Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 8

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 8

Hi everyone, I hope you all are fine and enjoying the wonderful monsoon season, which is my personal favorite, I just love these rains, how pure and refreshing they are, they just change the nature’s beauty to another level. I am in love with them, maybe because my birthday comes in this season and I feel a different relation with the rains. So enjoy your monsoon with garma-garam chai and pakode. Happy Monsoon to all!!!!!

Now coming back to the story, I hope you all are enjoying it.

RECAP: ShivOmRu in Oberoi Mansion…..Shivika……Rumya…..Ishkara

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Anika’s room,

Shivika were still lost in their own world, Anika however broke the eye-lock which brought Shivaay back to reality,
Anika: Leave me, I have to get up.
Shivaay: Then get up naa, I am holding you. You are only holding me.

Anika realized that she was the one holding Shivaay whereas he had left her,

Anika: You don’t tell me, and don’t try to be over smart with me.
Shivaay: Is something wrong with your brain, I mean I just told you the fact and you are showing me tadi.
Anika: Shut up, and dare you use that word again.
Shivaay: I’ll use it, tadi…tadi…tadi….

Before Shivaay could say further Anika placed her hand over his mouth, Shivaay looked at her in shock and they share an eye-lock (they are still lying on the bed)

(O Jaana plays in BG)

Soumya’s room,

Rudra: So, it’s final, we will make a ppt and these reports, will you prepare them?

Rudra looked up as Soumya didn’t answer back, but to his surprise Soumya was busy with her phone, he hit is fore-head,


Soumya was startled by the loud voice and looked at Rudra with “Are-you-mad” wala look,

Soumya: Idiot, why are you shouting, I am not deaf, I can listen.
Rudra: Oh really, so tell me what did I say just now?
Soumya: Wo….wo….
Rudra: Leave it, tumse nahi hoga.
Soumya: You shut up, let me recollect. (Soumya tries to remember but all in vain, she was so lost in her mobile that she didn’t pay attention)
Rudra: Soumya, this project is imp, see if you are not interested then tell me, I’ll manage myself.

Saying so Rudra gets up to leave but Soumya stops him by holding his hand, Rudra turns back and looks at her, they share an eye-lock,

(“Jeene laga hu, pehle se jyada, tum pe marne laga hu……” plays in BG)

Ishana’s room,

Ishkara were lost in their own world, but Om breaks the eye-lock which brings them back to earth,

Omkara (thinking): Idiot, what are you doing…if you lose yourself like this every time…your work will never be completed….concentrate on your plan……remember…..emotions don’t matter, money does.
Ishana: Where are you lost?

Ishana’s voice brought back Om out of his thoughts,

Omkara: Nowhere, just thinking, our story is so much similar.
Ishana: Matlab, I didn’t get you.
Omkara: I mean, we both have been tested by life from a very young age, the same old pain again and again. (Tears collect in his eyes as he remembers the time his mother left him) Par ab to dard ki aadat ho gayi hai, ab to dard tab pareshan karta hai…..
Ishana: Jab hota hai…… (Om looks at her surprise)
Omkara: Aapne to meri baat aise puri kardi, jaise aap mujhe….
Ishana: Pehle se janti hu….Now only you said naa, pain is the common element in our story, shayad yehi dard hume jodta hai.

Om looks at her and they share an eye-lock,

(“Jo naa keh sake tum, jo naa keh sake hum……..” O Saathiya plays in BG)

Soumya’s room,

Soumya’s voice breaks their eye-lock,

Soumya: Rudra, don’t go naa, I promise I’ll not repeat it again.
Rudra: Ok, but you have to concentrate, take things seriously.
Soumya: I would be serious from now.

Rudra sits down beside her,

Rudra: BTW, what were you doing with your phone that was so imp?
Soumya: Wo..…I was uploading pictures about we doing project together, my fans want to know everything about my life….you know naa, how popular I am.
Rudra: You are not popular, you are stupid.
Soumya: What, you called me stupid, you are in my house, remember.
Rudra: what else should I say, tell me, why are we doing the project here?
Soumya: So that no one knows that we are working together.

Rudra looks at her, it was then that realization struck her,

Soumya: Oh No, now….
Rudra: Yes….now the entire college will know…stupid. Now you know why I called you that?
Soumya: Now what will we do?
Rudra: Now what, nothing can be done.

Soumya makes a worried face and Rudra thinks to uplift her mood, Rudra turns on the music and starts dancing, Soumya looks at him surprised, Rudra pulls her and makes her dance with him,

(“Kar gayi chul…..” from Kapoor and Sons plays)

Seeing Rudra doing weird dance steps, Soumya starts laughing, seeing her laugh, Rudra feels happy,

Rudra (thinking): Thank God, finally she smiled….she is so different….who gets so worries for such things…..bachi hai abhi bhi….but she looks so cute when she smiles…….Rudra…..what are you saying….concentrate on the project rather than her….
Soumya: Thanks (Rudra comes out of his thoughts ans smiles)
Rudra: Acha, now I should leave. Bye.
Soumya: Bye.

Anika’s room,

Anika breaks the eye-lock, she gets up, Shivaay also gets up,

Anika: Because of you, my time got wasted.
Shivaay: Oh hello, raita phailaya tumne aur tadi bhi tum hi dikha rahi ho, yeh acha hai.
Anika: What, can’t you speak in normal language so that normal ppl can understand?
Shivaay: What do you mean, I am not normal?
Anika: Any doubts.
Shivaay: Speaking to you is of no use, you will never accept your fault.
Anika: So who is telling you to talk to me, you can leave.
Shivaay: I am leaving only, I am not here to stay.

Shivika glare at each other, Shivaay picks up the file and leaves.

Ishana’s room,

Ishkara break the eye-lock,

Omkara: I think I should leave now, you don’t worry, I’ll start with the event work from tomorrow.
Ishana: Ok, so come at 9 am to the academy only.

Om smiles at her and leaves.

PRECAP: Marriage alliance for Anika………New entry……Rumya’s friendship begins

So guys, I hope you all are liking the story, so Ishqbaazi in air. I hope you all would comment and share your views.
Also, i want to know, how many of you would like monsoon romance in this ff for all the three couples. please tell me your answers.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!

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  1. IshKara moments were extraordinary. U made me cry by remembering their old IB moments. That stairs scene was amazing.Missing them a lot. Missing RuMya also they were sooo cute. Soumya being stupid….hahaha. Rudy is so mature here. ShivIka scenes was awesome. Precape: excited 4 da new entry. Guessing, who is he???

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    It’s awesome… I loved this concept…

  3. Fenil

    Amazing chappy.
    Loved it.
    Rudra scolded Soumya was too sweet.
    Ishkara complete each other.
    Shivika as always de dana dan.
    Yaa i would like to read monsoon romance.

  4. Shilpa

    Awesome update…and romantic…monsoon romance is a very good idea…..


    Monsoon Romance Is Best Idea For Over Hot Couple=ShivIka,Intense Couple=IshKara,Cute Couple=RuMya?
    So I Want Monsoon Romance For Over 3 Couples ?

  6. Ankita27

    Amazing update.. Rumya super cute… ishkara jitni tarif karu utni kam padegi magical… shivika as always tadibaaz… yes, monsoon romance is a very good idea…

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

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