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@shivika’s room
Shivaye was worried fr Anika.. suddenly he felt Anika’s presence but he knew that she wasn’t there..he was sad..tears started dropping frm his blue orbs..he was devasted..he just wanted just his Anika not anyone else..just he was getting flashbacks.. suddenly a pair of small hands came and hugged him..
Sh- papa..what happened?? Y r u crying??
S- smiling nothing princess..

Sh- u can’t hide anything from shivu..nd don’t forget m shivika Singh Oberoi..the daughter of billuji and panika??
S- oh my lie detector..
He kissed her
Shivaay gave a faint smile..he was happy to see his daughter..his life..but he started getting flashbacks..
Shivaay left frm park..he was driving to OM..
His phone rang..

Caller- hello..ur wife is wid me..
S- i know..just tell me what do u want..
C- ur wife..
S- but u wanted shivika..
C- but now I want Anika..

S- why??
In background he hears Anika..
S stopped the car..
S- ANIKAaa.. don’t u dare do sumthing to her.. I’ll kill u..who r u why r u doing this??
C- because….DAKSHHH.. IS BACKKK…
Shivaye in atmost shock and he again starts shouting..
S- leave anika plzz.daksh..

C- ohh soo.. billuji also learnt to say plz.. Anika is so impressive and challenging na..even I wanna try her out once..
S- what should I do..tell me..plzz.. I’ll do anything just leave my Anika..
C- come to XYZ hotel at sharp 11:30..and plz come well dressed cuz there is a party at the place..
S- why to hotel??
C- so that u can’t do much drama mr.oberoi..

Call drops..
S- I feel he wasn’t daksh..y would he call me billuji?? Y would he call me mr.oberoi??.anyways I have to save my Anika..
Fb ends
Shivaye was In tears and shivu was just consoling him..
Sh- papa..plz don’t cry…see shivu will also cry then..
S- no babyy..m not crying see..

He gives a faint smile..
He was Trying to act normal
S-my princes u had fun??
Sh- hn papa..we all enjoyed a lot..
Shivaay was just lost in his daughter and wondering what will happen when she’ll come to know that her mum is kidnapped ????
Some pair of eyes were looking at this and tears were flowing frm those beautiful brown orbs seeing shivaye’s condition..
The person left..
Omru entered the room with gauri and soumya..

O- shivaye where is. Anika bhabhi??
R- hn bhaiyya say…
S- shivika omika and rudrakssh u guys go n play.
Omi- ok bde papa…?

Shivika gets down frm Shivaye’s lap kisses him and goes..
G- jiju.. is their any sort of problem..y did u send all kids out??
S- actually…Anika…
He bursts out crying..

Omru had never seen their great Wall of shivaay break like this but today…he broke into pieces just fr his love..
Shivaye told the whole matter to them except that he had a doubt that he thought it wasn’t daksh..
It was 11:00..
O- shivaye I guess u shud leave..
R- hn bhaiiyya get ready soon..
G- jiju I’ll get u clothes..

Gauri gets shivaye an amazing wine color suit..
So- wooooww bhabhii…it’s ossumm…
G- i know I Knnw..aaakhir kaar its my choice na..??
S- ok guys I think I Should leave..
He left and suddenly everyone ran to their rooms grabbing their children… Anika wasn’t there so gauri took shivu..

@XYZ hotel..
Everyone are welcoming shivaye..

He was surprised
S- y is everyone wishing me and welcoming me..?? As if they were waiting fr me only..
Shivaye’s phone rings..
C- hello!!
S- yes..m here..where shud i come?? What Shud I do?? Where is Anika?? When will u leave her??
C- oh mr.romeo..wait.. u come upstairs room no.302..
S- m.coming..
Call drops..

@ room302..
The caller to another guy..
C- we r done.. our plan is working well.he is coming..
Another guy- gr8..we shall keep going..
Shivaay arrives.. he knocks the door… Both of them were dressed like prince but they wore masks..
S- where is my Anika??
Guy1- there she is..
He pointed towards a chair..
Guy2 goes to her and shoots…

A voice is heard of Anika- SHIVAAAAYYEEE!!!
S- loses his temper…how dare u kill her?? U know who she is?? She is my wife…wife of shivaay Singh Oberoi..
He is about to hit them but just two girls enter covered their face with veils entered..
They brought along wid them a girl in wine coloured saree with one shoulder blouse..she wore a pearl necklace and earrings matching them.. her face was also covered with a veil..
Shivaye stopped on seeing the girl’s hand..
She wore a Chand bracelet just like Anika..

