Ishqbaaz fan fiction by Sanju Episode 3

Hello everyone I m back with a new chapter, hope u like this one too.
Thanks to everyone for all ur compliments.

Recap: Prinku overhears Annika and Tia’s conversation. ACP finds a broken sim @ sharpshooter’s house.

Let’s begin
In OM,
Enters ACP with one constable and a document,
Shivaay confronts him, ACP says ‘I found Shooter’s sim and got all records of the Sim as per records Mrs Kapoor had made two phonecalls to him on Lohri day. I want to interrogate Mrs Kapoor & Annika both”
(Mujhe shooter ka Sim mila jab maine uski details nikali to pata chala ki Lohri wale din Mrs Kapoor me us shooter ko call kia tha so bhi do baar. Mujhe Mrs Kapoor aur Miss Annika se puchtach karni hai)

{Note:-ACP doesn’t know Annika z married so he still uses miss for her}
Shivaay: “Why u want to interrogate Annika? she was the target, stay away from her, she will not answer any of ur questions”
(Tumhe Annika se q puchtach karni hai? Annika ko to target kia gaya tha usse dur raho wo koi jawab nahi degi tumhe)

ACP “Look Mr Oberoi, this is police procedure and I want to know if she has any enmity with Kapoors, but looks like u r over possessive for ur ex employee. Till where I know she was ur wedding planner and u married now and still she stays in this mansion with u, I guess u r the reason why Mrs Kapoor asked the shooter to shoot her bcoz Annika z ..” (Before he could complete)

(Dekhiye Mr Oberoi, he police procedure hai mai has ye janna chahta hu ki kya Miss Annika ki Kapoors we koi dushmani hai, lekin aap to apni employee ko lekar kuch zada hi possessive hain ab mujhe pata chala ki Mrs Kapoor ne shooter ko q bulaya qki wo insecure ho gain thi qki Annika ek… (Before he could complete))
Shivaay :(yelled) “Just shut up, not a word against Annika, u have no right to question a girl’s character and u know what Annika is my legally wedded wife and not Tia. So if u do wanna know why Mrs Kapoor did so then the reason is she wants to separate me & Annika and I will never let this happen. U wanna interrogate then go n interrogate Mrs Kapoor and better u arrest her but don’t u dare speak a word against Annika.”

(Shivaay yelled, just shut up ab Annika ke khilaaf ek lafz bhi bola to acha nahi hoga, tum ek ladki ke character pe ungli nahi utha sakte ho. Tum jante ho Annika kaun hai, Annika kanoonan meri biwi hai Maine usse sabhi reeti riwazo k sath shadi ki hai, tumhe janna hai na ki Mrs Kapoor ne aisa q kia to suno wo mujhe aur Annika ko alag Karna chahti hain agar tumhe arrest karna hai to jao jake unhe arrest karo.”
ACP leaves he goes to Kapoors house and arrrests Mrs Kapoor.

In the hall all switch on TV and see the news Of Mrs Kapoor getting arrested. Tia sees this and gets angry she thinks because of Annika today my mother is behind the bars.
Tia goes to her room and Pinky follows. Pinky says don’t be sad beta u r not @ fault it z Annika who z @ fault bcoz she z coming between u & Shivaay. Bcoz of her only Mrs Kapoor was forced to take such a drastic step. U take rest u should not take tension in such situation.

In Shivaay’s room
Enters Shivika, OmRu, Sumo & Prinku,
They discuss about Mrs Kapoor trying to harm Annika, they could never even think of this. Prinku tells them the overheard convo of Annika & Tia. They decide to expose Tia soon.

They discuss something and Prinku comes up with the idea of a spy camera she says “we should put spy camera in her room”(Hume Tia ke room me spy camera laga dena chahiye)
Shivaay : “No this plan won’t work because Tia is very clever, she will not dare to call her husband in this mansion”(Nahi ye plan kaam nahi karega qki Tia bohot chalak hai wo kabhi bhi apne pati ko milne ghar nahi bulaegi)
Annika : “but she can go out to meet her husband we will follow her”(lekin wo apne pati se milne bahar to jaegi na tab hum uska peecha karenge)

Om : “No this won’t work we have followed her many times but we didn’t get any clue, this will be waste of time” (Nahi ye kaam nahi karega, humne bohot baar uska peecha kia lekin kuch hath nahi laga, isse bas samay barbaad hoga)

In Tia’s room
Enters Svetlana,
Svetlana (in video call with Romi) : “bcoz of Annika our mother got arrested” (Annika ki wajah se hamari maa arrest ho gayin)
Tia : “this time I will not leave her I will kill her”
(Is baar mai use chodungi nahi mai uski jaan me lungi)
Svetlana: “I will make sure that this time there is no loophole in our plan, we need to make a solid plan this time so that no one comes to rescue her”
(Mai is baat ko pakka karungi ki is baar hamare plan me koi kami na reh jae, hume ek solid plan banana hai taki is baar koi use bachane na aa page)

Romi : “Tia for this u will have to keep Shivaay away from Annika by hook or by crook” (Tia uske life tumhe Shivaay ko Annika se kisi bhi tarah dur rakhna hoga)
Tia : “don’t worry I have a plan to keep them away for sometime during that time u attack her” (mere pass ek plan hai in he kuch samay take dur rakhne ka usi time tum log Annika par attack karna)

In Shivaay’s room
Sumo: “but we can put a spy camera on her bracelet” (hum uske bracelet me spy camera laga sakte gain)
Rudy: ” but Tia has many bracelets”(lekin Tia k pass bohot se bracelets gain)
Prinku : ” I think we should put spycam on her phone’s cover she always keeps her phone with her”(mujhe lagta hai hume Tia k phone cover me spy camera laga dena chahiye wo hamesha apna phone apne pass rakhti hai).
All : “Prinku that’s a brilliant idea”(Prinku ye to kamal ka idea hai)

Next morning,
Shivaay wakes up and sees Annika in deep sleep he goes to Om’s room. Meanwhile Tia enters and puts a snake over Annika’s blanket.
Shivaay returns and goes to wake Annika up and sees the snake and gets shocked.
He calls the zoo department, they come catch the snake and inform Shivaay that this is a very poisonous african snake and very rarely seen in India. Hearing this Shivaay gets suspicious. He thinks someone planted this snake but who, who wants to kill Annika.

He tells his thoughts to the gang & they all come to a conclusion that there is still someone who wants to harm Annika but who???
They think that now its time they find out who the person is in Rudy’s style (i.e. Rudy’s Plan)


Hope u all like it thanks for all the love u gave me in ur comments. Keep reading. Love u all.

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