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Soo.. guys do u remember me? Anyways this is special part of my ff on special request from a special frnd.. and yeah I couldn’t thnk sum ppl on my last post
So thanx a lot:-


Episode 4( part A)
While The Luv Birds R Having Their Ice Cream
a- Shivaaye I Hate U
S- O Bête Ki!! Whut Happened??
a- Hello That Is My Dialogue
S- So What Now Its Our..
Anika Smiles But Then Rages In Anger Again..
An- No Shivaye.. U R Very Bad..
Shivaye Finds That The Situation Is Hot To Handle So
S- Whut Happened Mrs. Oberoi, Your Husband Always There For U
An- No Buttering!!
Shivaye Comes To Her
S- Areey My Luv Y R U Getting Angry? Tell Me Naa
An- Raising One Eyebrow- LUV?? Ur Luv? Me?? Ur Luv My New Chameli!!
S- Hawww..U Chudail How Dare U Compare My Wife To A Silly Dumb Idiotic Sandal Of Urs
Anika Is Annoyed

An- How Dare U Call My Chappal All These Things .and call me a chudail… Bhagad Billa khi ka
She Rages.
Takes Her In His Embrace And Makes A Puppy Face
S- What Happened To My Sweet, Dear Wife? Y Is So Angry On Her Innocent Patidev Today?
Anika Melts On His Puppy Eyes
An- U Na Shivayee..
S- Giggles- And Asks Chlo Ab Btao.. Y R U Angry??
An- U Always Embarrass Me!!

Shivaye Is Shocked. And With A Confused Look
An- Hn U And Ur Romance Dono Hmesha Meri Oh My Mata Kr Dete H..
Shivaye Laughs..
S- Accha To Ab Mere Romance Se Bhi Biwi Sahiba Ko Takleef H..
a- Hn.. Hai. Me Batati Hu Na Kl Kya Hua Tha Aur Aaj Sb Meko Kese Chidha Rhe The..
Shivaye Went To Take Call, While Every1 Were Engaged In The Children’s Beauty..
The Whole Oberoi Clan Was Present In The Hall And The Children Finished Playing And Came To Their Badi Maa { I.E Anika}
Rudraksh- Heyy Badi Mom!! Supp.. Wanna Have Sum Choco Milkshake And Aloo Parathas??
Small Rudraksh Was Just Like His Parents..
An- Aww My Dear Baby.. No I Am Full U Only Have It

Anika Kisses Him Oh His Cheeks
Omika- Bdi Maa Aap To Meko Bhool Gayi.. Is Duffer Ki Wajah Se..
An- Areey Nii Meri Angel Esa Ni Hai.. Aao Tum Bhii
She Kisses Her Too And Anika Smiles..
All Happy But Suddenly Sum1 Starts Crying.. Its Our Shivika
Anika Is Tensed- Aww My Princess Whut Happened? Why Is My DD Crying??
All Confused On Hearing DD

Every1- DD??
Shivika- U Guys Don’t Know DD?? Areey DD.. Darling Daughter
She Spoke Just Like Her Mother Explains Her Weird Words To Her Papa..
Shivika- And Mumma App..Apni Iss Beti Ko To Bhool Hi Gyi Naa
She Fake Cries
Rudy- Bhabhi Aapke Hi Jesi H Shivu..Drama Queen
All Laugh At This
Anika Then Gives A Kiss To Her DD..
Shi- Nii Aap Bs Papa Ko Pyaar Krti Ho..She Again Fake Cries

R- Tbhi To Tu Aayi Shivu
All- Shut Up Rudyy
Anika Blushes
Shivika- Ohh Meri Jhansi Ki Rani Mumma..Blushing Baad Me Abhi Meko Jawab Chahiye..Ab Me SSSO Bn Gyi
She Said In Her Full SSSO Style
O- Ab Ye SSSO Kya H

An- Areeyy SSSO Bole Toh Shivika Shivaye Singh Oberoi
All Laugh But Sum1 Is Still Angry
Gauri- Areey Meri Shivu Ko Ka Hua? Harharaike Apni Chachi Ko Bta Do…Hum Shivika Ko Chaaclate Denge
Omika- Mumma..Chocolate..
G- Hn Na Vhi To Kha Jaan..Chaaclate
O- Chodo Princess..

