Ishqbaaz: we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time (Chapter 3)

Hi readers! Thanks to all who read my ff. I didn’t know that my idea will be linked by all. I’ll be adding some OmRi and Rumya scenes soon. For now,Rumya won’t be available but I’ll show Shivika and OmRi scenes. In case,you didn’t read my FFS,you can check these links to find them:
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Now:Robin is alive in my ff,but he slipped into coma.
Anyways,here goes episode 3:
Shivaay takes Anika to their room.
Shivika room,
Shivaay:Anika,tumne mujhe bataya nahi ki tum lawyer thi?(Anika,you didn’t tell me that you were a lawyer?)
Anika:voh Shivaay….Mera license cancel ho gaya tha. Aapko yeh sunkar bohot bura lagta,toh…..(actually Shivaay… license for law was cancelled. You would have felt bad after listening to this,so…)
Shivaay:as if mujhe ab bura nahi lag raha. (As if I’m not feeling bad now). We had promised a week ago that we’ll share everything and not hide anything from each other. Even I told Mrs Kapoor’s blackmailing about Om,right? So,you should have told me right?
Anika:but Shivaay,that night we weren’t in our senses and you remember what happened that night after that?

Both go into flashback.
Flashback(1 week ago):
Lohri function is over. Youngsters arrange a pool party for Shivaay’s recovery and also because Shivaay win businessman of the year award.
Shivika,Om and Rumya are present. Elders were not at home. Om and Soumya kept a check on Rudra to make sure that he doesn’t mix anything in the fruit punch. But Rudy is Rudy. Om left for giving a final touch to his sculpture before selling it. Soumya goes to attend a call when Rudy mixes alcohol in the punches thinking nothing would happen if he adds a little alcohol to it. But,Rudra was wearing his earphones,so he emptied the whole bottle of alcohol in the punch and threw it away.
Later,evening at pool:
All consume the drink and now are in hangover. They start playing paying the parcel,but with a small twist. The person has to do a date given by others. First was Shivaay. He was asked to tell his feelings to Anika. Shivaay,without any hesitation went to Anika,while everyone was eagerly waiting for the scene.

Shivaay kneels down on his knees in front of Anika.
Shivaay:Anika,I know,you have suffered a lot for me. First you entered my life with a bang but I started insulting you. You saved this family many times by rushing your life but I never said sorry not thank you to you. Since you came into my life,I changed from the tadibaaz,bagad billa to a caring and patient Shivaay. You taught me the real meaning of love,but I always misunderstood you and accused you by listening to Daksh,I manhandled you for marriage and for signing divorce papers. But now,I’ve started to feel for you,care for you. When you get hurt,I feel the pain. When you cry,tears flow from my eyes. As Dadi says that we’ll have TAKKAR KI ISHQBAAZI,I feel she’s right. I don’t know how I get to know when you enter the room. I somehow feel your presence. I don’t know what it is,bit I feel is love,it’s Ishqbaazi. Yes,you heard it right,Shivaay Singh Oberoi is falling in love with Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I love you.

Anika:you maybe the world’s great businessman,but for me,you are my Billu,my Shivaay. I don’t know how your tension and stress affects me,I don’t care what others think about you,but I know only one thing-that I love you. And after the jungle scene,my life has changed a lot,my hearty beats for you,only you Shivaay. Whether this world comes to an end,or the world is against you,I’ll always be there to support you Shivaay. I will not let anything happen to you,even if I have to die myse…….(she wasn’t able to complete as Shivaay cupped her mouth)
Shivaay:agar aage se tumne kuch aisa kaha na,toh main mar jaaungaa(if you said something like this afterwards,then I’ll die).
Anika:OK. But I’ll just say 1 thing,that Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi had completely fallen in love with the tadibaaz SSO,billuji,bagad billa and most important of all,hey Shivaay.

Both hug each other. All others clap. Rudra remembers something.
Rudra:isi baat pe ek sher,
Rudra:Dil se dil ki connection ho gayi,
Billu ko uski Billi mil gayi!
All clap. Shivika praised Rudra.

Next was Rudra. He was asked to dance with Soumya on a romantic song. They dance on the song “Hangover” from the film”Kick”.
Later,all move to their respective rooms,ie,Shivika to their room,Soumya in Rudra’s room and Omru in Om’s room.

Shivika room.
Shivaay closed the door and locked it. He opened the cupboard and took out a box from the cupboard,while Anika was busy removing her jewellery. Shivaay gives her the box and asks her to open it. She opens it. To be surprise,she finds the bangles gifted by Mallika.
Shivaay:you remember this? Mallika had asked you to wear these bangles when a person has fallen deeply in love with you and is mad in your love. I want you to wear them.
Anika:why don’t you make me wear them?

Shivaay makes her wear the bangles.
Anika:Shivaay,ab hum ek naya rishta shuru Karen wale hai. Isliye,hume saari baatein confess karne chahiye joh hum ek dusre se chupate aa rahe hain. (Shivaay,we are going to start a new relationship. That’s why,we should confess all the things/secrets which we were hiding from each other)
Shivika tell each other everything. Shivaay tells her about the blackmailing of Mrs Kapoor about Om and Anika tells about the incidents that took place in her family. Both are shocked for a second,but stay laughing the other moment(they were drunk,so).

After that,Shivika get intimate with each other. Shivaay goes near Anika’s ear and says,”I love you”. And after that,you know what happened. They consummated their marriage(let’s leave them here and give some privacy?)

