Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 4

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 4

RECAP: Anika hires Shivaay……Ishkara meet again, Om feels happy as his plan has started working……Rumya get into argument, Soumya decides to teach Rudra a lesson

At present, Oberoi Office,

Shivaay was before time as it was his first day at work and he didn’t wish to give Anika any opportunity to taunt him, he walks into the lift and was about to close it when he saw Anika signaling him to wait for her, he stopped the lift and waited for her to come. Anika entered the lift and smiled at him, which was a major shock to Shivaay,

Shivaay (thinking): OMG, so this ASO can smile also. Looks like sun rose from the west today.
Anika (looking at her phone): Don’t be so amazed, I am not that bad that I don’t smile at ppl who help.
Shivaay (shocked): O bete ki, how does she know. Can she read my mind, if yes, I have to be careful.
Anika: What did you say, O…what…anyways please don’t use that language in the office, we have a class here.
Shivaay: So what do you mean, I don’t have a class, and this is my style.
Anika: Who has such weird style, no…wait…of course…ppl like you.
Shivaay: What do you mean by ppl like me, are you from some other planet?
Anika: what do you mean, I look like an alien.
Shivaay: You are asking or telling.
Anika: You…..

But before she could say anything, the lift started making weird sounds.

Anika: See now because of you, even it started making noise.
Shivaay: Are you out of your mind, we are stuck here and all you care is to blame me. Its better we think of getting out from here.
Anika: It’s easy, you just have to use your brain but how will you know, you lost is long back.

Shivaay ignores her amd presses the help button,

Voice: How may I help you?
Shivaay: Actually….
Anika (interrupting him): we are stuck here in lift no 6, please inform the same and get us help.
Voice: Don’t worry mam, we will solve the issue soon.

At Rumya’s college,

The lecture was going on when a peon comes and informs that the principal wants to meet Rudra Kapoor, Rudra gets confused as to why he has been called, and on the other side Soumya smirks.

In Principal’s office,

Rudra: May I come in Sir?
Principal: Oh yes, come in.
Rudra: Sir, you called me.
Principal: Yes, well before I tell you why, you tell me what do you think you come to this college for?
Rudra (confused but answers): To study, Sir. Why else?
Principal: Good, so will you tell me what were you doing in the library yesterday?
Rudra: I had gone to issue a book, Sir.
Principal: So, to issue a book, do you have to create noise and disturb others? (Rudra was confused) Don’t act like you don’t know what I am saying, I have complaints against you that you create disturbance in college and don’t let others study.
Rudra: No Sir, this is wrong, you are having some MU.
Principal: I don’t have any MU. So that’s why I have decided that you will not enter the library ever again.
Rudra: But Sir…
Principal: You may leave.

Rudra leaves, he comes out and sees Soumya smiling at him and he understands what has happened.

Rudra: I should have known that it would be you.
Soumya: Next time, don’t try to teach me. (She leaves)
Rudra: I’ll see you soon, Ms. Soumya.

Omkara’s house,

He was getting ready standing in front of the mirror,

Omkara: Waah mere hero, today to Ishana will die for your looks, bilkul Ranbir Kapoor lag raha hai,… can I be so handsome…..Ok…now enough of my praising otherwise I’ll get late….today to I have to win over her.

Back to Shivika,

They were still stuck in the lift, they were just giving each other irritated looks,

Shivaay: Oh God, when will I get out of here.
Anika: What fate I have, that now I, Anika Singh Oberoi is stuck in a lift that to with him (she looked at Shivaay with an irritated look who returned the same to her)

After some time,
Anika was now feeling uneasy due to the closed surroundings and had problem breathing, Shivaay noticed this and asked her,

Shivaay: Are you Ok? What happened?
Anika: Woo, I get uneasy in closed spaces if I stay there for long, it’s the same thing. (She almost fainted but Shivaay held her on time)
Shivaay made her sit,
Shivaay: Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here. Just …. (Before he could complete, Anika fainted) Anika, Anika…please open your eyes….Oh God….Anika

Ishana’s dance academy,

Ishana was busy teaching the students when she heard someone’s voice,
Voice: Excuse me, may I know when the next show is?

Ishana turned around and was surprised to see a handsome man standing smiling at her, she was surprised to see him and immediately walked to him and hugged him,
Om, who had just entered saw this and was shocked,

Ishana: What a surprise, Varun? But how come, you came here. I thought you’ll meet Anika first.
Varun: Actually, I also thought the same but you know naa, how she feels when someone disturbs her in office.
Ishana: Woo toh hai, btw did you go home?
Varun: No, I thought, I’ll meet you first.
Ishana: Acha, wait here, I’ll come in a minute, we’ll go together.
Varun: As you say.

Om leaves from there thinking his plan failed again, he couldn’t hear their talk but looking at them he thought he has to think about something.

Omkara (thinking): Villain that too before the story starts….who is he…Ishana is hugging him, that means….he is her BF….but how did I not know….how could I miss such a big thing (he sees them talking, smiling) I think, I should leave now…I have to think something about him

Back to Shivika,

Shivaay was getting tensed as Anika was not opening her eyes, he tried making her conscious but all he tried failed, just then he heard the door opening, the door opened, he immediately lifted Anika is his arms and walked out,

Shivaay (to the staff): Inform Tej Sir and Shakti Sir, I am taking Anika home.

PRECAP: Oberois are shocked to see Shivika…….Who is Varun…….Rumya shocked……Om’s new plan

So guys, how is the story coming, i hope you all are liking it. Please share your views in comments below.
Also, after reading your answers, I have decided that Soumya, Omkara and Shivaay will fall in love first. See, as ishana is Om’s female version, its not easy to make her fall in love, same is with AniRu. So i hope you agree with it.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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