Omi- Hn Papa..Mumma U Carry On
G- Hn Shivu Btao Tumko Esa Kyu Lgta H Ki Mumma Papa Ko Pyaar Krti H Tumko Nhi
Shi- Kl Raat Ko Mene Na Dekhha……..
All Shocked As They Though What Did Shivika See..Even Anika Gets Tensed..{Guys Dimag Doudao }
All Giggle
So- Esa Kya Dekha Meri Angel Ne
Shi- Sumo Chachi Aapko Pta H Kl Na Me Uthi Mummum {Water} Peene And Mene Dekha. Mumma Papa Pool Side Pr..
Anika Closes Her Mouth Thinking That She Saw Shivaye And Her Private Moments
All Laugh Out But Rudy To Rudy Hai..
R- Bolo Princess.. Bhabhi Aap Chodo Shivu Koo.

And Rudy Takes Shivu In Her Arms
R- Kya Hua Princess..Kya Dekha Btao
Dad- Oye Khotya..Sharam Ni Aati Agli Baar Ruk Rudraksh Ko Bhejungi Tum Dono Ki Pol Kholne..
Rumya Blush..
Shi- Oody Chach U Know Kl Na..Fake Crying..Papa Said Mumma To Give Him A Kiss Aur Pta H Mumma Ne Dedi…Meko Bulaya Bhi Ni Aur Okiss Moment Akele Hi Krlia Dono Ne
All- O Kiss Moment?
An-Still Blushing-Areey Wo Jb Me Aur Shivaye Shivu Ko Saath Me Kiss Krte H Na To Shivu Usko OKiss Moment Kehti H
Om- Esa Ni H Angel..Shivaye Aur Bhabhi Dono Tumse Pyaar Krte H..They Luv U My Dear..
Anika Then Takes Shivu And Gives Her A Sweet Kiss On Both Her Cheeks..
An- Ab Theek H Princess??

Shivu- Ni Ese Ni Jese Papa Aapko Kiss Krte H Vese Kro..
All Giggle
An- Mtlb?
Shivu- Godi Me Bithao Na Meko Mummaa!!
Anika Blushes And All Giggle-
G- Kyuu?/ Bde Bhaiyya. Anika Didi Ko Godi Me Bithakr Kiss Krte H Kya
Shivu- Hn Chachiiiiiiii..
All Laugh And Anika Gives Her Child An Angry Glare..
Pinky- Oh My Mata Anika..Yhn Tere Saare Raaz Khulre H..
Jhanvi- Hn Anika..Esa To Rudra Aur Omkara Ya Prinku Teeno Ni Kia Kabhi
All Laugh
Shivu- Bdi Daadi Meko To Aapke Bare Me Bhi Pta H
All Shocked

Om- Mtlb??
Shivu- Kya O Chachu..Aap Ni Smjhe? Mumma Aur Papa Ke Jese Bdi Dadi Aur Bde dada Bhi Okiss Moment Krte H Akele Akele.. Bina Aapke Oody Chachu Aur Pinku Bua Ke
All Laugh While Tejanvi Blush
Omika- Areey Itna Hi Nhi Mene To Mumma Papa Ko Bhi Dekha H Shivu..Bde Papa To Sirf Godi Me Bithate Hai..Papa To Pata Hai Mumma Ko Bed Pr Lita Kr Okiss Moment Krte H
All Laugh While Omri R Shocked And Blush
G- Kuch Bhi Omika Ye Kb Dekha Tumne?
Omi- Areey Mumma Abhi Jb Me Aap Dono Ko Bulane Aayi Thi Na Ki Chalo Dadi Bulari H..Tabhii..Mene Sb Dekha Tha..Aur Papa Bad Manners Aap Jhoot Bolne Lge Ho..U Said Ki Mumma Fell Down And U Were Helping Her..
All- Hawww.. Every1 Laugh

