Ishqbaaz Fan fiction (Bekaarar huye hum) Episode 3


Ishqbaazians must be missing Ishana so in my Fan fiction Ishana makes a comeback….

Ishana is sitting alone in her room and crying…She looks at Omkara’s picture on the wall and tells… “Sorry my Zulfi Singh Oberoi for hurting you…But I now feel double the pain that I caused you..I’m so sorry…I promise not to be dishponest with anyone anymore..just you don’t misunderstand me and plesase forgive me…I can’t bear your hatred..because I LOVE YOU <3”
Her sister comes in…Choti (Ishana’s sister) tells… “ Don’t worry…stop crying…Oberoi gaya to kya hua…We will get someone else and fool them for money chill”
Ishana: Bas bohot ho gaya…aab aur nehi…I won’t earn money in dishonest way anymore…How many hearts will I break for money…dono dil to already tut gaye…one mine…and one his..(she tells looking at Omkara’s picture..”
Choti: Then what will you do?Who will give you job?You don’t have any degree…
Ishana:Who said I don’t have a degree?I have a gift from god and that is the greatest degree one can get…don’t you know?
Choti: What do you mean?
Ishana: God has gifted me with the ability to dance and now I will utilize it to the fullest…
She looks at Omkara’s picture and smiles…

Omkara tells “Kaha? dikha mujhe video…”
Pinky tells “Why u only seeing? Shows us alsos” (Why are you only seeing? Show us also….)
Shivaay: Why are all of you interested in watching a stupid video? Don’t you have any other work? Rudra go to your college…”
Rudra: Bhaiya aap bhul gaye ya? Aaj Sunday hai…
Shivaay: Go and study…
Omkara: Shivaay tera dimmag to thik hai? Dumbell Singh Oberoi aur padhai??
Pinky: Shivaay you go to work…Hum yaha video dekhe hai…play it Rudra..
Anika: leave it na…
Soumya: Anika didi come here with me…
Soumya forcefully takes Anika and makes her sit with her on the sofa…Omkara takes Shivaay and makes her sit beside Anika…They get tensed and unintentionally hold each other’s hand in fear and sit…
Rudra plays the video…

After 10 minutes…
Rudra: I am not there in the video only..
Omkara: I am also not there…
Soumya: I also have no scene in the video…
Mallika : Mein bhi nehi hu..
Anika: Mein aur billu ji hi to nehi hai..
Shivaay looks at her angrily…Anika tells “I mean SSO bhi to nehi hai”
“To phir hai kaun??”— Everybody together…

Pinky: O my mata….kitni beautiful lag rahi hai meri Shivaay ki hone wali wife :-*
Rudra: Iss video mein to sirf Lady baba hi hai…
Shivaay: Ab ho gaya video dekhna…?Jao kam pe sab..
Anika goes to get up and falls back on Shivaay as he is holding her hand…they look at each other then leave each other’s hand..Anika walks away….Shivaay looks at her and smiles…
Rudra stops the phone and tells “my time just got wasted…”
He goes to walk..his head spins and he falls down…Everybody looks on…Soumya shouts “Rudra!”

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  1. Amazing ff plz post asap

  2. Jazz1

    Superb ff. What happened to rudra and that video. Waiting for the next one

  3. Akshaya

    Awesome post the next ASAP

  4. Soo next asap..n yeah make it longer was too short..

  5. Priyanka.N

    Kyaaaa….humara bumble oberai ko kyaa huwa….i like it….kya timing yar…suspense end…superb
    Very nice ff

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