Shivaye ran towards them..
The girl slowly lifted her veil..
Her soft lips were covered with red lipstick.. she was already so pink that her cheeks didn’t require any blush.. her long eyelashes.. she opened them.. those brown orbs were filled with tears..
Seeing her.. a pair of blue orbs also became wet. It was shivaye
Shivaay just ran Into that lady and hugged her.. he hugged her tight as if conveying that he won’t leave her ever…(she was Anika)
S- Annika.. y did u do this?? U made me worried.. and u guys I’ll kill u.. u guys kidnapped my wife how dare u..

He was about to hit them but..
A- Shivaye stop..
Shivayr gave a confusing look..
S- kya bolri ho Anika..they kidnapped I and they can only lead us to daksh..I won’t leave him alive..how can he??
He wasn’t stopping.. continuously shouting..Anika knew if he gets that much tensed and shouts he’ll fall I’ll..so anika just kissed him..
Shivaay was shocked..

The masked ones closed their eyes..
Shivaay also forgot all the wories and anger as he was in the loveliest embrace.. he to reciprocated..
Atlast they parted..
A- Shivaye cool down .they r omru..
Shivaye shocked.. (those two guys r omru)

S- u two??
Omru removed their masks..
Omru- YESS
S- and these two??
The girls unveiled their faces..
G- areey jiju we..??
Shivaye double shocked..
S- angry- y the hell did u guys do this?? U know na I can’t bear anything about Anika..?? abhi maar deta toh..
O- thnk god bhabhi saved us today..
Shivaay again starts shouting..
R- everyone close ur eyes!!

So- y?
R- areey sumo bhabhi will again kiss bhaiyya to shut him up??
Shivika blush..
G- see see sum1 is blushing hn..
S- shut up…y did u do this..

Cupping Anika’s face
Y did u do this Anika?? U know na I’ll die without u.. I was so scared..I was so lone.. tears flowed frm his eyes..
Omri and rumya were shocked as well as anika cuz shivaye never cried fr any1.. not even omru..
Anika just hugged him
A- sorry shivaye.. she hugged him so tight as she’ll never leave him again..
R- can we open our eyes bhabhi??
Anika got an idea..
A- no..
G- areey di puri raat pdi h..ab abhi hi krna h kya..
Shivaye was blushing..
S- ach…
Anika cupped his mouth..
Shivaay asked what

A- I have an idea..
Anika and Shivaye go to the bathroom and get 2 buckets of water..
They empty them on omri and rumya..
Omri and rumya- what the WUCKKK!!
Shivika-laugh ??
O- ye Kyu??
S- fr breaking ur rule of not lying..
R- y me??
A- cuz u couldn’t act as daksh ? shivaye got. Doubt on u.. so shame on ur acting..
Rudy pouts..
Soumri- y us??
Shivika- fr supporting these monkeys ??

All laugh..
S- btw why did u guys do this??
A- wo Shivaye
R- bhabhi wait m here na..y r u wasting ur energy??
A- guys it shiv’s bday..what shud we do??
R- who is shiv?? Bhabhi haww…
He cries..
Bhabhi y r u cheating bhaiyya?? He luvs u bhabhii.. he can die fr u bhabhii.. y bhabhi y ??
All- shut up rudra
A- wo rudra I call shivaye as shiv..
R- ohhhhhhhhhh…..billu bna shiv hn??
Anika blushes..
O- but we’ll give him something​ memorable This time.. such that he doesn’t frget it ever..
G- let’s scare him with chudails..
O- ha ha ha..?? shivaye is not scared of all this and that too of chudail never.. he toh daily sees u.. ab aadat hogyi hogi use..
All laugh. But gauri fumes..
G- ohhh jatadhari.. koi Ni. U Shud not live wid a chudail na.. frm today u r out of my room.. get it
All laugh.. om shocked gauri rocked??
O- sorry my jaaan.. i luv u na.. u luv me na..
G- soumya did I tell I luv him??

R- no Bhabhi..u didn’t
O gives death glare to Rudy..
O- rudy beta ruk… Gauri ko patakr dekhta hu teko..
A- guys!! Stop!! Day after tomorrow is shivaye’s bday an u guys r fighting..
G- di see him na..
O-. BHabhi is seeing me frm past 3 yrs..
G- ha ha ha ??

A- stop!!
So- y don’t we scare him by taking away his loveliest thing..
R- Kya bolri ho yrr..
G- ya u r right..
A– what does he luv the most… For what will he do anything ????
O- Bhabhi aap..
A- me?? Me?? Laughs me??
R- hello hello mike testing..
A- whut r u doing rudra??
R- checking ur ears.. o told u only..

A- but m not the thing he luvs the most.. unko frk Ni pdhta..
She gets sad..
Omru side hug her. .
Saumri smile seeing their bond..
O- lets try.. w e know usko frk pdhta h..
So- yeahh.. bhabhi will also get satisfied that bade bhaiyya ko frk pdhta h aur our job will also be done..
Anika smiles..
So- I have a plan.. they plan the game..

