Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction Episode 3 by Shuchi


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THE STORY SO FAR (Episode 1&2)
Shivaay says that girls are mentally weak and so the girls decide to teach the boys a lesson. A masked man follows Rudra inside the mansion. Om and Rudra faint and Shivaay has to come to their rescue. The girls come in the kitchen too. The masked man also comes to kitchen and removes the mask, revealing himself to be Priyanka. The boys are shocked and the girls have a good laugh. Mallika promises to scare Shivaay and Shivaay decides to teach Anika a lesson for messing with his brothers.

Episode 3

@ Oberoi Mansion next morning

Dadi: Anika puttar, beta do you what has happened to Rudra? He is very jumpy today. It's as if he has seen a ghost.
Anika: You thought absolutely right dadi.

》Anika tells dadi about the night incident. Dadi laughs.《
Dadi: Well done puttar, well done.
》Anika smiles.《
Shivaay: What well done dadi?
Dadi: I have come to know that you think girls are weak?
Shivaay: (glaring at a smiling Anika) I'm sure this Panika must have told you.
Anika: Don't spoil my name! (rolling her eyes) And I have told the truth only. It's not like I am lying.

》Shivaay glares at Anika and leaves. Dadi smiles seeing them and also leaves.《
Anika: Oh God, I forgot to ask Shivaay about his marriage. Now I will have to see his face again. What a bad day!

@ Unknown Location

Roop: Are you sure this plan of yours will work?
Gayatri: I am not like you that all my plans fail. This time my shot will hit bull's eye. Just wait and watch.

@ Oberoi Mansion near the pool

》Shivaay is talking on the phone. Anika comes and starts to ask him questions related to his marriage.《
Shivaay: Can't you see I am busy. I don't have time for all this nonsense.
Anika: First you tell me, am I marrying or you? So obviously you have to tell what you want. I am not going to get dreams about your likes and dislikes.

》Anika keeps pestering him. He cuts the call angrily.《
Shivaay: You know, you are a normal employee so you don't know how much hard work I have to do. I am the head of Oberoi Industries. Have of the country works under me. Just last week…
Anika: You can never stop boasting, can you? Always talking about yourself. Do you know that there is a real world outside your dream world.

》Suddenly Anika stops speaking and looks behind Shivaay. Her eyes widen in shock.《
Shivaay: Your world is different from mine. In my world, I…
》Suddenly, Anika pushes Shivaay. He waved his arms around to regain balance but fails and falls in the pool with a loud splash. Anika stands frozen like a statue. Shivaay swims to the edge and climbs out of the pool. He is so angry that he breaks his phone. Anika looks down.《
Shivaay: (screaming in rage) How dare you push me in the pool? Do you remember who I am? I am the owner of the entire Oberoi industries and can destroy with a click of my fingers. Who the hell do you think you are? What is your status in the society? Who are your parents? You don't even have a surname. And you dare…

》Anika looks up into his eyes and he realises something is wrong. He looks down and sees blood on her dress. Her hand is pressed to her stomach and blood is coming out. She falls and he holds her in his arms. Shivaay shakes her and laughs.《
Shivaay: Nice try Anika but you can't fool me. I know this is your so called trick to scare me but I know you are faking so you can just get up.
》He shakes her again. Mallika, Soumya, Om & Rudra come there and are shocked to see so much blood.《
Mallika: Oh my god, what is happening? Why is there blood on Anika?
Shivaay: Oh come on! Stop it now. I know very well that this is your and Anika's plan to scare me. But I know she is faking so you please tell her to get up or I will throw her in the pool.
Soumya: (crying) Bhaiya, we did not make any plan. What are you saying?

》Shivaay looks at their serious faces in disbelief and then looks at Anika. Then he looks up again and his expression changes from comprehension to horror.《
Shivaay: You guys are not joking? That means…
》Shivaay looks at Anika. He looks at all the blood and panics.《
Shivaay: Anika, wake up Anika. Om Rudra call the ambulance and doctor. Quick hurry. Anika! Please wake up Anika.
》He lifts her up in his arms and takes her to the ambulance. He holds her hand tightly during the journey.《
Shivaay: Look, I am sorry for what I said. But this is not the right way to respond to your employers. You can't leave me yet. There is still so much work for you to do. Please open your eyes Anika. Anika please!

》The ambulance reaches the hospital and Anika is taken straight to ICU. Shivaay waits impatiently outside for the doctor. Om, Rudra, Mallika, Soumya, Priyanka and Dadi reach the hospital too and ask Shivaay about Anika.《
Dadi: (crying) Billu, how is Anika puttar? What did the doctor say? What is happening?
Shivaay: Dadi the doctor…
》Doctor comes out of ICU ward.《
Doctor: I am sorry but it is very difficult to say anything at this stage. There has been a lot of critical time delay and she has lost a lot of blood. The bullet has also damaged her liver. She may not ever wake up. I'm sorry.
》Everyone is shocked. All except Shivaay start crying and go inside the ward to see Anika.《

Shivaay kisses Anika's hand.
Shivaay: You saved my life and now it is my turn. You cannot leave me. I still have to get even with you. Remember? Shivaay Singh Oberoi returns everything with interest.

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    Wow….ur really awesomeI must say..actually ur beyond awesome???..but I think shivaye should not fall for Anika so soon ..I think they can become friends after this ..juz my opinion ..what say !? ..i would not mind if he would fall for her but I like friendship b4 love or else later there will be trust issues and once ppl. Are friends issues are less to occur …maybe I’m thinking so much ?

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