Ishqbaaz: we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time (Chapter 4)

Hi dear readers! I’m back with the new episode of we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time! I’ll be soon writing a TS (two or three shots)on Shivika according to the current track. Let’s move on with our track. So,till now: Manish leaves the Oberoi mansion. Sahil’s entry. Anika shocks everyone by saying that she’s a lawyer. Shivika confession in flashback. Shivika come clues against Tia. Rikara moments. Tia meets Robin.
Note:I’m changing OmRi’s name into RiKara now as OmRi was more sounding like OmRu. So,please note down the change.

Episode 4:
Morning,Oberoi mansion
Shivika planning how to execute their plan. Shivaay gets tensed and holds Anika’s hand.
Shivaay:I’m sorry Anika. I misunderstood you. Tia was the one at fault but I scolded you for what not. I’m sorry for moms behavior yesterday.
Anika:no need for sorry,Shivaay. I never considered you wrong. You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the shield of this house,how can you fall weak?
Shivaay:but Anika……
Anika cups his face (cheek)and caresses it. He keeps his hand on her hand. Both share a romantic eyelock. Silence filled the room. Dadi comes. She smiles seeing them together. She goes.

After sometime,
Both AnRi were feeling weird. They felt as they were losing someone precious,soon.

All were present in Hall. Dadi announces that Maha Shivratri will be arriving,so everyone should start preparing for the puja. Gauri arrives with Jhanvi on the wheelchair.
Jhanvi:thank you Beta.
Gauri:your welcome,aunty.
Om:why did you bring Mom here?
Gauri:actually she wanted to roam around. But she had not recovered completely,so I arranged a wheelchair.
Dadi:thank you beta for treating my Jhanvi.

Gauri:no Dadi,it’s my job to cure others. As my Maa and my Didi say,we should always help the needy even though no one supports them.
Jhanvi:but Anika beta,you didn’t tell me about Gauri’s arrival?
All were shocked that Jhanvi already knew about Anika and Gauri’s bond.

Rudra:but how did you get to know about Anika Bhabhi and Gauri Didi’s relation.
Jhanvi:Rudra,when door the first time Anika came to work in this mansion,I could recognize her. She’s my best friend,Tulsi’s daughter. I had already met her once in USA,in her law college. I wanted to ask the reason why she came here as an employee,but she told me to keep quiet and not tell her identity to anyone,after everything happened. After all this,she left the Rathore mansion and started finding for a job. As she had Sahil with her,who was paralyzed,so she faced lot of difficulties. You won’t know how it feels when you move out from your comfort zone to live as a normal person. She kept her identity for 5 long years,which is really difficult.

Anika goes to Jhanvi and hugs her.
Anika:it was not so difficult,as chutki was the one who always supported me. Later,when Dad sent her to London for medical studies,I had Sahil near me. And mom had told me one thing before she died-that she’ll always be with me. So,I never needed to breakdown.
Rudra:now I understand,why you used to crack and solve cases easily. You are a lawyer,na?!

All laughed. Rudra made his logic sign. Suddenly,someone called Gauri.
Caller:is this Gauri Rathore?
Gauri:yes,who are you?
Caller:actually this is Manish Rathore’s phone. He met with an accident and I’ve admitted him in Apollo hospital just now. Please reach here. My name is Soumya.
Gauri got a big shock.
Gauri(crying):yes,we’ll reach there as soon as we can. Thankyou.
Anika, who couldn’t see her sister in tears,went to get and kept her hand on her shoulder. As Gauri turned around,she just hides Anika. All got tensed but seeing Gauri’s condition.
Anika(caressing her hair):chutki,relax. What happened? Who had called? Why are you crying.
Gauri:Didi,a girl named Soumya had called through dad’s phone.
Anika:Soumya? But why?
All got shocked. Especially Rudra.

Anika:papa what?
Gauri:papa met…….with…….an accident. He’s admitted in Apollo hospital.
Anika got super shocked. She just rushed towards the car along with Gauri. Shivom ran behind them.
They rushed to the hospital and the other family members including followed them in different cars.
In car of Shivika and RiKara:ShivOm soothing in front seat,Shivaay driving and ShivOm are staring sad AnRi through the front mirror. Anri were consoling each other on the last seat.
They reach the hospital filled by others and rush to Operation Theatre and find Soumya during outside.
Soumya:Anika Di,you here?
Dadi explains her everything. Anri see their father being treated inside. They both break down. Shivaay rushes to Anika and pacifies her. Om pacifies Gauri.
Shivaay:no Anika,you can’t fall weak. You need to have faith. Keep faith in god. He’ll make everything.
Anika:why only me? First he snatched my mom away from me. Then my chachu also left me. Then separated me from my sister. Now I can’t afford to loose my dad. I know he has done wrong with Maa,but now he’s in guilt. He came searching for me. God can’t be so cruel,right? Now,If anything happens to my dad,I’ll literally die.
Shivaay(hugging tight):no! It won’t happen. Nothing would happen to your dad. Nothing!

Gauri:Om,my dad won’t leave me,right?
Om:no,he won’t. Stop crying.
Gauri:no Om. I’ve already experienced the pain of losing a parent. I can’t lose my dad,no,I can’t become an orphan. Anika Di was the only one who had the courage to leave the mansion along with Sahil. I’ve already lost my mother and chachu. I’m also amazed by seeing the new side of Di. She was never like this before.
Om:don’t worry. As soon as your dad recovers,you’ll see your old Di again. Even Anika Bhabhi is going through these tough situations. But you should have the power to face the world. You have console and pacify your Di.
Gauri understands and goes to Anika. Both hug each other tight. Shivom smile a little seeing their bonding.
Dadi goes to pray. Pinky is keeping on thinking. Jhanvi is also pacifying AnRi.

Rudra:where were you,Sumo? I’m searching you since morning. You know. I got stressed out.
Soumya:so what will I do? None of you wanted to accept me. I left the house.
Rudra:but how can you? You are……
Soumya:I’m nothing. Just a sumo. You think this marriage has no importance in your life,but it means a lot to me. You can forget this marriage easily,but I can’t. After you scolded me,blamed me that I was the one behind the mishaps,I gave up. Now I can’t return back.

Shivaay:Rudra,you blamed her? I know you were suffering the most,but there wasn’t any fault of Soumya in it. Soumya return back. Please.
Soumya:no Bhaiya. After all that humiliation,I can’t.
Om:you won’t agree to me?
They try hard to convince Soumya.
Soumya:OK Bhaiya. I will love there. But only for some days. Because mom will be arriving in a few days here.
Doctor comes out.
Anika:doctor,how is he?
Doctor:we have cured him,but he hasn’t got conscious till now. He has only 5 hours left. If he doesn’t get conscious,he’ll go in coma.
All get shocked. Anri (Gauri and Anika) are heartbroken.

Precap:Manish gets conscious,bit for sometime. He gives 2 keys to his daughters. He asks AnRi to go to Rathore mansion. Anika forgives Manish. But,it’s too late.
Thank you guys for your support. I would like to ask you some suggestions regarding my ff:
1.Do you want Shivaay/Prinku to be illegitimate?
2. Do you want more scenes of Shivika/RiKara/Rumya?
3. Do you want me to send recaps and links of previous FFS ?

Thanks again for the support. Please do answer these questions. An important note:I won’t be regular as I have my exams and I have to prepare. Take care. ??

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