.
Romi follows and sees that there car stopped at the mall and informs the nafratbaaz gang.
Meanwhile Annika gets a message from Rudy, “Didi we r ready now”
Annika leaves with sahil and his stuff, she gets into a car.

In the mall,
Shivaay & Om : “Rudy I will kill u, u gave me such a bizzare look”
There look [long hair wigs, clean shave and salwar kameez]
Rudy : “Bhaiya chill we r doing this for Bhabhi and this is so cool” (Bhaiya chill, ye sab hum Bhabhi k liye kar rahe hain aur kitna cool hai ye)
Enter Saumya, shivkara shocked but rudy says u r looking cute sumo this moustache and specs suits u.

Saumya’s look [fake moustache a wig of curly boycut hair which covers her hair and she z wearing a suit]
Saumya : “Rudra y r u not ready” (Rudra tum ab tak taiyar q nahi hue)
Sumo: “Sumo if I also change then who will sit here and give all the updates to u” (Sumo agar maine bhi change kar lia to tum logo ko sare updates kaun dega)
Om : “what kind of updates Rudra???” (Kaise updates Rudra)
Rudy :”O, I had put two spycameras one inside bhabhi’s car and the other behind it so that I get to know everything” (O maine Bhabhi ki car me do spycameras laga diye the ek car k andar aur dusra car k peeche taki mujhe sab pata chalta rage) {he does his logic step}

Shivaay : “Another car has come let’s go in it now and Rudy u sit in the car which we came from and keep giving updates to ua” (dusri car aa gai hai chalo hum usme jate hain aur Rudy jis car me hum aae the tu usme baith aur wahan se hume updates dete rehna)

On the road,
Nafratbaaz follows Annika. Tia says why not they attack now both she and her brother would die. Svetlana says no we can’t else the school authorities will inform Shivaay that Sahil didn’t reach and he may come to rescue Annika. Tia says so when will we attack her.
Svetlana says wait and watch dear when Annika will go inside school to do the formalities then we will execute our plan.
Annika goes inside alongwith Sahil and his stuff. Meanwhile Svetlana goes towards Annika’s car and cuts the breaks.

Rudy watches all this through camera and informs Shivaay. Shivkara and sumo get tensed. Shivaay messages Annika not to enter that car again because Svetlana has failed the breaks of ur car. Annika follows. She comes out and stands near the car and starts texting. Tia gets impatient that why is Annika not entering.
She gets more and more impatient.
Annika while texting moves around. Tia looks at Annika, she recalls Robin’s death, her mother’s arrest. She gets impatient and hits Annika with her car, Annika falls far away, Tia wanted to hit Annika again with the car but she sees another car coming her way and drives away.


I have uploaded this chapter in English with Hindi subs. Hope u all like it. Ur comments are valuable to me pls keep commenting and telling me that how am I going with this story.

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