G- To Om..Bola Tha Bnd Krdo Drwaza..Aur Kro Romance
All- Humne Sunlia
All Laugh
Rudraksh- Areey Shivika Dii Aapko Pta H Papa To Gym Bhi Ni Jate Aajkl .. Itte Okiss Moments Hote H Kya Btauu
So- Kuch Bhi Mt Bol Rudraksh..
Rudraksh- Nhi Mumma Scchii..Chocolate Shake Ki Kasam
All Laugh
Anika Decide To Revnge On Rudy
An- Accha Btao Bdi Maa Ko
R- Very Bad Bhabhi Aap Apne Devar Se Bdlaa Leri Ho

All Laugh
O- Jesi Krni Vesi Bhrni
Rudraksh- Daddy To Is Nowadays Skipping Gym And He Does Weightlifting With Mumma Instead Of Dumbbells.
All Giggle And Rumya Blushes
Rudraksh- Ek Pushup Pr 1 Kiss Bhi Dete H Pta H
All Laugh Out Loud
So- Rudraksh Ke Bcche Tu Chal Room Me Hum Dono Btate H Tumko
Rudraksh Gets Scared Of His Mum
Rudraksh- Gauri Chachi Aaj Na Me Omika di Aur Shivika di Ke Saath Ke Sojau??
G- Kyu Kya Hua?

Rudraksh- Room Me To Lgta H Mera Aloo Paratha Aur Proteinshake Bnega Aaj
All Laugh
Shivika- Sbka Hogya Ho To Meko Meri Kiss Milegi?
Anika- Aw Mwri Prncess. Loo
Shivika Gets Happy And She Kisses Back Anika ..
Shivika- Thi A Meri Kiss Bilkul ASSO KI SSO Ko Kiss Wali Types?
An- Shivu Wait Abhi Btati Hu Tumo..Khuub Bdi Hogyi Ho Hn Tum..
Shivika Runs With Her Toddler Speed While Anika Runs To Catch Her..
R- Shivu Aur Kisse Btao Hmko Mumma Papa Ke.
Shivu- Oody Chachu.. Kl Na Jb Papa Office Jaare The Na to mumma na..
Anika Closes Her Mouth

An- Lunch Time Shivu Chalo
All Laugh At The Mom-Daughter Duo
End Of Fb-
S- Ohh To Mtlb Ye Baat H..
An- Aap Kitne Cheapde H Shivaye..Apko Khi Bhi Romance Krna Rehta H.Shivu Pr Bhi Kya Asr Pdra H Sochiye
S- Areey Meri Jhansi Ki Rani..Me Khi Bhi, Kuch Bhi, Kbhi Bhi Kru I Have License..Biwi Ho Tum Meri
Anika Blushes..Shivaye Comes Close To Her
An- Shivaye Hm Bhr H..Koi Dekh Lega

S- Meko Esi Drne Wali Biwiyan Nhi Psnd
An- Bole eSe Rhe H Aap Jese 100 Biwiyan H Aapki
Shivika Have A Cute Eyelock But She Yells
An- Ahhh Shivayee..She Starts To Scream In Pain
S- Tensed- Kya Hua?

An- Water
S- Gets Her A Glass Of Water
An- Areeyy Stupid Singh Oberoii.. My Water
S- Anika Pilo Na Yhi Pani..Ab Tumhara Pani Ghr Se Lana Pdega..
Anika Gets Furious And Yells
An- Shivaye My Water Broke!!!!!
Shivaye Is Too Shocked..He Calls Om while he Rushes Anika To The Hospital

Precap- one child to be sacrificed for another??

Heyaa guys.. howz it???? Plzz do tell me and m soo srry fr such a late update..i was stuck in between exams.

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