Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 5

Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Epi 5

RECAP: Shivika are stuck in a lift, Anika gets unconscious…Shivaay takes her home…..Om goes to meet Ishana but gets shocked seeing her with a guy……..Soumya complaints about Rudra to teach him a lesson

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

IshVar reach Oberoi Mansion, Dadi, Jhanvi and Pinky were busy talking, however when they hear Soumya shouting, they look at her with confused looks,

Soumya (looking at Varun): OMG, Varun Bhaiya (Soumya goes and hugs him)
Now the ladies turn to see Varun standing with Ishana,
Pinky: OMM, Varun
Varun comes and takes their blessings.
Jhanvi: When did you come back?
Ishana: One hour ago, he directly came to meet me, even I was shocked as you all.
Soumya: Bhaiya, I missed you so much.
Varun: Even, I missed my cutie-pie (he pats Soumya’s cheek)
Pinky: Acha, did you meet Anika?
Varun: No aunty, not till now.
Jhanvi: You came and didn’t meet Anika yet, Strange
Ishana: Even I said the same, Varun wapas aaya and Anika se nahi mila, strange
Varun: What can I do, I had to choose between 5 gorgeous ladies and her, and so I would choose my own benefit.
Pinky: You didn’t change at all (she slaps him lightly on the cheek) Badmash
Dadi: Acha now enough of talking, Varun, you must be tired, go and take some rest. Allu, will also come till then.

(Varun smiles and leaves)

Pinky: Today toh I’ll make all his fav dishes.
Jhanvi: Right Pinky.

Ishana turned to go towards her room, when she saw Shivaay entering with Anika in his arms,

Ishana: Anika

All others also look in the same direction,

Pinky: OMM… Anika (she rushed to Shivika) what happened to my heera beti
Ishana: Shivaay, what happened to her?
Shivaay: I’ll tell you, but first let me take her to her room.
Jhanvi: Yes, this way

Shivaay placed Anika on her bed, Pinky sat next to her with tears in her eyes,

Ishana: Choti maa, don’t worry, I have called the doctor.
Jhanvi: Shivaay, but what happened?

Shivaay tells them the whole thing. The doctor comes and checks her and says there is nothing to worry about, she’ll be fine. Just then Varun also comes there and sees Anika unconscious, he goes and sits near her,

Varun: Anu, what happened to her? Ishu, why is she unconscious? (He said holding Anika’s hand)

Ishana tells him the whole thing, and Shivaay sees Varun holding her hand,

Shivaay (thinking): Who is he? and why is he holding her hand…..must be her BF….but why am I getting affected…..her BF, her wish……I don’t care.
Dadi: Shivaay beta, thanks, you once again helped us.
Shivaay: Arre Dadi, please don’t say like this, I just did what I should have done.
Soumya: Thank you Shivaay Bhaiya, you saved my supergirl, you are my superman from today. (Shivaay just smiled at her)
Varun walks to Shivaay, Varun: I don’t know how to say thank you (and hugs Shivaay) you didn’t just save her life but mine also.
Shivaay passes him a slight smile, Shivaay: I think, I should leave now.

He bids bye to all and leaves.

Outside Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was walking, the images of Varun holding Anika’s hands were flashing in his mind,

Shivaay: Why I am getting so affected……it’s her life……her wish…..who I am to bother…..God save him that he has to bear her for his entire life…….but how can someone love her so much… she really so lovable….waise she isn’t that bad…….Shivaay, stop thinking all this……why are you even thinking about all this (he went and sat on a bench nearby lost in thoughts)

Omkara was walking on the road still thinking about what he saw in the academy,

Omkara: So….she already loves someone else… to she’ll never fall in love with me… what about my plan…..i am feeling so bad because my plan failed or……….because Ishana loves someone else……stop it Om….are you mad…..she is just your target……nothing more…….better think about your life rather than hers (he went and sat on the same bench as Shivaay, he sees Shivaay lost)

Omkara: Looks like a lot is going on in your mind.
Shivaay looked up to see Om smiling at him,
Shivaay: You can say so, but looks like something is bothering you also
Omkara: Actually, yes, there is this girl, she is just so confusing
Shivaay: Not just her, I think all girls are confusing, you just don’t know what new they’ll do every day.
Omkara: Absolutely right, the more you try to understand them, the more complicated they become.
Shivaay: Looks like your GF confuses you a lot
Omkara: No…she is not my GF…..she is just my…..friend (Shivaay smiled at him) BTW, how is your GF?
Shivaay: No…..even she is not my GF…….actually……she is my boss
Omkara: Hamari kismet lagta hai aisi hi hai

They both smile at each other.

The next day, Rumya’s college,

Professor: Ok, so here is this year’s first project about “Banking and loans”, and you’ll perform them in pairs. I have displayed the list of pairs on the board. You may check it.

Rudra was searching for his name, next to him Soumya was standing and doing the same, they read their partners name,

Rumya: No way (they look at each other with angry glares)
Rudra: I am not going to be your partner, never ever.
Soumya: Even I am not interested to work with you.

Professor: The pairs are final and they’ll not change till this year ends.

Rumya get shocked hearing this and give each other irritated looks.

Rudra (thinking): there was no one else….now this stupid will be my partner….never
Soumya (thinking): Oh God, pure college mein yahi idiot bacha tha……I won’t ever work with him…..never

They face in opposite directions.

Oberoi Mansion,

Anika was getting ready when Varun comes to her room,

Varun: What are you doing?
Anika: I am playing dandiya
Varun: You cant answer properly naa
Anika: So, can’t you see, I am getting ready, I have to go to the office.
Varun: You’ll not go to the office today.
Anika: See Varun, I am fine and I have to go.
Varun: No you’ll not go.
Anika: Acha, but why?
Varun: Arre I have come back after 2 years and instead of being with me, you want to go the office.
Anika: I know that but I have some imp. Meetings.
Varun: Please Anu, for me.
Anika looks at his face and thinks, Anika: Ok but just for today.
Varun: Oh God, Anu, you are world’s bestest best friend. i’ll tell Ishu and Soumya also.

PRECAP: Om’s new move…..Shivaay misses Anika……Rumya have a deal

I hope you all are liking the story, see my story is different from what IB was. I hope you all like it. Please share your views via comments below.

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