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Episode 2- part 2

Rudy gets too happy and is about to hug sumo but she pushes him back. Rudy makes a cry baby face and all laugh out.??poor Rudy.

So- what is this cry baby. I forgave u na, now u r again doing things which will make me angry again
R- no no sumo, don’t do like this. See now m not gonna do anything ??
S- hamari to baat mani ni aajtk aur soumya ki dekho, bs orders follow horhe h?
Sumo smiles and Rudy ready to save himself
R- no no Bhaiyya there is nothing like that.. I just don’t want her to get angry and he smiles kidishly
Everyone giggle seeing Rudy ??

A- hogya ho sbka to ab khele??
And she gives a death glare to shivaye and Rudy
Both say- hn hn bilkul. Mna kisne kia. Ur wish start the game.?
Everyone laughs seeing Rudy and the gr8 SSO scared??
So here I bang on?
O- sumo Rudy’s fav dish
So- protein shake??

Everyone laughs
À- rudra what bout soumya??
R- sumo ko to give parathas. Of any thing. She’ll luv them?
S- what is rudra’s fav activity?
So- of course flirting ??
Rudy makes a crybaby face and everyone laughs??
G- soumya’s fav activity?
So(thinking)- plz don’t tell about luv angel rudra plz plz plz.
Rudy sees this, he sees sumo worried and chnges his answer
R- eating of course ??
Sumo feels relieved and smiles even though rudy fun of her?
Everyone are shocked seeing this ??

So(whispered)- thnku crybaby ??
R- wlcm sumo??
O- chlo soumya name a thing without which rudy can’t live
So- of course Mr.protein shake Oberoi can’t live without his protein shake??
Everyone laughs and rudy is happy seeing soumya laugh and he smiles looking at her
This is seen by Anika
A- ohoo rudra cntrl ur khidkitod smile??
Rudy blushes??
A-Now I’ll ask

S- to ask na who stopped u jhansi ki Rani
Anika passes a death glare which made shivaye fear and he looks away. All giggle at this??
A- chlo rudra name the thing without which ur sumo can’t live.
On hearing ur sumo rudy feels happy. He looks at soumya who is blushing like hell. They share an eyelock. Everyone notices this and giggle.?
After 5 mins still having the eyelock. An irritated Anika yells
A- abhi to u were telling us not to romance and what r doing rudra?
Everyone shocked and rumya eyelock brks.

S- what happened Anika y r u so changed today? Any problem?
A- oo helloo billuji u have problem with my everything.? U keep quiet
S(whispered)- I have problem with ur everything and I luv to have that problem
Omru- we heard u shivaye/bhaiyya
Both giggle and shivaye passes a death glare?
A- see see sum1 is still blushing ( signals towards rumya)?
All have a hearty laugh
A- answer me rudra?

R- hn hn bhabhi chill
Sumo can’t live without……(thinks a lot) FOOD??
All laugh but
So- no crybaby I can’t live without you
Everyone shocked and on realising this she tried to change topic
So- bde Bhaiyya ask me the question na next is ur turn na (she winks)??
S- hn hn yes.. name one thing which rudy does every day
So-thinks a lot – hn got it… Falls in luv with a new girl everyday ??
All laugh at this
Rudy gets angry and says – no I fall in love everyday but not with a new girl but only with sumo???
This leaves every1 shocked ????

A- calm down rudra its just a game. We were just having fun
R- ok bhabhi if u say I will but no more jokes on this topic.
Soumya feels heavenly on hearing this. All are happy and smile???
G- chlo rudy ur turn what does sumo do everyday?
R- umm.ummm… Fighting with me??
All laugh including sumo???

A- Chlo chlo chlo last round confession round.
All smirk
Rudra tell something that u never told soumya but u always wanted to
R- stands up. Sumo u look fat. U r overweight. U eat a lot. U r so funny.
This makes soumya angry but she feels a tight hug around her. It was rudy
R- but u are the cutest and sweetest girl after both my bhabhis. U r always on my mind. I just wanna say that I luv u sumo
So- crybaby even I love u a lot.

All are happy. Soumya feels something on her lips. Its rudy passionately kissing her. She too reciprocated. When they r out of breath they see everyone closing eyes and laughing.
A- oh my Mata .. how much time. SB aaj hi krna h kya.
Rumya blush
S- comes closer. Tum khud to na krti ho na apne pati ko kuch krne deti ho atleast let them. Omri giggle
A- see meko bhi krna h. Fast yrr guys.
S- comes closer.- me help Kru krne me??
A- in what?
S- in doing what rudra is busy in?
A- Shivaye u na
Shivaye comes closer but suddenly

Shivika startle and back off
This is not ur room
G- will u guys stop it.u have full night to yourselves ??
Shivaye- arey om m busy rudy is busy tu bhi behti ganga me haath dhole
Shivika smirk and omri blush
R- no no enuf we r done
A- thank God??
Rumya blush
So- Chlo di pair up wid Bhaiyya fast.
A- bottle?

R- come on bhabhi only u both r left
O- yes Anika then what’s the need
S- k bang on. Fire with the questions
The couples hold hands lovinglyy
G- which person are u scared if the most bhaiyya??
All laugh while Anika is angry.
R(thinking chlo aag me ghee daalte h)- bhaiyya not fair. How can u call my sweet bhabhi khunkhar??

S- mene khunkhar kb kha??
O- SHIVAYE I don’t like lies. U told us just a bit before.?
A- achaawww. Mr SSO. So m khunkhar now I’ll show u Mt khunkhar side. Just wait fr tonight ??
All except shivaye smirk. And omru give a hifi??
O- chodo anika. What are u scared of the most??
A- kanji eyes wale ppl. They are the scariest. They are very dangerous and tadibaaz too. She said taunting Shivaye. All laugh at this?
Shivaay coming close to Anika
S- really??
A- yess?? still angry
Shivaye comes closer again but all shout

All- SHIVAYE/BHAIYYA. This is not ur room. How mch shall we telll u
?? U have full night??
S- y?? R u guys jealous that u can’t do what we do???
Anika started to laugh like a maniac whereas others blushed ??
Sumo changing topic
So- bde Bhaiyya next question. What is Di’s fav food??
R- what sumo. Everyone know this. Nd bhaiyya toh he even hates that. So how can he forget.
S( if I answer wrong then I and b we will be locked in a room together without these duffers??. I’ll answer it wrong.)- of course my hands white sauce pasta.
All shocked
S- right Anika?
Anika passes a deadly look

O- SHIVAYE u really don’t know?
S- I know I told u na she loves pasta.
Anika gets up and leaves.
S- how can u leave wait. The game is left
G- don’t leave di. But punishment is left not the game
Shivaye smirks. And all except Anika notice this.
Omru- whispering -bhaiyya wants to spend sum quality time with bhabhi hn that is why he gave wrong answer ??. All four giggle.
So- u both r gonna be locked in ur room. For 30 mins. Ur punishment.
S(thinking)- ye punishment thodi h??
A- still angry on shivaye and doesn’t speak

Precap- shivika confession and 5 yrs later ?

Guys I’ll Post the next part soon. Wish u liked this episode. And yeah the next one will either be in 2 parts or will be a really big one???

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