Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Introduction and Promos

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Introduction and Promos

Hi guys, I am here with a new ff. This idea popped into my mind recently while watching IB, so here I am to execute it. I was thinking what would have happened if the roles in IB leads were reversed, you will understand after reading the character sketch. I thought to write down this idea in the form of an ff.

Below is the character sketch of the main characters in the story,

Anika Singh Oberoi

The eldest daughter of Oberois, daughter of Shakti and Pinky, a hard core businesswoman, a perfect blend of intelligence, passion and hard work, a perfect example of “BEAUTY WITH BRAINS”, or you can say “Ek Amir insaan ki perfect definition”, loves her sisters a lot and can go to any limits for her family’s reputation, believes in NKK and not a person’s talent (Female version of SSO, no kanji eyes)

Ishana Singh Oberoi

Second daughter of Oberois, daughter of Tej and Jhanvi, completely different from her elder sister, she is a dancer by profession and runs a dance academy, believes in a person’s talent rather than NKK, a worshipper of truth, “SACH KI GIRLFRIEND”, for her life is only truth or lie, thinks that no reason can justify a person’s lies, has differences with her father Tej Singh Oberoi, loves her sisters a lot (Female version of Omkara, with long hairs)

Soumya Singh Oberoi

Youngest daughter of Oberois, daughter of Tej and Jhanvi, being the youngest in the family is pampered and loved the most, a complete fitness freak, most popular in college, the “MOST WANTED KUDI”, but pays zero heed to her lovers, not much serious about life as she knows her Anika di can handle all problems, but loves her sisters a lot. (Female version of Rudy, not flirty like him)

The other Oberoi family members are same as they were in the beginning of IB, but no Priyanka (sorry Priveer fans).

Now let’s move to our handsome and dashing heroes,

Shivaay, sirf Shivaay

“NAA KOI SURNAME, NAA KOI KHANDAAN”, doesn’t believe in the power and legacy of surnames, i.e, a self-made man, has worked hard all his life for survival in the cruel world, loves fun filled life and lives every moment to its fullest, believes that a person wins with his/her own talent rather than the so called NKK principle, not to mention those kanji eyes and dashing killer looks.

Omkara Mehta

“DIN MEIN JHOOT, RAAT MEIN DOUBLE JHOOT”, a con boy by profession (well not at all a justified profession), fools people to earn money so that he can enjoy himself as well as live his life on his own terms, thinks that lies are necessary to survive in today’s times, a great fan of Bollywood, and of course with long, shiny hairs and those intense eyes.

Rudra Kapoor

“PADHAI AUR SIRF PADHAI”, is the one and only motto of his life, believes that studying hard can solve all miseries of life, a complete nerd, wants to study hard and get a better life for himself, works part time as a RJ, and not to forget the killing looks.

If there are any other characters, they will be introduced as the story progresses.


Promo 1:

Anika and Shivaay are standing in the middle of the road fighting,

Anika: How dare you talk to me, Anika Singh Oberoi like that, you don’t know what all I can do?
Shivaay: I very well know what people like you can do, but even I am Shivaay, I am not at all afraid of your threats and please keep your tadi to yourself.
Anika: what did you say, tadi, what?
Shivaay: Haww, you don’t know tadi, (he laughs)

Promo 2:

Ishana was going to her dance academy when Omkara comes in front of her car, she applies brakes immediately, she comes out and goes to him,

Ishana: I am so sorry, are you okay?
Omkara (thinking): Now the game begins, (to Ishana) haa, I am fine but I think my leg is hurt.
Ishana: You please come with me, we’ll go to the doctor.

Promo 3:

Soumya and her friends were walking in the college corridor, Rudra was coming from the other side, they bump into each other,

Soumya: Idiot, can’t you see and walk.
Rudra: Oh hello, even I can say the same thing, can’t you see and walk.
They give each other angry glares.

I hope you all like the story, please drop down your views in the comments below. I would really love to continue if you all also like the idea.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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  1. Padhaku Rudra, Conboy Omkara, Sach ki gf Ishana and non-serious Soumya- seems too interesting. Sorry but I don’t have a liking for Shivika.
    Waiting for fun to begin.

  2. Fenil

    Bada maja aayenga
    Dost u r just fab

  3. Nivika

    Totally different…superbbbb…….btw i loked the character sketch of RUDY…ohhh god padhai aur sirf ladhai…cant imagine rudy doing study…..
    Your idea is just amazing and sooo differnet…..
    I will be eagerly waiting 4 ur next epi???????????????????

    1. Nivika

      Padhai aur sirf padhai…not ladhai…by mistake?????


    Dear Prajkta
    Aapne Tho ShiOmRu Ka Full Map Hi Change Kiya.ShiOmRu Like (Male Version Of AniIsSou)???Maza Aaya.Jab ShiOmRu Ka Character Pada Tho Main Tho Shock Hua? Saath Main Bahuth Hasi Aa Gayi???Mind Blowing Concept???
    Waiting For Next Part.Continue Soon…
    All The Best??

    Take Care

  5. Alekhika20

    Nice intro

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  7. Fffan1234

    Interesting concept and intro…

  8. This one is nice but where shooting will be held in oberois mansion or in other places

    1. Both OM and other

  9. Aarti32

    It’s super crazy..Espclly Omkara, a con? n a studious Rudra is unbelievable ?
    Shivaay..I’m imagining him doing dat haww ?

  10. Kya intro hain yr….. Totally different concept….. Can’t wait more post ASAP….

  11. Ankita27

    Great start.. Superb… Amazing.. Fantastic… Mind blowing n what not… ??? loved the khidkitod new concept… Eagerly waiting for the next update.. plz post soon dear…

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