Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 41

Episode 41

RECAP: Ishana explains Anika to rethink about her decision……….Ishkara have an argument

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

The entire atmosphere was auspicious, the entire mansion was beaming with happiness, in the centre of the hall was the beautifully decorated mandap, it was lighted with bright lights, the fresh smell of orchids fragranced the entire venue, the hustle and bustle of a regular Indian wedding was being heard from every corner of the mansion.

The guests had arrived, Oberois and Maliks were busy welcoming the guests.

Now all eyes turned towards the staircase where stood the brides and grooms, the most awaited people for the day.

Shivaay and Arjun had the sehra over their face, no one could guess who was who, Radhika and Anika too had veil over their beautiful faces. Except for Anika, the rest three knew what was going to happen.

The four sat down at their respective places. (Shivika as Arnika and Ardhika as Shidhika)

Anika (thinking): Why I am feeling that something is different…..why I feel that Shivaay is with me… is that possible…….Shivaay is sitting with Radhika……….stop thinking all this Anika… are marrying Arjun…..better think about that.

Shivaay looked at Anika and smiled,

Shivaay (thinking): I wish we could get married in a better way…….I know after knowing the truth…’ll not forgive me… would be really angry…….I am ready to face all that……I know it would be really hard….after all I’ll have to face Anika Singh Oberoi’s anger……but I can face and fight anything for you

The rituals were going on. All were happy.

Rumya were happy as their plan was succeeding.

Soumya: Rudra, finally sab thik ho gaya, Shivaay bhaiya hi ban gaye mere jiju.
Rudra: Soumya, control your excitement, kisine sun liya to raita phail jayega.
Soumya: I don’t care, aa chahe jo raita phaile, Shivaay jiju sambhal lenge.
Rudra: Nothing can happen of you. I am happy to see you back to normal.
Soumya: Normal, matlab??
Rudra: I mean back to the same chirpy, carefree Soumya, in fact pagal Soumya.
Soumya: How dare you call me pagal?
Rudra: Jo hai wahi kahunga naa…..Mad girl
Soumya: Acha

Soumya stamped on Rudra’s foot while he made a puppy face.

Amidst all these were a pair of eyes searching for someone, something really precious, Ishana had been cursing herself for saying all those things to Om, how could she even say like that.

Ishana (thinking): How could I say all those things……I know how guilty Om felt for hurting me and still I said that to him…….Pata nahi Om kaha chala gaya hai……..sab meri galti hai………I should have controlled my anger……..Anika ki naaraazgi Om par nikal di…….Dont know where you are Om…..please come back

Ishana left the place. Jhanvi saw her leaving and was surprised. She tried stopping Ishana but she left before that.

Priest: Now the bride and groom stand up for the wedding rounds.

Shivika and Ardhika start taking rounds.

With every round they took, Anika’s heartbeat was increasing, something inside her told that something was definitely strange, why was she feeling like that.
After completing the rounds, the priest asked Shivaay and Arjun to fill Anika’s and Radhika’s hairline and tie the mangalsutra.
Shivaay looked at Anika and filled her hairline.

(“Om Mangalam……” Plays in BG)
Shivaay then tied the mangalsutra around her neck.
Anika touched the mangalsutra feeling its auspiciousness.

The wedding completed. Ardhika and Shivika took blessings from all elders.

Somewhere on the roads of Mumbai,

Ishana was running on the streets of Mumbai looking for Om, she had dialed his number multiple times but it didn’t connect, with every passing minute her heartbeat was increasing, fear was engulfing her, a thousand thoughts collected in her mind, if she didn’t find Om soon, she wouldn’t live, a moment without him felt like eternity, she was shouting his name like a mad person running here and there.

Ishana: Om….Om…..Om…..

Tears were flowing from her eyes.
As she was searching, she saw a crowd at some distance. She ran to the crowd.

Ishana: Yaha itni bheed kyun hai
Man: A man met with an accident.

Ishana’s mind had numerous thoughts, she ran across cutting the crowd and looked at the man.

In Oberoi Mansion,

Soumya held Rudra’s hand tightly, Rudra looked at her with surprise.

Rudra: What happened to you?
Soumya: I don’t know how will everybody especially Anika di react when she’ll know the truth?
Rudra: Relax, don’t worry everything will be fine.
Soumya: How can relax, this tension is eating me.

Rudra held Soumya by her shoulder and made her face him.

Rudra: Do you trust me (Soumya looked into his eyes and nodded a yes) then just trust me, I promise nothing will go wrong.

Rumya share an eye-lock. They smile at each other.

Back to Ishana,

Ishana looked at the man and sighed in relief, it wasn’t Om, it wasn’t her Om, he was safe, her Om was safe, the thought relaxed her, but she couldn’t sit like this, she had to find her Om as soon as possible, she had to apologize to him, she had to get her Om back.

PRECAP: Truth is out………Will Ishana find Om…….Shivika’s tashan

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