Ishqbaaz – What If (Episode 4)


Episode 4

The entire group arrived at Anika’s door to greet her and chip in to decorate her and Sahil’s room to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Anika felt so welcome and loved by the Oberoi family youngsters that she teared up while thanking them.

R : Di, if you cry, then I will cry as well…so please don’t na !

Soumya : Cry baby Oberoi that’s something that you do all the time anyways with or without Anika Di’s help !! she said sticking her tongue out at him.

R : He just gave a neutral expression and after a few seconds started chasing her all around the room…you are going to pay for saying that Aloo Paratha !!

Everyone laughed at their antics and got back to work…. But Anika was a fine observer of her new found friends… She noticed that Rudra and Soumya had accidentally fallen on each other after playing their game and were looking longingly into each other eyes… and Anika noticed that Om and Prinku were distracted and seemed lost in thought, they seemed worried…and Om was reassuring Prinku with his eyes every now and then. She started to have a feeling that everyone had something important they were hiding from each other and she promised herself to find out and help out if possible.

After a few hours, Anika offered to make them a good cup of tea, coffee and some goodies to thank them for their help. They all went over to the kitchen and started fooling around there together….Anika took Soumya aside and asked her if she would like to stay with her at the guest wing tonight for a chat.

Soumya : She hesitated cause she could feel that Anika Di suspected something… Hmmm…ok Di, why not…

A : Is something wrong my dear Soumya ? You don’t want to spend some time with me like old times when Malika was here and we watched movies till the wee hours !! It will be fun and Sahil has such a crush on you, he will be so happy !!

Soumya : Ok Di, I’ll come over tonight…she said smiling. And Prinku should come with us too, what do you think ?

A : She was sure that Soumya was hiding something cause she was trying to get more company so she didn’t have to chat with Anika. But Anika agreed. Yeah, no problem, that’s a good idea ! Prinku wanna come over to my room for a girls slumber party tonight ?

P : Oh sure … I would love that !!! she said hugging Anika. And Anika patted her head….but Anika could feel that Prinku was worried about something. Something was on her mind and Anika was determined to find out what it was.

Om was smiling at the scene when Shivaay arrived in the kitchen. He was shocked to see Anika hugging Prinku and Rudra saying … and me Di ! Why can’t I come as well ? he said pouting.

S : What the wack !! He said perplexed. What has happened to my kitchen !

O : Anika happened. And he whispered in Shivaay’s ears : Hey, be careful, I dunno if you took the right decision giving her accommodation here in OM, she is gonna take your kitchen and your family…He said giggling to a fuming Shivaay.

S : He was staring daggers at Anika when she finally looked up straight into his eyes. She was instantly uncomfortable as she thought of his earlier proximity to her in her room and him whispering in her ears, she could feel his breath. She looked away and said : Okies guys, come have tea, I’ve prepared everything, I’ll set it up in the dining room…and she wheeled away with the feast she had prepared and set on the tea tray.

Everyone followed the shepherd and Shivaay just went the other way muttering to himself : She is going to drive me up the wall, maybe Om is right, I made a mistake bringing her here…He was going up to his room when he bumped into Tia.

T: Hey, Shivaay baby, I was looking for you all over the place. Are you ok baby? You look a bit flustered, I could feel like, the universe sent me signals that you weren’t feeling too good today and I rushed here to meet you.

Shivaay just listened to her and ignored her insinuations, he wasn’t about to talk to her about his worries….especially his worries concerning Anika.

T : Have you seen Anika, I need her to c all my wedding dress designer….

S : Oh yeah, about that Tia. Anika will be working with Dadi from onwards, we’ll need to get a new wedding planner.

T : What? Why Shivaay baby, I don’t want to change wedding planners now !

S : Well you don’t have any choice, its just the way its gonna have to be. Deal with it, either you can choose someone, or I can try to find someone for you.

T : Fine, find someone for me, cause I’m not going to bother, sometimes I wonder if you really want to marry me. Its like as if you create all these addition problems that just delay the inevitable. You will marry me Shivaay baby by hook or by crook.

S : What do you mean by that ? He asked her suspiciously.

T : Oh nothing, I just meant that I love you so much, I will never let you go, I’ll always be patient and wait for us to tie the knot…she said with a very fake smile. So, let me know when you find the right wedding planner to replace Anika… and she thought to herself…I’m glad that Anika is out of the way, she was getting a little too suspicious of me.

