Ishqbaaz: Expect the unexpected (Part 6)

Hii friends…. I’m back with the next part. Hope you will like it. Thank you soo much for your support.

Recap: Shivaay says sahil that anika is with saumya, Omkara & rudra gets to know that anika is alive. Anika asks chutki about how they found her. Prinku & Om convo about Ranveer & Rumya marriage.

Here goes the 6th epi:

Oberoi mansion:
Om was thinking about his convo with prinku & walking towards shivaay’s room. He went to shivaay & about to talk but they heard a scream from hall & left to hall.All the Oberois gathered to hall & were shocked to see the scenerio, there sahil fell down & was continuously staring at the entrance, they saw the security guards holding a person & tia. Omru makes sahil stand properly. They all were shocked to see the person.

Shivaay: Daksh…
Daksh: yes shivaay, I’m back to take my revenge.
Everyone was shocked.
Daksh: Don’t worry shivaay the next target is you only. I was the one is behind Svetlana murder & now I’m going to kill tia.
By saying this he escapes from their clutches & was about to kill tia with a knife but suddenly he was shot & fell down.
They all were shocked & looked at the entrance only to find ACP Ranveer.
Shivom (confused): you???
Ranveer: Well I’m here to arrest Mrs. Tia dushyanth.

Everyone were hell shocked especially tia.
Everyone: tia dushyanth??
Ranveer: yes she was wife of dushyanth.
Shivaay: but who is this dushyanth.??
Person: Robin..
Everyone looks at the main door to see a person standing there. On seeing that person tia was more worried, she thought that she was caught for sure.
Person: yes her husband is robin, but his original name is dushyanth. Here are the proofs.

He shows some wedding pictures of T&D, marriage certificate to all the family. Now tia confess the truth & everyone were hell shocked.
Pinky: Oh my mata, you are hiding such a big truth & wanted to trap my son, I got to know that you are a wicked women but I allowed you to stay here only for our warris. How dare you??
She was about to slap her but stopped by dadi.
Dadi: I never thought you will do this kind of thing, shame on you tia, just get lost from here.
Dadi (to ACP): just take her away from here.

ACP arrests tia & takes her with him, while going he sees the person & smiles.
Person (thinks): I got to know everything about you shivaay Singh oberoi now I won’t leave you.
The person looks at shivaay, he smirks & then leaves from there.

At the mansion:
The girl & her mother was talking but interrupted by a person.
Person: what were you talking about??
They both looked shocked but on seeing the person they were relieved.
G: papa you??
F: yes.. actually I want to say you that he was back, at any time he may come here.
Both the girl & her mother were shocked.
M: Now what we should do, if he sees anika here then the situation will become worse.
F: that’s what I’m saying, beta you should only do something.
G: I will take didi to my friend’s house you pls manage here.
M: ok, take care of her she is still recovering.

G: I know maa, I will.
M: have the dinner & leave.
G: ok ma
She leaves from there.They all have dinner together & after that anika leaves to her room. The girl calls someone & she goes to Anika’s room & finds her missing.

At saumya’s house:
She was in her room, rudr calls her.
Rudra: Hello sumo..
Saumya: Haan rudr.
R: How are you?? How is aunty??
S: Now aai is fyn rudr. How are you??
R: Yaa i’m fyn. Sumo..
S: haa…
R: when will you be back.
S: In two days. Y??
R: Nothing, just asking.
S: ok bye.
R: bye
Rudr (thinking): how I should say sumo that I’m missing you.
Sumo (thinking): I’m sorry rudr but I should do this.

Om was searching for rudr he finds pinky phone ringing so he takes it & goes to pinky, she picks the call.
Girl (worried): Aunty, is anika didi with you??
Pinky: what anika is not with you???
Girl: No aunty anika didi is no where to find.

Pinky (worried & angry): oh my mata what have you done to my anika. Where is she??. If anything happens to her I will not spare you.
By saying this she cuts the call and goes to shivaay’s room. On seeing her worried om also follows her. Shivaay was not there in his room so she calls him continuosly but he was not lifting the calls. She gets more worried

Shivaay brings anika to OM. Everyone are shocked & very happy to see her. Dadi comes & hugs anika.
Dadi: Puttar you are fyn naa??
Anika: Yes dadi im fyn.
Pinky comes to hall and sees them. She comes and hugs anika.
Pinky (to shivaay): what did you do??? Why didn’t you informed them?? They are worried…
Shivaay: Now I will infrom them.
Pinky: But all of a sudden why did you do this??
Shivaay: Mom tia & Mrs kapoor got to know that anika was alive so I brought her here.
Pinky: ok now you both go and rest.

Shivika left from there while others were confused to see this except omru.
Dadi: Pinky you know that anika was alive??
Pinky: yes mummyji.
Dadi: how??
Pinky: After we get to know the true colours of tia & daksh, I couldn’t digest it & I went to mata rani temple & then

Pinky felt bad for her deeds, she went to mata rani temple, she was crying her heart out, was cursing herself, she was feeling guilt & praying god for her son.
Suddenly she faints & girl comes & catches her, she takes pinky to her home. After pinky gaining conscious she thanks the girl & her mother. When she was about to leave she was shocked to see anika there. She enquiries about anika & her condition, she gets to know everything & cries a lot, later she explains the girl & her mother that she was her DIL.
***flashback ends***

Shivika’s room:
Anika takes her pillow, blanket & was about to sleep on couch.
Shivaay: anika what were you doing??
Anika: what I’m doing, I’m just sleeping on the…
Shivaay: you will sleep on bed.
Anika: Noo why will I??
Shivaay: because I’m saying.
By saying this he comes close to her. She blushes & steps back. As there is couch back she slips & falls on the couch by seeing this shivaay was about to catch her but he too slips on her. O jaana music plays… Now shivaay was on top of anika. They have a cute eyelock. Shivaay was moving more close to her, anika was blushing. They were disturbed by a knock on door.

No precap.

That’s it. Kindly ignore grammatical mistakes. I’m very poor in writing love scenes & romantic scenes so pls bare with me. Thank you soo much for your support guys. Please let me know your views. Bye for now.

Signing off


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