Ishqbaaz: we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time (Chapter 2)

Hi readers! I’m very much impressed with the comments for the ff. Thanks for appreciating the ff. If you have any doubts regarding the ff,you can get them solved. Anyways,here goes episode 2:
Till now,
Om and Svetlana get engaged. Tej bursts out. Anika reveals her identity as Anika Rathore. Her father enters the Oberoi mansion and insists her in returning back to the mansion. Anika declines and tells the torture which happened to her mom and the incidents that took place. Gauri enters the mansion. Anika gets anxiety attacks.

Episode 3:
Anika suddenly gets an anxiety attack. She mummers”Shivaay and chutki”
Gauri:Anu Di!
She ruins to her and gives her an injection which has anaesthesia in it so she gets unconscious. Shivaay picks her in his arms and takes her to the room and makes her lie on the bed.

Tia felt that she was being treated as an outsider,so she leaves the place.

Oberoi mansion,Hall
Everyone are standing there.
Gauri:dekha aapne?mil gayi tassali?maine aapse kaha tha ki aap yahan mat aaye. Par aap nahi maane. Anika Di ko panic attacks aate hai,sirf aur sirf aap hi vajah se. Mujhe pata tha kuch aisa hi hoga,isliye main unka injection laayi thi. (You saw?did you get proof?I had told you not to come here. But you didn’t listen. Anika Di cannot bare you for long,do she gets panic attacks. I knew something like this would happen,so I had got her injection)
Manish:why are you taking her side?

Gauri:she’s my sister elder sister. I won’t take her side,even after the struggles she had faced? She was the one who left her comfort zone and ran taking Sahil along with her. She seized her English so that nobody could recognize her(guys,Anika can speak fluent English and is very educated). I wish even I could run away,but I didn’t have such confidence,but she had.
Shivaay:are you chutki?
Gauri:I’m Gauri,but Anika Di calls me chutki. But how do you know about me?
Shivaay:actually Anika used to get nightmares and she used to murmur chutki in her sleep.
Gauri:do you know about her past?

Shivaay:I got to know it a week ago. She told me everything. But after that,those days were very stressful for us…..I got shot while saving Anika in the Lohri function,Rudra agreed to marry Sonia,Rudra and Soumya revealed their marriage,Sonia and Rudra’s alliance broke,someone sent the marriage video through Anika’s phone.
Pinky:she was the one who sent the video. Why don’t you trust me?
Shivaay:mom,that day,the photographer left his camera here. We checked the camera and found in one of the videos that when Anika was talking to Dadi,someone took away her phone and kept it back after sometime. So,Anika didn’t send the video.

Just then,Jiju!
Everyone look towards the door,to find Mishra coming along with Sahil. Sahil sees Gauri and shouts Gauri Didi,aap?
Gauri runs and hugs him(as he had crutches).
Sahil(looking to Manish):yeh insaan yahan kya kar raha hai?aapne meri Anika Didi ko bohot rulaya. Main uska badla aapse lekar rahunga. (What this person is doing here? You made my Anika Di cry a lot. I’ll take revenge from you)
Gauri:dekha,aaj aapke vajah se ek baccha apne paw par khada nahi ho sakta. (Saw,only because of you,a child cannot stand on his legs.)
All get shocked. Shivaay looks towards the glass door to see Anika. He found her getting consciousness as he was having some hand movements.

He goes and gets her. Sahil is shocked to see her condition.
Sahil:Gauri Didi,Anika Didi no phirse……
Gauri nods in positive. Sahil got angry.
Anika:Sahil,tu aa gaya? (Sahil,you came?)
Sahil:yes Didi,now I’ll note leave this person. Why is he over here?
Anika:leave him. To fight with Mr Rathore is just a waste of time. You come with me. You need rest.
Both leave. After Sahil sleeps,Anika returns.
Anika:you didn’t go from here?

Manish:you have to come,now that Tina is gone.
Anika:she got exposed right?I knew that. You were just a puppet in front of her. She was talking you for money. As soon as chachu and Sahil got to know about it,you created their accident. However Sahil got saved,but lost his leg. Later,that Tina planned more attacks. So,I had leave that mansion. But I was still in contact with chutki. But when you got to know about this,you sent her to abroad for studies. However we both were still in contact and planned to expose that Tina. Chutki exposed Tina in front of you,so you just came her for just a sorry? You forgot all the torture Maa had faced?
Gauri:Even though Sahil was not our own brother,but he man’s a lot to us.
Shivaay:Sahil is not your brother?
Anika:yes,Shivaay. Sahil was the adopted kid of my chachu. After he died,Tina planned all attacks for him. So I had no other option other than to leave the house.
Shivaay:so,what’s your decision?

