Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction Episode 2 by Shuchi

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@ Shivaay's Room at night

》Om and Rudra are also present in Shivaay's room and all three are discussing about girls' mental strength.《
Om: Shivaay, what you said was wrong. You should not be biased against girls. Girls are equally strong. Do you know that when they are pregnant…

Shivaay: Please Om, don't you also start. Mallika has already explained this to me. Okay! I agree that they have to bear a lot of pain during pregnancy but apart from that they don't have anything to say. In this matter, Boys are far more stronger and better.
Rudra: you are saying correct bhaiya. O, how can you even think that I am weak? Look at the size of my muscles. Look at my biceps and my triceps. Name even one girl who can beat me.
Om: Duffer Oberoi, we are talking about mental and not physical strength which you cannot have anyway as for that, a proper and functional brain is required.
Shivaay: We have been discussing this topic for too long. Go to sleep and let me also.
Rudra: Ok bhaiya, I just need to drink some protein shake. You both sleep, I will be back soon.

》Shivaay and Om get ready to sleep while Rudra leaves the room and goes towards the kitchen to get his protein shake. He hears footsteps behind him. He stops and looks behind him but sees only darkness. He again starts walking and when he looks at a glass window, he sees the reflection of a person with a distorted face. He starts running towards kitchen.《
Rudra: (whispers to himself) Rudra, you are so dead. Oh God bhagwanji, I haven't even proposed to Romi yet and that sumo, I wanted to teach her a lesson. Not fair. (looks here and there) looks like the murderer has gone. (loudly boasting) What can I do? He must have gotten scared of my huge muscles. Let me leave quickly after drinking protein shake. What if he returns?
》He takes out the protein shake from the fridge and when he turns around, he sees the man with the distorted face standing right in front of him. He gets shocked.《
Rudra: (screaming) Bhaiya (faints)
》Om enters the kitchen.《

Om: (shouting) Rudra!
》Om sees him lying on the floor and is about to wake him up when the lights in the kitchen flicker and he turns around to see the wierd man standing over him with a knife in his hand. He yells Shivaay's name and faints.《
Shivaay: (shocked) Om, Rudra! Wake up! (sprinkles water on their faces)
Rudra: (jumps up and hides behind Shivaay) Bhaiya please please save me. There is serial killer here who is jealous of me.
Shivaay: What?
Rudra: Bhaiya, he must have seen me and must have gotten so jealous of my good looks that he wants to kill me.
Shivaay & Om: Shut up Rudra
Om: Shivaay, there is a man in our hous. He has a wierd face and is holding a knife.
Rudra: Knife?!!
Soumya: What are you all doing here? Is everything ok?
》The three brothers turn around to see Anika, Mallika and Soumya standing at the entrance of the kitchen.《
Shivaay: Anika, what are you doing here?

Mallika: it's our girls night out and we cam here because we heard someone screaming like a girl.
Om: One minute, this is a serious issue. There is a stranger in our house, who looks wierd and is carrying a knife. Have seen him by any chance?
》All three girls look at each other and shake their heads in negative.《
Rudra: (looking at Soumya) O, you were scared of some man? Ruddy is not scared of anyone. (suddenly hiding behind Om and Shivaay and pointing behind the girls) Look there bhaiya, that man is standing there.
》The man with the distorted face comes inside the kitchen. The girls part to let him enter. The brothers are shocked.《
Rudra: (almost crying) No! Please don't kill me. (pointing armt Soumya) Kill sumo first.
》Suddenly the girls start laughing and hug the man. The man removes his mask.《
Om & Rudra: Prinku?

Priyanka: Yes bhaiya, how am I looking?
Shivaay: Prinku, why are you wearing this mask and why are holding a knife?
Anika: Billuji, you only said that boys have a lot of mental strength? Look closely at this video. So much mental strength can be seen. Both of them screamed like a girl and fainted.
》Anika shows the video recording of Om and Rudra getting scared and fainting. All the three girls laugh while Rudra hides his face.《
Shivaay: (angrily) How dare you even…
Mallika: Shivaay, why are you getting angry at this sweet and innocent girl? That too for no reason?
Shivaay: She is not sweet and innocent!
Soumya: Mallika di is right bhaiya, This was my idea. (looking at Rudra) By the way Darpoke Oberoi, your face was worth watching. (laughs)
Anika: And we are not finished yet.

Mallika: You just wait and watch. Shivaay will scream louder than Om & Rudra.
Shivaay: Good luck with that. It is impossible to power of infinity.
Anika: That we will get to know soon.
》The girls leave the kitchen laughing while the brothers stare after them.《
Om: I can't believe it! How can those three do such a thing?
Rudra: Ya, that sumo is too smart. Bhaiya, we should also teach them a lesson.
Om: No Rudra, that is not the right thing to do.
Rudra: O, right thing? When they played that trick on us, then they did not think of right and wrong.
》Om and Rudra start fighting.《

Shivaay: Stop it guys! How dare Anika think of us as weak?
Rudra: Bhaiya, not only Anika di but all…
Shivaay: (glaring at Rudra) I will teach her a good lesson. She will learn not to mess with the Oberoi brothers.
Rudra: Yes bhaiya, you have to save not only our dignity, but also the dignity of all the boys in the world.
Om: No Shivaay, listen to me…
》Shivaay does his signature step and leaves the kitchen while Om & Rudra look on.《

Shivaay holds an unconscious Anika in his arms and shakes her. Anika has blood all over her.
Shivaay: I know this is your so called trick to scare me but I know you are faking so you can just get up.

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