Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction Episode 4 by Shuchi


Hello guys! Thanks for all your lovely comments. I will try my best to keep entertaining you guys with my (bad) skills. I am sorry to tell you guys but after this episode, I will probably post the next episode on 18th September as I have back to back exams. But I will give long recap so that your memories get refreshed ?. And keep commenting dears. So here goes…


@ Hospital outside ICU ward

Doctor: We are still examining her to see the extent of damage done by the bullet. So till the report comes, I cannot say anything.

》Everyone is shocked. Dadi cries and Priyanka & Soumya console her. Shivaay stands to a side and looks shell shocked. Mallika, Om & Rudra go to fill the formalities.《
Shivaay: (in his mind) How has this happened? One minute she was fighting with me and the next she is lying in the ICU ward. This is getting too much. Our security team is just sitting around doing nothing. I must call Bade Papa. (speaking on phone) Hello Bade Papa…yeah, you heard absolutely right…yes that is a good idea. Even I want to know how that shooter got inside the premises…Yes, please keep me informed.(cuts the call and looks at Anika who is still lying unconscious inside ward) Whoever has attacked my family, I will surely find and kill him.

》Mallika, Om & Rudra come back with the doctor. Everyone asks him questions together.《
Doctor: Please calm down everyone. This is a hospital so maintain decorum.
Shivaay: Please you guys, let him speak. (looking at the doctor) Yes doctor, how is the report?
Doctor: Fortunately, the bullet has done very minimum damage to the liver so she will be okay.

》Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Dadi starts crying due to happiness and thanks God.《
Doctor: But, there is still one big problem.
Mallika: What is it?
Doctor: She has lost a lot of blood so you need to arrange blood for her. It has to be the same blood type as hers: A- . And please hurry, you don't have much time.
Mallika: (gasping) But doctor, that is a rare blood type. How will we arrange it in such short time?
Doctor: Maybe one you has the same blood type.
Mallika: Mine is A+ .
Om: Rudra, Prinku and I have AB+ .

》Shivaay is quiet.《
Dadi: Billu, what is your blood group?
Shivaay: Ummm…dadi…
Mallika: Hurry up! Tell quickly, why are you taking so much time?
Shivaay: (snapping) Because none of you is letting me speak. Umm…my blood group…is also A- .

》Everyone except Shivaay gasp.《
Rudra: Well bhaiya, why did you take so much time to say?
Dadi: Billu! Go quickly and give blood to Anika. Go!
Shivaay: But dadi, how can I, I mean…
Mallika: (frowning) Are you scared of needles?
Shivaay: (irritated) Shivaay Singh Oberoi is not scared of anyone. Or anything.
Dadi: Then what are you waiting for Billu? Go fast!
Shivaay: Okay, okay! Fine, I'm going.

》Shivaay goes with doctor to give blood to Anika. Om gets a call from Pinky and he tells her what has happened.《
Om: (frowning) What was the need? What do you mean chhoti ma?…Chhoti ma she saved Shivaay's life. He is just giving her blood…We will be back at night. (Cuts call angrily)
Rudra: O, what happened? Why are you getting angry?
Om: Chhoti ma was saying that Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the head of entire Oberoi industries so he should not give his precious blood to anyone.
Dadi: I feel ashamed that my bahu thinks like that.
Soumya: Priyanka, let's get to eat and drink for everyone.

》Soumya & Priyanka leave to get food for everyone. Shivaay comes back with the doctor. The doctor goes inside the ward and comes back after an hour.《
Doctor: Anika's body has, thankfully, accepted the blood. Now she just needs to wake up.
Mallika: How long will it take for her to get up?
Doctor: It may take time. A couple of days or even weeks.

》Everyone looks shocked.《
Dadi: Can we go see her, doctor?
Doctor: Yes you may.

》Everyone except Shivaay go inside the ward. Shivaay gets a call from Pinky.《
Shivaay: Hello mom…yes I'm still in the hospital and yes I do remember that I am abput to marry in a few weeks…How can you even think like that mom…She saved my life twice and you want to replace her with a new wedding planner?…Mom, now I will only think about my marriage after Anika gets well.(cuts the call)

》He turn around to find Om standing.《
Om: I'm glad you took Anika's side. Chhoti ma was saying to me also that Shivaay Singh Oberoi's precious blood should not be given to anyone. I mean, she saved your life twice so you have to do at least this much for her.

》Soumya & Priyanka come back with the food.《

@ Hospital at night

》Everyone is tired and sleepy. Shivaay notices this.《
Shivaay: Dadi, you should go home and rest. (Looking at the others) In fact, all of you should go and take rest.
Dadi: But then who will stay here with Anika?
Shivaay: I will stay.

》Everyone looks at him surprised and dadi smiles.《
Shivaay: Why are you all looking at me like this? Please, I'm only staying because none of you has the energy to stay.
Om: (smiling) Ok but if you need anything, call us.

》All the others leave. Shivaay goes inside the wars for the first time. He looks at Anika, lying unconscious on the bed.《
Shivaay: (in his mind) She is looking so pale and weak. But why am I feeling pain at seeing her like this?

》Shivaay sits beside the bed and hesitantly holds her hand.《
Shivaay: You saved my life and now it is my turn. You cannot leave me. I still have to get even with you. Remember? Shivaay Singh Oberoi returns everything with interest. (Looking at her face) Please wake up Anika. I have gotten so used to you speaking nonsense that I can't bear to see you silent. You can even taunt me.

》Shivaay unknowingly kisses Anika's hand. Suddenly, her eyes flicker open . She looks at Shivaay. Shivaay's eyes become moist and he smiles at her.《
Anika: (weakly whispering) Billuji, you are smiling and crying, that too for me? What a deadly combination.
Shivaay: (still smiling) Shivaay Singh Oberoi does not cry. And stop calling me Billuji.
Anika: You have again started your tadibaazi? Please think about me, I'm not well enough yet to tolerate your tadibaazi. Now, please leave my hand, SSO.
Shivaay: (abruptly leaving her hand) Stop! Don't you…just, just stop calling me that. Now keep quiet. I need to inform dadi that you are awake and speaking nonsense as usual.

》Anika rolls her eyes and then closes them. Shivaay calls dadi and stares at Anika.《
Shivaay: Dadi she has woken up…okay…okay…yes bye dadi.
Anika: What did she say?
Shivaay: That you are to take rest and come to work only after you get properly well and that I have to drop you home once you get discharged. Let me call the doctor.

》Shivaay stands up to leave and is about to switch off the lights when suddenly Anika shouts.《
Anika: (panicking) Don't!
Shivaay: (confused) What?
Anika: Please don't switch off the lights.

》Shivaay looks at the switch and then
Shivaay: (curiously) Why?
Anika: Because…umm…I am a happy person so I don't like darkness. Not an angry person like you. You probably love darkness.
Shivaay: (in his mind) You are hiding something.

》Shivaay leaves the lights on and goes to call the doctor.《

Shivaay carries Anika in his arms. He makes food for her and feeds her.

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