Next morning,
Shivaay wakes up first (as Anika is a Kumbhkarni). He sees his reflection in the mirror and gets shocked. He has pain all over his body and his head was aching. The thing which shocked him was he was shirtless,covered up in sheets and someone was hugging him. Its Anika. By Shivaay’s sudden movements,Anika woke up and was shocked to see the situation. She quickly covered herself with the bed sheet. Both started at each other and have a romantic eyelock. Another shock was when their eyelock was disturbed by a sudden knock on the door. Shivaay quickly dressed up and opened the door,while Anika acted like she was sleeping. The person was none other than Tia. Tia entered the room and after seeing the condition is the room,she understood what had happened over there last night. She angrily went,while Anika rushed into the washroom as soon as Tia left. Both Shivika were blushing.
**********flashback ends**********

Shivika come back to their senses. Both were blushing. They started to laugh.
Anika:leave that. It was an accident.
Shivaay(reminiscing the moment):ya,you’re correct. But,actually,I wanted to tell you that…..
Shivika:the proposal I made was from my heart(voh proposal maine dil se kiya tha)
Both were shocked to see the same reply. And both share an eyelock.
Suddenly,Shivaay’s phone rings. Anika starts to go. Shivaay stops her.
Shivaay:Anika,private investigator ka call hai.
Anika stops and listens to Shivaay.
Shivaay:yes,Sharma. What information did you get ?
Shivaay:what? Ok. Do some more research. Also keep an eye on Tia.

Call ends. Anika questions Shivaay.
Anika:sab theek toh hai,naa?(everything is OK naa?)
Shivaay:Anika,Sharna says that Tia is married to some Dushyant and Svetlana is her sister. He is also saying that a girl named Romi,who sent Rumya’s marriage video to your phone,is also Tia’s sister.
Anika:I told you naa. I had a doubt on Tia. Let’s check who this Dushyant is.
Shivaay:but how?
Anika:I have an idea. Let’s check the social media. Tia is very active on social media.
They take their phones check if out. They didn’t find anything in facebook,so they proceed to twitter and instagram. Anika checks on instagram,while Shivaay checks on twitter.
Shivika:mil gaya!
Shivaay:what did you get?
Anika shouts him a photo of Tia and Robin and Svetlana holding Tia’s shoulder. Romi is standing next to Svetlana.
Anika:see,Shivaay,Svetlana has captioned it as “my sister Tia became Mrs Tia Dushyant Khanna”. But why is Robin standing there in the groom’s attire?
Shivaay:because he’s Tia’s husband.
Anika but he was her brother,right?
Shivaay shows the pic which he got. It showed Tia and Robin holding hands and posing like a couple, and it was sent by Tia on twitter. It was captioned “Happily married to Dushyant Khanna,my Robin”(Robin is the nickname of Dushyant).
Both were shocked.
Anika:but this also means Shivaay,that you aren’t the father of Tia’s child!
Shivaay:you’re correct Anika. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. We’ll have to expose her today,before she does anything wrong.
Anika:no Shivaay,josh main hosh khona achhi baat nahi hai. (No Shivaay,loosing consciousness in excitement is not a good thing.). If Tia can truck you like this,then Mrs Kapoor can also trick you. Om cannot be the illegitimate soon of Tej uncle,right?
Shivaay:you’re correct. But what about daimaa? She can’t lie to me like this?
Anika:you must be mistaken ,Shivaaywhat did daimaa tell you?
Shivaay:daimaa told that the child of Mr Oberoi is illegitimate. Then Mrs Kapoor told me that Om was illegitimate.
Anika:that means Shivaay,there are many Oberois,right? Mrs Kapoor must be lying. Daimaa meant something else,but Mrs Kapoor told something else.
Shivaay:yes,but we have to find out that about whom daimaa was talking about.

Tejvi’s room.
Gauri checks Jhanvi. She does some treatment and comes out.
Om:is she fine now?
Gauri:not exactly fine,but she is responding to the treatments. This is a positive sign that she’ll recover soon.
Suddenly,Gauri slips while Om holds her by the waist,by preventing her from falling. Omri share an eyelock. Svetlana sees it and gets irked and walks off. Omri see her walking away and realize their position and Om makes her stand again.
Gauri:sorry,I didn’t really mean to hurt her.
Om:no it’s okay.
Gauri:how? She’s your fiance right?
Om:I’ll make her understand
Om(in mind):she’s so sweet and caring. She possesses some cute characteristics of Anika Bhabhi.
Gauri(in mind):he’s such a nice person. He’s very kind hearted. I wish I could marry him,as he possesses all the characteristics which I wanted in my prince charming.

Both realize that about what they were thinking and move away in opposite directions (like shown in Promo).

Kapoor mansion
Mrs Kapoor:what? Anika is Anika Rathore?
Tia:yes mom. Now I’m feeling very scared as Shivaay may start liking her.
Svetlana:don’t worry Tia. You should go and meet Robin now.
Tia:you’re right Di.
Tia go to her room and sees Robin surrounded with all medical arrangements.
Tia:baby,wake up. See,you are gonna be the daddy of our child. At least for his sake,wake up. I know you are angry at me,but I promise you that I’ll make Anika suffer. She had to suffer.
She holds Robin’s hand and falls asleep there.

Precap:shock for Rathore sisters. Shivom consoling AnRi.

Guys,I’m really sorry I couldn’t reveal the suspense,but I think you can guess it. And do you want Tia to get exposed soon or show more drama? Let me know in the comments below. And yes,happy hug day and advanced Valentine’s Day!?

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