Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction Episode 6 by Shuchi


Hey guys, hope you haven't forgotten me. Thanks for all the awesome comments, they really make my day. Love you all.  Sorry I could not write as I had exams which did not go well but anyways. I am back and as promised, I am including a big recap of all episodes. Now no more boring talk, only fan fiction.

P.S. All the lovely dears who are writing fan fictions or one shots, please I beg you to continue and update soon. I literally keep checking to see if anyone has posted or not. I am an impatient girl.

(Episode 1&2)
Shivaay says that girls are mentally weak and so the girls decide to teach the boys a lesson. A masked man follows Rudra inside the mansion. Om and Rudra faint and Shivaay has to come to their rescue. The girls come in the kitchen too. The masked man also comes to kitchen and removes the mask, revealing himself to be Priyanka. The boys are shocked and the girls have a good laugh. Mallika promises to scare Shivaay and Shivaay decides to teach Anika a lesson for messing with his brothers.
(Episode 3&4)
Dadi supports the girls in their prank. In an unknown location, Roop & Gayatri discuss their next attack. Anika & Shivaay argue and Anika pushes Shivaay into the pool. Shivaay first gets angry but then Anika faints and there is blood on her dress so he thinks that she is trying to scare him and laughs at her. Then Mallika & Soumya make him realise that the blood is real so they all rush to the hospital where she is declared critical. All through the journey Shivaay holds Anika's hand and orders her to wake up. The doctor checks the medical report and declares that although she is fine, she needs blood due to excess blood loss. Her blood type is rare so since Shivaay has same blood type, he gives his blood to her although he hesitates before giving. Pinky asks Om and Shivaay what was the need for him to give his precious blood and tries to talk to him about marriage but Shivaay gets angry and says he will think of marrying only when Anika gets well since she saved his life. Shivaay asks everyone to go home as they all are tired and volunteers to stay with Anika. He talks to an unconscious Anika asking her to wake up and unknowingly kisses her hand course to which she wakes up. They again argue.
Doctor discharges Anika in morning. They go to anika's house in car. He makes her sit on bed. Sahil has gone for some days to pune for trip. Anika has to eat medicine with food so shivaay makes lunch and feeds her as she is still weak. Eyelock and song plays. He goes to oberoi mansion and pinky asks what was need to help her. He says its his duty as she saved his life. Pinky tells to check marriage. arrangements and he says i already said i won't even think of marriage until she gets well.


@ Oberoi Mansion next morning

Dadi: Oh Anika puttar, why are you here today? You should be resting. I told Billu to…
Anika: No dadi, I am fine. And there is still so much to do for your Billu' marriage.
Rudra: Anika Di! (hugs her) I got so scared that you would leave us. I prayed for you, you know.
》Shivaay comes there and frowns seeing Anika.《
Rudra: If you would have gone, then who would have controlled Bade Bhaiya?
》Shivaay looks at Rudra angrily and then looks at Anika who smirks at him.《
Soumya: He even cried.
Rudra: Shut up Sumo.
Soumya: Cry baby
》Anika goes to the room where she works. Shivaay follows her to the room.《
Shivaay: Anika!
》Anika turns to face him. Shivaay is about to hold her hand but she stops him.《
Anika: (raising her eyebrows) Haven't I told you before Billuji? I am not an actress and you are not an actor so stop trying to hold my hand.
Shivaay: (rolling his eyes) Keep quiet. Can you stop talking nonsense for just a couple of minutes?
Anika: Did you come here to scold me? Or do you have something important to say?
Shivaay: (hesitantly) I wanted to say that…that…
Anika: That…?
》Shivaay looks at her and then looks away as he is unable to meet her eyes.《
Anika: Can you please hurry up as I have lots of other work to do for Billu's marriage and there is not much time left.
Shivaay: Ok! Just stop talking. (mumbling) I wanted to say thanks for saving me.
Anika: Wait, can you please speak louder? I think I misheard you. I thought you said thank you but that is impossible.
Shivaay: Why is it impossible? And you heard absolutely right. I did say thank you. Thank you for saving my life.
Anika: (jumping up and down) OMG! OMG! Shri Shri Shri 1008 Kanji ankhon wala Bhagad Billa is saying thanks to me, Anika, (angrily) a middle class girl who has no standard. Wow, who changed your mind? I am going to personally thank that person. No, I am going to do his puja.
Shivaay: Look, I know I said those things to you but I was angry at that time and the chip scene had also not been cleared so I did not trust you. But now I trust you and want to make it up to you.
Anika: (curiously) How are you planning to make it up to me?
Shivaay: (extending his hand) Anika, will you…will you…
Anika: Will I what?
Shivaay: (hurriedly) Will you be my friend? Even I don't want to fight with you anymore.
Anika: (smiling and shaking hi hand) Okay Billuji…
》Shivaay looks at her.《
Anika: Sorry I mean, okay Shivaay, from now on we are chuddy buddies…err…friends.
》Shivaay smiles at her and they stand there holding hands and looking at each other.《
Shivaay: (suddenly remembering something) Anika , why did you come back to Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay's phone rings and they suddenly leave each other's hand and look away awkwardly. Shivaay picks up his phone.《
Shivaay: (on the phone) What? Are you sure?…Yes, I'm coming.
》Shivaay leaves the room and Anika continues with her work.《

@ Oberoi Mansion in Main Hall

Siddharth: Shivaay!
Shivaay: Siddharth!
》Shivaay & Siddharth hug. Om, Rudra and dadi also come.《
Siddharth: Omkara! Rudra! And sweet dadi.
》Mallika comes there and is shocked to see Siddharth in Oberoi Mansion. Siddharth takes dadi's blessing and hugs Omkara. He notices Mallika looking at him and goes towards her but she runs away from there. Siddharth frowns. All this is noticed by Shivaay.《
Shivaay: Leave her be for the moment. She is just shocked to see you here.

Om thinks about Ishana. Mallika says something which shocks everyone.

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