Anika:I’m not going there,this is my final decision.
Gauri:Didi,can I stay with you? I can’t live on the house any more. After all this,I want to spend sometime here. Even the hospital would be near to me. As I have just joined as a doctor.
Shivaay:OK. You can live here. Mr Manish you can leave.
Manish:but I have a question. One for you and one for Anika.
Anika:you only have 2 minutes. All whatever you have to ask.

Manish:why did you leave the job of the lawyer,Anika?
All got a 550 volt shock. Even Shivaay. All started at Anika.
Anika(sternly with a crying face):that you should ask your mistress,Tina. She cancelled my law license.
All Stood in shock except Gauri.
Manish:why didn’t you request her?
Anika:what was left to request? She spilled everything-Maa’s life,my career,chutki’s life,Sahil’s live and even chachu died because of her.
Gauri:Didi,I can’t live with this man anymore. I wanna stay with you.
Anika agrees. Manish feels guilty.

Manish:Shivaay,if you are married to my daughter,then why did you announce Tia as your wife?
Omru:we can explain.
Omru explain everything. Manish is fuming in anger. He goes and holds Shivaay by his collar.
Manish:how can you do this to my daughter,huh?
Anika rushes and saves Shivaay. She stands in front of Shivaay and protects him by defending her dad. Shivaay,meanwhile was lost in her beauty.
Anika:what he had done is nothing compared what you did to me. He just threatened me. But you,you stole a mother from her children. I can’t trust you anymore. Please leave from here and don’t show me your face again.

She pleads and joins her hands. Manish goes and whispers that his daughter should get all the rights as Shivaay’s wife. His whispers are heard by Shivaay. Both(Shivaay and Manish)feel guilty for their attitude towards Anika. Manish leaves. All are shocked,or rather surprised to see this form of Anika.
Anika turns back. Dadi comes near her and caresses her crying face. Gauri comes for her support.
Dadi:puttar,you always considered me as your own,right? Then why didn’t you tell me about this?
Omru also go and ask the same question.
Anika:Dadi,Omru,I felt you would feel ashamed of having me as your friend. I was,myself ashamed of having a dad like this. And I didn’t have any intentions to lash out at him. But,I was helpless. So,I had to shoot out at him. Though it was not his fault completely,but still……

Gauri:Di,you can’t get so weak. I want my old Anu Di. Though Jiju did wrong with you,but still,you have to be strong.
Dadi:at least agree to your sister.
Anika:yes Dadi.
Dadi(to Gauri):achha puttar,I’ll set your room.
Om:can I ask you for a favour?
Om narrated the whole incident in which Jhanvi attempted suicide and also informed her condition. Gauri gets flashed of her mother.
Gauri:I’ve already lost a mother. Now it’s my duty to save another mother. I’ll surely help. First I’ll have to do her check up. Can you show me her room? I’ll get my medical instruments.

They leave. Shakti comes to Anika.
Shakti:please forgive me and pinky,Anika. I know we always had a wrong attitude towards you.
Anika:no need to be sorry,uncle. You were never wrong.
Pinky and Tej without saying anything,leave. Shakti also leaves.
Dadi:puttar apna dhyan rak(take care,puttar). Billu,tu use support kar, kyunki ab yeh pati-patni ka rishta ban chuka hai. Aur iss rishte main ek dusre ka saath dena bahuth zaroori hai, kyunki bharosa aur saath,ek rishte ki takat hai( Billu,you also support her,because this has turned into a husband-wife relationship. And in this relationship,each other’s support is very important,because trust and support of each other are the strengths of the relationship).

Shivika share eyelock. Dadi leaves. Shivaay pacifies Anika and takes her to their room.

Precap:Shivika get clues against Tia and Svetlana,a shock for the Rathore sisters [AnRi(Anika and Gauri)].

Hi guys! I’m very much delighted after reading your comments. I didn’t hope that you would appreciate this ff. I’ll make sure that you like this ff. And I’ve written a shock for AnRi. Can you guess what it is? Let me know in the comments below!!!!????

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