Fb ends..
S- Mtlb u guys did it purposely..
All​- yeahh..
S- ohh now I get to know y om is sleeping at the pool nowadays ??
All laugh except om..
O- shivaye beta.. bhabhi also does this to u.. ?? aur Rudy beta.. tu to bahar hi rehta h??
Om and Ani soumri laugh??
Shivru glare at om while he laughs..

S- wese Anika acchi lgri ho hn..??
A-. I know.. I always look khidkitod but u have u to keep ur ego aside na to praise sum1??
S- haww..
A- vese u r also looking good hn..
S- thnx..
A- whut thnx??
S- u told na m looking good..
Anika laughs.??

S- Kya hua??
A- who told that to u.. I was talking to ur suit.. afterall my choice na..
All laugh??
G- jiju ki to chop hogyi??
– chlo guys.. let’s. Go down.. m feeling dizzy here..
All start to go..
Gauri feels dizzy..
Om comes to her and hugs her.. he lifts her in his arms and kisses her forehead..
G- whut r u doing Mr. Hippie??
O- helping my wife.
G m not gonna frgive u..
O- don’t.. but if u fall ull get hurt na..
All notice this

All- Awwwww ??
R- Bhaiyya aapka bhoot I me ghus gya??
Shivika blush
So- hn bhaiyya aap dono kitne sweet aur caring ho aur romantic bhi?omshiv blush?????
R- oo helloo..what do u mean by them??
So- I mean u r just crybaby??
R- haww..
So- frm todat u’ll sleep on floor..??
R- no no I will stay out..but not on floor plz..
So- no not out of the room.. u will give mr.junior milk shake water at night.. u’ll get him ready fr schl.. and…the list goes on..
R- nahiiiiiiiiii??????
All laugh..

Everyone goes down while omri r left in room nd they share an eyelock..
G- so my hippie cares this much fr me??
O- yes.. I care fr u the most ??
G- aww… Chalo maaf Kia..

Om is really happy and starts clapping. ..
Wait what he was holding gauri in his arms?? he just threw her down??
Om looked down to again face his wife
G- you..
O- sorry baby.. sorryy.. gauri starts laughing..
O- I thought u got angry again..
G- na na na..??
They laugh..

Shivika are busy..
S- Anika.. m angry..
Anika stops..
A- whut happened?? Ab kya Kia mene..
S- u made me so.scared ..?? my life came upto my throat.my ? was beating lub dub lubdub?? I was getting bad thoughts only because of u..and ur fark.. so I am angry..
A- aww.. my poor husband.. what does he want??
S- seepishly.- will I get what I want..??

A- hmm.. yess..
Shivaye points his cheek..anika kisses him.. he points his another cheek she kisses him.. he points his forehead she kisses him.. he then points his lips..
A- Shivaye we r out na..
S- I told u na.. I don’t like shy wives…
A- acchaaw.. then do 1 thing go and find a wife who can do anything anywhere ?????
She started to leave..
Shivaye held her wrist..

S- ur punishment is not over..
He hugs her frm backk.. he holds her waist and brings her closer.. and pulls her into a liplock.. full of passion, love, care and tadi??
They apart..
S- hm done wid ur punishment.. u can leave..
Anika was blushing..
Omri come there..
O- gauri I guess we came at wrong time..
G- hn om. Come lets go..
S- bechara om!!
A- y??
S- he has to carry his wife
A- acchaaw…

Gauri stares at om..om gets scared of his wife..
O- shivaye what r u saying.. gauri is so light and if she was heavy then also I would luv to carry her like this only..
G-awww.. luv u mr.zulfi Singh Oberoi
O- aww..luv u 2??
A- awwwww.. om ur sooo sweeet..
S- excuse me..
A- yes..
S- what did u say..

A- aapke kaan khrb h kya??
S- no..m totally fine..
A- I told om sweeet..
To om..
U know om u r soo sweet.
G- om I guess we shud leave..
Omri giggle and leave..
Anika was gonna leave but shivaye caught hold of her..
S- only om is sweet?? Not me??
A- nope.. u r only khadus… Sadu Singh Oberoi ???
Shivaye then picks up Anika..
A- what r u doing lemme go??
Shivaye kisses her again.. Anika puts her hands around his neck..
They apart..
S- vese u hv become heavy hn..
Anika blushes..
S- ohh sum1 is blushing hn.. u’ll never stop blushing hn..
A- Shivaye stop it..meko sharam aarhi Hai..
S-hmm. Only shivaye?? Sweet nhi?? And vese Anika… U know what aaj I got to know..meko frk pdhta h??
A- Sweet Singh Oberoi ???
Shivaay takes her down… While she is still in his arms and looks at her love.. he is that Shivaye who was shy and never showed any emotions infrnt of any1.. the same shivaye is now taking her downstairs..in his arms..not shy not afraid of any1..he now openly Expresses all his emotions.. Infrnt of the whole media he can accept his wife.. he is so proud of his wife..
Meanwhile somewhere in the same hotel near the pool..
R- sorry sumo..
So- no reply
R- sorry.. sorry.. sorry..

