Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 40

Episode 40
Sorry guys for not posting for two weeks, I was really busy couldn’t manage time to write but now due to Diwali holidays I have come back home and so I’ll try and post as much as I can.
So now without taking much of your time, I’ll directly get back to the story.
RECAP: Rumya misunderstandings get cleared………Shivika spend some beautiful moments………Ishkara have intense talks

(NOTE: The episode is not in accordance to the Precap I had given last time…..there are a few changes)

At present, Oberoi Mansion,
Everyone was busy doing arrangements after all it was India’s greatest businesswoman Anika Singh Oberoi’s wedding, the entire world looked up to this wedding as it was not only Anika’s big day but also the merger of two great business empires of India as well as international markets. There was great hustle and bustle all around the entire Oberoi Mansion.

While the entire world was eagerly waiting for the wedding, Anika was sitting in her room, she was blankly staring at the beautiful wedding attire that lay on the bed, before this day colours didn’t matter much to her but today this red colour was saying something to her, it was telling her that from now on her life would be changed forever, that this day will change everything in her life, that this decision that she had made will change everything forever, she picked up the lehenga and moved her fingers over the beautiful embroidery, the touch reminded of her Shivaay’s soft touch, that feeling that sent butterflies through her stomach whenever he was close to her, that new feeling she experienced whenever she saw him, her eyes were always lost in his eyes, the world didn’t matter to her at that moment, from the day Shivaay had come in her life, she couldn’t imagine a day without him, although she never accepted it but Shivaay had definitely become an inseparable part of her life, he was the first person after her sisters that she cared the most for, who mattered a lot to her………and now suddenly everything was going to change between them for once and all…..the unique relation they shared was going to be changed forever, she was now going to be part of someone else’s life………the thought was disturbing her.

While Anika was lost in her thoughts, Ishana and Soumya came to her room, Anika came out of her thoughts and looked at her sisters, looking at them she knew that they weren’t happy with her decision of marrying Arjun. But ignoring their looks Anika asked them,

Anika: You both didn’t get ready till now?
Ishana: We’ll get ready but first we’ll help you get ready, shaadi Teri hai hamari nahi.
Ishana’s cold reply was expected by Anika who thought not to say anything further to create arguments.
Soumya kept quiet all this while as she didn’t know how to convince her Anika di not to get married, she knew that Anika would never listen to her but still she wanted to try once,
Soumya: Di, please don’t do this. Aap bhi janti ho ki yeh galat hai, phir aap aisa kyu kar rahi ho, please don’t do this.

Before Anika could reply Ishana spoke,
Ishana: Soumya, what are you saying, how can Anika say no, it was her decision to get married to Arjun, how can she step back now and why, what reason she will give for her no, hai naa Anu?
Anika looked at Ishana, whose eyes showed that she was really upset with Anika. Both of them remembered their convo they had last night.

Anika was returning to her room after talking to Shivaay when she met Ishana.
Anika: Ishu, you didn’t sleep till now?
Ishana: You are also awake, what were you doing?
Anika: Kuch nahi bas WO Shivaay….

Ishana: Kitni ajeeb baat hai naa Anu, you are going to get married to Arjun tomorrow but you never speak of him, hamesha Teri zubaan par Shivaay ka hi naam hota hai
Anika: Ishu, you are thinking too much, it’s nothing like that.
Ishana: Acha, then say this looking into my eyes, say that Shivaay doesn’t matter to you, say that spending time with him doesn’t make you happy, say that you don’t care for him, say that you feel nothing for him, say that he is only your employee and nothing more, say….why are you quiet?

Anika looked at Ishana not knowing what to say, whatever Ishana said was right, she did care you him, he mattered to her, in fact he mattered the most, but she would never accept it, she never would after all she is the great ASO, how would she listen to her heart.
Anika: Ishu, i don’t have time for all this, let’s sleep, tomorrow is an important day.
Ishana: Sahi kaha, tomorrow is an important day, so think before doing anything.
Anika: I have thought well and now my decision wouldn’t change, no matter what happens.
Ishana: Aaj tu nahi samajh rahi, lekin jis din samjhegi naa, us din mere paas ayegi aur kahegi ki, Ishu tu sahi thi aur main galat.
Ishana left from there leaving Anika lost in her thoughts.

Anika: You have come to help me, so I’ll change and come, and then you can help me.
Anika went to change running away from Ishana’s eyes.
In Shivaay’s room,
Shivaay was getting ready, he knew that according to the plan, Arjun would marry Radhika and he’ll marry Anika but something felt wrong, he knew that he felt for Anika and that he should be happy that she would become a part of his life but he also knew that when the truth would be out Anika would be really angry, she would blame him for everything, but he was ready to face it.
Rudra: Bhaiya, aap ready ho to niche chale.
Shivaay: Yeah.

In the other end of Oberoi Mansion,
Omkara was going towards the mandap when he saw Ishana sitting in one corner, he felt concerned and walked to her,
Omkara: Ishana, today is Anika’s wedding and you are sitting here like this, what happened?
(Remember only Shivaay and Rumya know about Ardhika’s plan, Ishkara and Anika are still unaware)
Ishana: Om, you know naa that Anika is marrying Arjun just for business.
Omkara: I know that.

Ishana: I have tried explaining her a hundred times, but she is not understanding, Shaadi koi deal nahi hai, and lekin wo yeh baat samajhe to naa

Omkara: I know Ishana, you care for Anika, but this is her decision and you should let her decide, if she thinks marrying Arjun is right, let her do that.
Ishana: How can you say this Om, how can I let my sister make the wrong decision.
Omkara: How can you say her decision is wrong, what may seem wrong to us, maybe it seems right to her.
Ishana stood up so did Om,
Ishana: Om, I never thought you would say this, how can you say this, is money so imp that ppl forget relations for it.
Omkara: Ishana, you are misunderstanding, I didn’t say that.
Ishana: What else can I expect from you, a person who can fall any low for money, how will he know about relations and feelings.
Om looked at Ishana in disbelief, Ishana realized what she had said and was about to say something but Om stooped her,

Ishana: Om…main…wo….
Omkara: No need to say anything, I know that I have hurt you a lot but that doesn’t give you any rights to say things about me just because of my past. You cant always judge ppl because of their dark past. Aur ek baat yaad rakhna, dhoka dena mera shauk nahi tha, meri majboori thi. Socha nahi tha yeh baat tumhe samjhana padegi, sochhta tha tum samajh gayi hogi.
Om left the place without listening to Ishana.

PRECAP: Wedding begins……..Rumya moments……Om leaves

Sorry for such a filler episode. Please do comment and I promise the next episode would be better.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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