Ishqbaaz episode analysis (1st Nov)


Hello everyone I’m new here and this is my first article i mean episode analysis…
Ishqbaaz today’s (1st nov) episode analysis

Here we go
Omkara hit a girl 2 years ago and acp randhawa is getting so personal with that case.. I think she’s his sister?? (what you say)?
On the other hand.. . O said i tried to find that girl but in vain ?(i think she’s alive but maybe in coma)?
And she’s O’s heroine ?
Coming to Shivika
Their nok-jhok ??
He’s totally in love with her and want her to confess first ?(that’s why he always say
humaRe beech kuch hai tum Mjhy haha ?)
On the other hand tia’s mystery man
After watching precap for tomorrow’s episode i think T=Tia and D=Dev (illegitimate son Of mr chabbara)

What you guys sayS Plz drop ur comments
So I’ll Post everyday analysis of each episode
PS.. .ignore grammatical mistakes I’m not so good at that
Hope u like 🙂

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  1. Jazz1

    You have so many points. The girl can be Om’s love. And for the mystery man maybe it’s dev but I don’t think so. Nobody knows besides ishqbaaz crew so let’s see who is he

  2. Nainaa

    Yeah!! That ACP is getting to personal with the case and she might be his sister or some relative…Hmm it will be interesting to watch…. Haha… Shivika are totally in love but both are not admitting. I really want that Tia’s role to end soon. I just can’t bear her with Shivaay… and Tia’s bf can be Dev because his can’t be end so soon. So, this might be his comeback…
    Dear!! If you are willing please read my ff “Love for Life” and comment your views.

    1. Nainaa

      I meant to say Dev’s role **….Sorry for typos

      1. Barbieannie

        I have read all parts of ur ff 🙂 And they are awesome keep it up 🙂

    2. I agree with you Cinderella …
      SHIVIKA nok chok is always a treat to ears????
      I feel the same that O lead will be ranjhawa sissy and not any other relative let me remind you the dialogue.. Jab Baat Behan ki aati hai toh Bhai kuch bhi kar jata hai .. Remember…. And she will not be in coma but will be critical …
      @ tia …
      Hey you found that T&D symbol secret hopefully its dev … .
      @ Rumya… They made me senti…
      By the way … Hi I am shama … I am the author of Anshi OS takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar .. Hopefully u will read it… For the previous parts u can search on wall.. Or ask me…

      1. Barbieannie

        I do read as a silent reader because I just joined it yesterday again I will comment : ) Keep it up ur ff is gOod

      2. Nainaa

        Aww!! My cutie… You are so right Dear that girl is Ranveer’s sissy as per some sources…
        And yeah coming to Dev…. It was first shown that Prinku likes Dev and after knowing the truth of Dev being Tia’s bf She will start hating him. That’s just my suspicion…
        Rumya’s scenes are so senti and They way Rudra is looking at Soumya is amazing.
        He is expressing the disaster in his life with his expressions…..
        When it’s turn for Shivika they never kept us down with their Nok chok…. 🙂

  3. Tulasi

    Hey …..i agree wid u yaar…..she might be sure acps sister…n so he said jab baat beha pe aathi hain n he evn gets teary eyed in d before epi……..n i guess sure she ll be oms luv lady next….but waitng for who she is…….
    T n d…i dnt know who it might be……dev bhi ho saktha hain……
    Shivika r really soooo cuteee…..waitng for his confession……but itni aasani se bhi nahi hogaa……
    I jus want tht tia to get out of d serial……universe bhi wahi chahtha hain????

    1. Barbieannie

      I totally agree with u .. as per news resources shivika might get apart from each other ..lets see what happen 🙂

  4. I too agree the tia’s boyfriend id dev

  5. Akshaya

    Hahaha nice prediction. Omi darling’s new pair but Ishkara is always great. Nothing about rumya?

    1. Barbieannie

      Actually I wanted to write about rumya but found nothing to predict because after the segment everything is crystal clear

  6. I think u r right the girl must be O’s love and randhawa’s sis

  7. I totally agree with you

    1. Thanks for it … Rumya marriage video I saw be4 itself..

  8. Cccc accidental marriage of rumya in drunken state

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