Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction Episode 5 by Shuchi


Thank you all Ishqbaazians for the love and support. My exams are going on so please wish me luck. Without wasting any more time, here we go.

(Episode 1&2)
Shivaay says that girls are mentally weak and so the girls decide to teach the boys a lesson. A masked man follows Rudra inside the mansion. Om and Rudra faint and Shivaay has to come to their rescue. The girls come in the kitchen too. The masked man also comes to kitchen and removes the mask, revealing himself to be Priyanka. The boys are shocked and the girls have a good laugh. Mallika promises to scare Shivaay and Shivaay decides to teach Anika a lesson for messing with his brothers.
(Episode 3&4)
Dadi supports the girls in their prank. In an unknown location, Roop & Gayatri discuss their next attack. Anika & Shivaay argue and Anika pushes Shivaay into the pool. Shivaay first gets angry but then Anika faints and there is blood on her dress so he thinks that she is trying to scare him and laughs at her. Then Mallika & Soumya make him realise that the blood is real so they all rush to the hospital where she is declared critical. All through the journey Shivaay holds Anika's hand and orders her to wake up. The doctor checks the medical report and declares that although she is fine, she needs blood due to excess blood loss. Her blood type is rare so since Shivaay has same blood type, he gives his blood to her although he hesitates before giving. Pinky asks Om and Shivaay what was the need for him to give his precious blood and tries to talk to him about marriage but Shivaay gets angry and says he will think of marrying only when Anika gets well since she saved his life. Shivaay asks everyone to go home as they all are tired and volunteers to stay with Anika. He talks to an unconscious Anika asking her to wake up and unknowingly kisses her hand due to which she wakes up. They again argue.


@ Hospital at morning

》Doctor examines Anika. Shivaay watches from the side.《
Doctor: Everything looks fine. (looking at Shivaay) Are you her husband?
》Shivaay & Anika look at each other shocked and then look at the doctor.《
Anika & Shivaay: (together) NO!
》They look at each other awkwardly.《
Doctor: Ok, well she just needs some rest and I give will give the medicines prescribed to her.
》Shivaay & Anika go to her house in Shivaay's car. Shivaay stops the car in front of her house.《
Anika: Thank you for taking care of me and dropping me home. And please tell dadi not to worry.
Shivaay: How can she not worry? When you are fine, then also you are so clumsy.
Anika: (quietly) I don't want to fight woth you today Billuji.
》Anika is about to get down from car.《
Shivaay: Stop! Wait!
》Anika looks at him confused.《
Anika: Now what?
》Shivaay gets down from the car, goes to Anika's side and extends his hand towards her. Anika looks at him. Then slowly she puts her hand in his. She stands up with his support and tries to walk but is not able to. Shivaay gently picks her up in his arms and they share an eyelock. *O Jaana plays in the background* He takes her to her room where he gently places her on the bed.《
Shivaay: (looking here and there) Where is your brother?
Anika: He has gone to Pune for a school days. He will be back in a couple of days.
Shivaay: Oh! Well, now remember to eat your medicines with your food. (murmers) But you are so weak, how will you cook?
Anika: Did you say something?
Shivaay: I'm going to cook lunch for you since dadi asked me to make sure you have your medicines and you are in no condition to make it yourself.
Anika: No it's ok Billuji, I will…
Shivaay: I don't think that was a question. Shivaay Singh Oberoi does what he wants.
》Shivaay goes to the kitchen and is dismayed to find it in a dishevelled state. He makes some calls and prepares lunch. He takes it to her on a tray and places it in front of her but finds that she has fallen asleep. He stares at her and without realizing, smiles.《
Shivaay: (quietly) Anika? Anika.
》He forwards his hand and hesitates but then he gently touches her cheek.《
Shivaay: Anika.
》Anika wakes up and Shivaay quickly removes his hand. Anika looks at him sleepily.《
Shivaay: Eat this. (pointing towards the tray)
Anika looks at tray and then again closes her eyes.
Anika: I'm not hungry.
Shivaay: (angrily) I made this especially for you in your dirty kitchen so have to have it. And the doctor also said that you should have some food before eating your medicine.
Anika does not reply. Shivaay gets more angry seeing her. He takes some food ina spoon and pinches Anika's nose. Anika opens her eyes and then also opens her mouth to breathe but as she does that, Shivaay quickly shoves the food in her mouth. Anika's eyes widen in surprise and gasps and starts coughing. Shivaay looks at her shocked, then cupping her chin with one hand, he makes her drink water from the bottle.《
Anika: (glaring at him) I know you hate me but I didn't think that you were so cruel that you would try to kill me, that too in my own home.
Shivaay: (glaring back) Just shut up and eat.
》Anika holds the spoon and tries to eat but her hand shakes a lot as she is still weak. After two failed attempts, Shivaay snatches the spoon from her and feeds her. They share an eyelock. *O Jaana plays in the background* When he tries to feed her again, she refuses.《
Anika: Now it's your turn to eat. I know you have not eaten anything since yesterday.
Shivaay: (surprised) How do you know?
Anika: (laughing) Because you are trying eating my brain instead.
》Shivaay glares at her but eats the rest of the food while Anika watches him. After clearing, Shivaay starts to leave.《
Shivaay: (looking at his phone) I will ask the driver to deliver food to you and if you need anything, you can…
》Anika holds his hand to stop him. He looks at her surprised and she leaves his hand.《
Anika: No, it's ok. I'm absolutely fine. Don't worry…
Shivaay: Who said that I'm taking tension? These are dadi's orders. And you are our employee and you are way behind at work so come to work fast.
》Shivaay leaves and Anika closes her eyes. Shivaay stops at the door and looks at her.《
Shivaay: (smiling) My stubborn Panika…(frowning) Fhat the Wuck! My Panika?…( looks at Anika and smiles again)
》Shivaay leaves for the Oberoi mansion.《

@ Oberoi Mansion

》Shivaay reaches Oberoi mansion and finds Pinky waiting for him.《
Pinky: Oh my mata, why are you so late? What was the need for you to help her?
Shivaay: Mom, not again! It was my duty as she saved my life. Or are you saying that my life is not important?
Pinky: Oh my mata Billu, how can you even thinks likes these, you are my diamonds and golds and…
》Shivaay looks at her annoyed.《
Pinky: Sorry. Billu, nows that you are heres, take a look at all marriages arrangement. I don't want anything to go wrongs.
Shivaay: I already said mom that I won't even think of marriage until Anika gets well. What's the hurry?
》Shivaay does his signature step.《

Precap: Someone enters the Oberoi mansion. Everyone is shocked to see him, especially Mallika. The person goes and hugs Shivaay.
Om thinks about Ishana.

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