Shivaay finally observed that Tia wasn’t all that clean about her intentions, something about this conversation made him uncomfortable….and he walked off saying : okies, I will keep you posted. Gave her a little peck on her cheeks and left.

S: Hi Guna, could you get me the best wedding planner on the market….yes…as soon as possible. Ok….no…you know that money is not a problem, just get it done ! And he hung up. I’m going to show Anika that she wasn’t the only efficient wedding planner my family has seen…he muttered to himself with a smirk.

Just at that moment, Om, Ru and Anika passed by there….

A : Wipe that smirk off your face Billu Ji, either way, I’ll always be right ! she said with a smirk of her own.

S : What are you saying ? You don’t even know what I’m thinking about. How very rude of you to think that its always about you. And don’t call me Billu Ji !! I have a name damn it and a nice one too !

A : Oh please, I know all your expressions, and I know that … that expression on your face a second ago was definitely about me !!

Om and Ru were smiling looking back and forth between Shivika and their ping pong conversation.

A: Have a nice day SSO Billu Ji…she said smiling and waltzed away.

Shivaay just stood there fuming…and then he looked at his brothers and said : don’t even say anything ! And he walked away.

R : Bhaiya, this is going to be a lot of fun.

O : Oh yeah, it is… then he got a phone call and left after patting Rudra’s head.

Om received a call from his dealer asking him if he needed a fix… and Om forced himself to refuse the dangerous offer but unfortunately decided not to delete the number just yet. For the moment, the problem with that horrible incident that fated night is not causing problems. ACP Ranveer has backed down on the case but Om knows that it’s a matter of time…


Anika finishes preparing her room for her brother and herself. She decided to use only a very small part of the guest wing. She didn’t want Sahil to have his own room and be separated from him. She knew that if “they” wanted to find her, they would and even Shivaay and his army couldn’t protect her….but for the moment she tried to not think of her complicated past. She was stressed out, very worried that “they” had managed to find her…she had been cracking her head thinking of the way “they” had found her !! But how… how did they find me ? Either way, they aren’t completely sure its me…that’s the reason they have someone following me around to verify that its me. I have to solve this problem before it involves Sahil and the rest of my new found friends….she thought to herself.

She was lost in thought when Shivaay was once again in the arrived in her wing, he was hesitating to go visit her…she had after all told him to leave her alone more than once. And he was a very proud person and didn’t want her to get the wrong impression…. He was wandering of a way to put the microchip he had in his hands on Anika. His security experts brought him the microchip he requested. He had wanted to plant it on Anika and her brother in just case something horrible happened. He knew that he was probably exaggerating, but he wanted to get it done.

Just then, Daksh walked past him briskly…

S : Hey, where were you? I was looking all over the place for you when I got back from our business this morning.

D : Your business with Anika and the boys ? He asked sarcastically. He was royally irritated with how things went down this morning and was determined to separate Anika from Shivaay.

S : Yeah, yeah…anyway, its personal, I don’t want to discuss it. Daksh was fuming but didn’t say anything. So just to inform you, Anika will be staying here at the OM for some time due to personal reasons. She will at the guest wing, not too far from your room. Daksh’s expression changed at this statement and he seemed pleasantly surprised. This irked Shivaay tremendously.

D : Really ?! Well that’s the first nice thing you’ve said to me since this morning ! Thank you Shivaay, how did you know that he needed this privacy with her to get her to know her better. You are the bestest friend on earth.

S : What do you mean get to know her. You don’t have anything to say to her Daksh. Leave her alone, she refused you once, just move on dude !

D : Shivaay, you know that I will never give up… I will get her by hook or by crook. I have feelings for her and I will make her reciprocate. And besides (he said sarcastically) with a Stone SO like you around, she will be forced to see the gentleman in me. And he rushed away to go look for Anika.
Shivaay was so angry with his friend he nearly broke his phone AGAIN that he had in his hands. Who the hell does he think he is, waltzing in and trying to seduce my Anika ! she belongs to me… Oh no, what the wack, what did I just say to myself ? I’m surely losing it. Ok Shivaay, focus, how are you going to plant the chips on them. I’ll do it during dinner time, I’ll find a way.

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