Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 9

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 9

Hi guys, so I hope all of you are fine and of course enjoying the wonderful monsoon.

Guys, I really want to ask you all, are you really liking the story, as I am only focusing on the three couples, I mean there is no villain and all, no mystery or plans to create problems.

So I want to clear one thing, my ff will purely be based on how six different people, who have different POV about life, who differ from each other, who look at life according to their view, and their journey of finding love and making life from that love, their search for their soul mates. It will include how they complete each other and bring lost happiness back. You all will see how Anika, Shivaay, Ishana, Omkara, Soumya and Rudra become SHIVIKA, ISHKARA and RUMYA. You will witness how a believer of NKK, Anika will fall in love with Shivaay, who has no surname, how a truth worshipper Ishana will find a con boy Omkara as her life partner and how a not so serious Soumya seriously fall for a nerd Rudra.

I hope you all will love my version of IB and this will include only three things, ISHQBAAZI, ISHQBAAZI and ISHQBAAZI. So I hope I’ll still get the same response, love and support.

Now coming back to the story,

RECAP: Shivika as always end up into an argument……Rumya share some fun moments……Ishkara share their pain with each other

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana was leaving for her dance academy when her phone rang, she checked the caller id, and it stated “Yash”, she didn’t want to receive it but had to, after all it was her boyfriend’s call, she picked it up,

Ishana: Hello
Yash: Oh ho, Ishu, you took long to respond, all ok (Ishana was about to say but Yash began again) Leave all that, I called to tell you I am coming back today, and I want you to pick me up, Ok, so come to the airport in two hours.

Before Ishana could reply, Yash disconnected the call, Ishana looked at her phone as the screen went black.
She was lost in thoughts, she had known Yash for four years, they had been in a relationship from two years and from last 6 months, all this seemed as the biggest mistake of her life, how Yash had changed from caring, loving person to a dominating one, the change just surprised her every time she thought about it. She wanted to break up but the thought of breaking someone’s heart held her back, someone who had seen her mother live with a broken heart could never do the same with someone else, so the only thing she did was to live with it.

Ishana called up at the dance academy and told them that she wouldn’t be able to come today.

Rumya’s college,

As soon as Soumya entered as usual all her friends gathered around her, and started asking her about her pics with Rudra that she had posted on the social media sites, Soumya was irritated by their questions, and to add her irritation even Rudra came there, he didn’t know what was happening and asked Soumya,

Rudra: Soumya, I can’t come today, actually I have some other work. So, please manage for today.
Nisha: Really, Soumya, he comes to your house and I thought you had a standard.
Shruti: College ki sabse popular ladki and look at her standard.

They all laugh, Soumya gets angry whereas Rudra is confused by their behavior.

Soumya: Shut up all of you, I still have the same standard, and this boy is just like a helper, like we have servants and maids at home, he will do my project also, nothing more and you (she turns to Rudra who is hurt listening to her words) dare you call me Soumya, you’ll call me Ms. Oberoi, is that clear, we are not friends that you behave so friendly with me.

Rudra leaves from there, hurt by her words, Soumya too feels bad but controls it in front of the girls.

Oberoi Mansion,

Anika was going out for an imp meeting when Pinky calls her,

Pinky: Anika
Anika: Mom, not now, I have an imp meeting, we’ll talk later.
Pinky: I am also taking you for imp meeting, first come with me than do whatever you want.
Anika: Mom…. (Before Anika could deny, Pinky dragged her to the living room)

In the living room,

Anika unwillingly comes with Pinky, she sees Dadi, Jhanvi, Shakti chatting with an old man dresses like some guru ji (you can imagine the person who did kulgotra puja in OM),

Pinky: Guru Ji, she is Anika, my daughter (she signals Anika to take blessings who takes blessings)
Guru Ji: So, we have to talk about her marriage.

Anika gets shocked and looks at Pinky who ignores her glare.

Dadi: Ji guru ji, isi ke liye rishta dhoondna hai.

Anika was about to speak but Pinky interrupts,

Pinky: Anika, I know what you will say but I have decided you’ll get married this time and that’s final.
Guru Ji: I have one alliance, if you wish we can discuss.
Shakti: Guru Ji, why not, please.
Guru ji: Here is the photo (he gives them the photo, all look surprised) You must be knowing him, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vikram Malik, Arjun Malik, he is from a business family, I think he would be perfect for Anika.
Pinky: If you are saying, then it will be perfect only, you please talk to them, we don’t have any problem.
Shakti: Pinky, let Anika decide, it’s about her life.
Anika: No, Dad, even I am ok with it, whatever you and mom decide.
Pinky: See my daughter can never say no to me.
Anika: Mom, can I go now.
Pinky: haa chali ja.

Anika leaves.

Rumya’s college,

Rudra was hurt by Soumya’s behavior, he was walking in the corridor when someone held his hand, he was shocked and looked at the person who was none other than Soumya, Rudra released his hand from her hold,

Rudra: Arre, why are you holding my hand, your standard will get low.
Soumya: Rudra, please don’t say like this. I am really sorry, I know I said a lot but..
Rudra: But what Soumya, oh sorry, Ms. Oberoi (the word pierced Soumya’s heart), I had told you, if you are serious about the project then only tell me, but all you care about is your social status.
Soumya: believe me Rudra, I am serious about the project but my social status is also imp, I can’t let it go.
Rudra: So it’s better we don’t work together, because I can’t work with insults.

Rudra is about to go but Soumya holds his hand, Rudra turns and they share an eye-lock,

(“Jeene laga hu…….” Plays in BG)

Soumya breaks the eye-lock,

Soumya: Come with me.
Rudra: I don’t want to.

Although Rudra denied but Soumya took him along, they go to the canteen, all ppl present there get shocked seeing Soumya holding Rudra’s hand, she goes and stands in the center of the canteen,

Soumya: Everyone present here, get one thing very clear in your head, Rudra is not only my project partner but also my friend and those who have problem with this, better keep it to yourself because I don’t care what others think, it’s my life, my wish.

Rudra looks at her in shock, she looks at him and smiles.

In the evening, Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana had received Yash on time as he had wished, they came back to OM, even Soumya and Anika had returned. Although no one was happy to see Yash but kept quiet and ignored his dominance over Ishana, only for Ishana’s request.

Anika’s room,

Anika: How can Ishu, do this, he is so dominating and all she does is listen to him, but now enough is enough, she has to break up with him.
Soumya: Di, but you know naa Ishu, she’ll never do it.
Anika: She’ll not do it but we can.
Soumya: Matlab??

Anika tells something to Soumya, both of them give victory smiles.

PRECAP: Mission Ishana break up…..Shivika come closer……The Malik’s in OM

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