Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 6

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 6

Guys, I am only focusing on our lovely couples and not on the daily dramas and villainbaazi of IB as we have already have enough of it. But for the story to progress, some villains may come, like female version of Daksh, psycho and all or male version of Kamini, just to add some spice to the story because whenever villains come, our couples come closer.

Also Varun will be played by Jai Soni (actually he is cute naa)

Now getting back to the story,

RECAP: Varun comes to OM…..Varun is Anika’s BFF…..Shivaay feels bad seeing Varun care for Anika…..Om feels bad seeing Varun with Ishana…..Rumya are made partners in college project……ShivOm meet

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Anika smiles at Varun’s antics, she remembers how Varun came to stay with them, she still remembered when Tej had brought him home 7 years ago, Varun’s parents had died in an accident, Oberois and Malhotra’s being business partners and family friends, Tej and Shakti decided to bring him home, everyone showered love on him but the one who he bonded with the most was Anika as they had same business interests and hobbies. Overtime they became best friends and Varun became an inseparable part of Oberoi family.

Oberoi office,

Shivaay was sitting at his desk and continuously staring at Anika’s cabin,

Shivaay (thinking): Waise to she is always talking ASO does that…does this…..but see now, she didn’t even come on time….it’s been two hours…not a sign of her……wait, will she be fine…, what will happen to her…….after all she is ASO……jaroor apne BF ke saath hogi……but why I am even thinking about all this…why is it mattering so much to me…Shivaay…concentrate on your work… (But he still couldn’t stop thinking about them)

Just then Tej comes,

Tej: Shivaay
Shivaay: Yes Sir
Tej: Today Anika is not coming, but these are some important papers that need her signature, so you go home and get them signed.

Shivaay was happy to hear this but controlled his emotions in front of him,

Shivaay: Yes Sir, I’ll get them signed. (Tej hands over the file and leaves)

At Rumya’s college,

Rumya had decided to talk to each other about their new found problem, so they meet at a further corner of the college to avoid other students, however from the last 10 minutes they had been just keeping quiet,

Soumya (thinking): How should I talk to him, Ishu is right I am such a duffer, when it comes to arguing I can just do it but how to ask him for help….Anika Di to said talk to him with attitude but Ishu said talk nicely….these both naa always confuse me…..whom to follow………
Rudra (thinking): Oh God, kya time aaya hai mera….i have to ask for help and that too from her……didn’t professor Mishra find someone else……now how to talk to her…..why is it always so hard to talk to girls…..but haa, I won’t talk to her with helplessness otherwise she will think I need more help………but I need it naa….what to do……

Finally they decide to break the silence,

Rumya: I need your help.

They look at each other with shock,

Rudra: Ok, see we have to work together, we don’t have any other option.
Soumya: I know that, that’s why I came here.
Rudra (thinking): Attitude to dekho….abhi bhi nahi ja raha
Soumya: we’ll work together but only on one condition
Rudra: What??
Soumya: we’ll work at my home as I….
Rudra: As we don’t want anyone to know, right.
Soumya: Right (she forward her hand) So deal
Rudra: Deal (he shakes hand with her)

They for the first time, smile at each other.

Omkara’s house,

Om was getting ready, he had decided that no matter what happens, and he’ll make Ishana fall in love with him, as he was getting ready, he saw his mom-dad’s photo through the mirror, he remembers his childhood,


Om was ten years old, his father worked in a local shop and his mother was a house wife, although they weren’t financially that well his parents managed to keep him happy, one day Om came home after playing and heard his mother shouting at his father,

Om’s mother: What….even today you didn’t get money…what do you do at work…can’t you just earn even a single penny….i am fed up of all this poverty now…..I am going to my mother’s house….when you have money…call me
Om’s father: What are you saying…what about Om…he needs you
Om’s mother: I don’t care….i need money…when you get it…call me….I’ll come

Om was very disheartened to hear his mother’s word. From that day he decided tha he’ll only work for money, he won’t care for anything else just like his mother didn’t care for his emotions and his father he wouldn’t also care for other’s emotions.


Omkara: You were right maa, money is everything, emotions don’t matter….se even I have become like you both…first you left me and then dad… both only cared for money and not your son’s emotions (he wipes the tears in his eyes) Emotions don’t matter, money does.

Ishana’s dance academy,

Ishana was busy practicing for her upcoming show, this show was really imp for her as this was her mother, she has seen her mother suffer all her life, she always wished for a happy family nothing more but all her life, she always longed for love, care and affection, however her sisters never let her feel alone and did everything to keep her happy, Ishana was lost in thoughts when someone tapped on her shoulder, she turned around to look at Omkara standing behind her,

Omkara: Hi, I hope I didn’t disturb you.
Ishana: No not at all but you, here?
Omkara: Actually, I have a problem. And only you can help.
Ishana: Me but how?
Omkara: I have been searching for work but wherever I tried it just didn’t work out well.
Ishana: But how can I help you?
Omkara: wo…will you hire me?

Ishana: Me (she was shocked) but what work will you do here, I don’t think you’ll have anything to do here.
Omkara: Please don’t say like this, I really need some job. (Ishana looked at his eyes which seemed so helpless she just couldn’t resist)
Ishana: Ok, you be my assistant, will that be ok?
Omkara (thinking): Yess…Great Om…step one…done (to Ishana) Thank you so much, you are really so nice.
Ishana: Now, I am going home, you also come with me. We’ll work there.
Omkara: Ok, as you say ma’am.
Ishana: Wait, don’t call me ma’am, you can call me Ishana….. (Ishana looked at him questioningly)
Omkara: Omkara, my name is Omkara, you can call me Om.

They leave.

PRECAP: ShivOmRu in Oberoi Mansion………Shivika……..Ishkara…..Rumya

So guys, I hope you liked it. Please tell through your comments.
Also, just like I told you about Om’s past, I’ll tell you about ShivRu’s past also in the coming episodes.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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