Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 42

Episode 42

First of all, A VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON TUs, I hope this festival of light brings happiness, prosperity and freshness in your lives.

“Tyohaar yu hi aate rahenge
Saath hum yu hi nibhate rahenge
Khushiyaan tumhare aangan mein bharte rahenge
Shubh kamnayein yu hi bhejte rahenge”

Once again, HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!

I am going back to Mumbai tomorrow, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post the next part, I hope I am able to post soon.

Till then enjoy today’s dhamakedar episode,

RECAP: Shivika get married…..Anika is still unaware……Ishana is searching for Om……..Rudra and Soumya share some light moments

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

All Oberois were emotional, after all their daughter was leaving, their Anika, whom they had seen grown up in this place would now leave this house, whenever any problem looked at Oberois, Anika stood in between as a strong wall, no doubt why Soumya called her the great wall of Anika Singh Oberoi, and now their strength would leave them. They knew that one day this would happen but none knew that this day would be so difficult, these moments would be so precious.

Sandhya: if you all allow, we would love to take our daughter home.

Pinky wiped her tears and looked at Anika, and hugged Anika tightly, for the first time, even Anika had moist eyes, no matter how strong she showed herself, she too was a human after all, she too had emotions, she too wished to stay with her family ever, the thought of leaving her family was too much.
Everyone had tears in their eyes witnessing the mother-daughter.
Anika composed herself,

Anika: Mom, don’t cry so much, your make up will be spoiled.
Pinky smiled listening to this and hit Anika lightly,
Pinky: Chup kar, when you’ll become a mother, you’ll know.

Anika turned around looking for someone,

Jhanvi: If you are finding Ishu, she is not here.
Dadi: Where did she go, leaving her sister’s wedding?
Jhanvi: Don’t know maa, I tried stopping her but she left in hurry.

Rumya side,

Soumya: Where did Ishu go?
Rudra: Even Om Bhaiya is not here.
Soumya: Ek to yaha itna tension hai aur yeh dono pata nahi kaha maze ka rahe hai.
Rudra: Let it be, waise bhi they needed some time alone.

Back to family,

Anika: Ishu is not careless, maybe something imp arrived, its ok Dadi, I’ll talk to her.
Sandhya: Then lets start the bidaai rituals.
Arjun: One minute mom

All looked at Arjun as he lifted his sehra, all were shocked. Arjun was standing beside Radhika.

Pinky: OMM, Arjun is there, then who is he?

Shivaay lifted his sehra and all were double shocked, Anika couldn’t believe her eyes, unknowingly a smile crept on her face but that smile didn’t last long.

Sandhya: Arjun, is this some kind of joke?
Radhika: No aunty, this is the truth, we both love each other and now we are married.
Sandhya: Shut up

Sandhya raised her hand to slap Radhika but Arjun held her hand, all were shocked.

Arjun: Mom, you don’t have any right to raise your hand on my wife.
Vikram: Arjun, what is all this, is this the way you behave with your mom.
Arjun: I am sorry dad, but if mom would have agreed earlier only we wouldn’t have to do all this.
Dadi: Arjun beta, what are you saying, will somebody please explain.
Pinky: Right said mummyji, I am confused.

Arjun tells everyone about how he met Radhika, they fell in love, how Sandhya disagreed to their marriage, how his and Anika’s relation got fixed, how he brought Radhika here, Radhika and Shivaay’s wedding and their plan.

All were listening with shock.

Jhanvi: That means….Anika married….
Soumya: Shivaay bhaiya….sorry…Shivaay jiju

Shivika look at each other, they share an eye-lock,

(“O Jaana……” Plays in BG)

Anika: I don’t accept this marriage.

All looked at her shocked.

Anika: How dare you marry me……how dare you try this trick with me……I knew it…..I knew ki tum jaise middle class log paison ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho…..but you would fall so low, I never thought this…….
Arjun: Anika, please, why are you blaming Shivaay, he was just helping us.
Radhika: Haa Anika, its not his fault.
Anika: Help… foot…..I don’t accept this marriage and I’ll never accept it also. We’ll get divorced now itself.