So- u always do this rudra.. this time m really angry..
Rudra brings a plate of hot aloo parathas..and gives it to soumya..
So- to herself- Ye aloo parathas ki khushboo khn SE aari Hai??
R- I heard u darling.. ..see this..
Sumo sees parathas and frgets all her anger and hugs Rudy..
Rudy is happy on his success..
So- I luv u rudra.. . I was missing them since yesterday..ur beta ate all aloo parathas today morning also..muuaahh..
She kisses rudra on his both cheeks..
R- aww.. so sweet..luv u 2
Rumya eat parathas..

R- vese u kissed only on My cheeks..
So- hmm so??
Rudra points towards his lips..
Soumya pulled him into a kiss..rudra was shocked as he expected his wife to be a bit shy.?
So- whut Happened??
R- nothing.lets go..
He picks up soumya.
R- sumo u r not even that fat ???
So- aww.. wait what??
R- kidding baba..??

They leave..
At the party hall..
Everyone is present including Oberoi family..
All three Bros come with theirs wives in their arms..
Shivika were though lost in themselves..
Media captues This..
Omru put down their wives..but shivaye doesn’t..

Everyone were mesmerised by the couple..soon the whole room was filled only with Shivika talks..
D- areey sum1 bring them back..
Shivu- m here na dadii.. I have khidkitod idea.. rudraksh omika..come here..
Take these balloons and when I say 3 burst them..
1,2 and 3.
But still shivika eyelock didn’t brk..
D- so sweet…they r Tru ishqbaaz..
They don’t care about the world they just care fr each other..

Shi- hn vhi to problem h..they even forgot me..
D- areey nii..they luv each other so much that no one can come between their luv..not even God..
O- but now it’s gonna be 12 bring them backk
Ru- shivaye Bhaiyya..media is watching..
S- let them..biwi h meri..
A- aww.. Mr Sweet Singh Oberoi put me down..
S- pouts.. nooooo plzzz..???
G- jiju u have full night..??
Shivika blush..
Shivaye puts anika down..but he holds her by waist..
All see this…
All- ahem ahem..
S- so what she is my wife..
Its 12.
All- Happy birthday shivaye/bhaiyya/billu/papa/bde papa/sir/Mr Oberoi..
Shivaye thanks all of them and cuts the cake..
He first goes to anika but she refused..
A- pehle Dadi..
Shivayr smiles at her..
He comes back to her.. she again refuses..

A- pehle maa..

Shivaye again smiles and gives the cake to pinky..
Shivaye goes to anika again she refuses..
A- bdi MAA is not less than maa…
Shivaye again gives a faint smile and feeds it ti jhanvi..all giggle seeing this??
Even the media was enjoying..how the angry man who never listens to no and makes the world fall in his feet is obeying his wife..he cannot show anger to her..all are mesmerised by the couple.. how shivaye respected and obeyed his wife and how Anika always first respected shivaye’s priorities.like this anika made Shivaye make every1 eat cake except her..
Shivaye to refused to.eat cake from any1..
Atlast every1 ate the cake..frm dadi to rudraksh no 1 was left except Anika..
S- so mrs.wifeyy any1 left?
A- yeahh ofcourse left..

Shivaye was now irritated and he got angry..m making that person eat now..enuf..???
A- ok..
She starts leaving..
S- whre r u going??
A- u only said that u r not gonna make any1 eat cake. And m the last person left to eat ?..
Shivaye just goes and hugs her …??? All r mesmerised..
Perosn1- So much luvv na..
Mr.oberoi luvs his wife na…
A girls who heard u this says- mama luv each other more than anything else…???
She was our Shivika
Shivaye makes Anika eat ? and Anika makes him eat ?..

MediA- Mr.oberoi would u like to say sumthing on ur 35th bday??
S- yes of course.. this lady standing over here(Anika) is the best lady in the world.. best mom, best wife, best DIL, and best lady.. and she is mine..my Anika.. only anika.. I luv her.. she is the one who turned me..Mr.stone Singh Oberoi into sweet Singh Oberoi.. I luv her the most… I wish every1 gets a wife like her only.
Rudraksh–nooooo!!! Bde papa noo..
S- what happened??
Omika- hn bde papa no.. not every wife like bdi MAA..
All- why??
Shivika- no1 except billu can handle billi???
Shivika blush and kiss shivika together.
Shivika- o bete ki!! Okiss moment ???
Omika and rudraksh- haww.. what about us??
They all hug each other..

Precap- Tia’s entry (not as enemy but as Anika’s bestie now..as they have forgiven her..)

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