Shivaay kept quiet, he knew that this would happen and he was ready to face it.
Anika was about to leave, the knot of her dupatta with Shivaay’s stole was about to open but Dadi held it in time, she tied it tightly again, Anika looked at Dadi in shock.

Anika: Dadi…
Dadi: Shaadi, koi khel nahi hai….jo tumhari marzi se chalega…..shaadi iss duniya ka sabse anmol rishta hai…yeh do dilon ko jodta hai….wo bhi sath janmo ke liye….and now you both are married and that’s the truth and you’ll respect this relation willingly or unwillingly.
Anika: no Dadi…I….
Shivaay: This is not fair Dadi, we got married without Anika’s consent and now asking her to respect this relation would be unfair with her….I can’t do this.
Dadi: Anika ki marzi nahi par tumhari to marzi thi naa

Shivaay didn’t know what to say, Anika looked at him.

Somewhere in Mumbai,

Ishana had been looking for Om since three hours, she was tired and completely drained out, she sat on a nearby bench, tears flowing through her eyes, she regretted for all her words to Om.

She was sitting with her head bent down when she felt a hand holding her hand, she looked up surprised and saw a little boy of seven looking at her, he gently wiped her tears.

Boy: Please don’t cry. Take this (the boy handed her a balloon) I know you lost something, don’t cry, you’ll find it.

Ishana smiled at the little boy, he handed her the balloon, kissed on her cheek and ran away. Ishana looked at the balloon and smiled but something caught her eyes, there was something written on the balloon.

“Hamesha muskuraatein raho, zindagi choti si hai, har pal khul ke jeete raho”

She remembered something.


Ishana was sitting on the steps of her academy, she was upset because of her argument with Tej. She was sitting lost in thoughts when Om came and sat beside her, she looked at him and he smiled at her, Ishana didn’t smile back,

Omkara: Lagta hai aaj ek smile bhi nahi milegi
Ishana: Om, please leave me alone, I am in no mood to talk.
Omkara: Then don’t talk, at least return me my smile. Ek baat kehna chahunga, “Hamesha muskuraatein raho, zindagi choti si hai, har pal khul ke jeete raho”, Life will give you thousand reasons to be upset but you have to find your own reasons to smile.

Ishana looked at Om, he again smiled at her, Ishana smiled back.


A smile crept on Ishana’s face as she remembered that day. She stood up and looked here and there.

Ishana: I know Om, you are nearby only, and I’ll find you.

Ishana walks around the place.

In Oberoi Mansion,

All were waiting for Shivaay’s reply, he kept quiet.

Dadi: I got your answer. My decision is final. This marriage is valid and you both will respect this.

Shivika were shocked, Rumya were happy.

Dadi: Now all of you are tired, lets rest. We’ll do other rituals later.

Dadi, Tejvi, Shinky and Rumya leave. The Maliks also leave.

Anika: I don’t care what you think about all this, but I am not gonna accept this.
Shivaay: Even I am not interested in being your husband. Koi pagal hi hoga jo aapka pati banega.
Anika: What did you say?
Shivaay: Wahi jo aapne suna.
Anika: I’ll see you later.

Both turn in opposite directions to go but stop because of the wedding knot, they hold the knot and look at each other.

(“O Jaana……” Plays in BG)

Ishana’s side,

Ishana was searching when she stopped seeing a man sitting near the tree, she knew her search was over, she knew it was her Om, she walked to him and placed her hand on his shoulders, Om looked at her, they share an eye-lock,

(“O Saathiya……..” Plays in BG)



Omkara: Ishana, who I am to you?
Ishana: Om….wo….
Omkara: Bolo naa Ishana, what is my place in your life?


Soumya: Rudra, I have to tell you something
Rudra: Soumya, even I have to tell you something.

Shivaay: Anika, I…..
Anika: Say it…..
Shivaay: I……

So I hope you all liked today’s episode. Please do comment and share your views.

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