Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 39

Episode 39

RECAP: Shivika clash………Anika’s words again hurt Shivaay………Ishkara moments……Ishana asks Om to stay at OM for tonight………Rudra learns Meera’s truth……He gets angry on Soumya………Soumya tries to explain Rudra but fails

At present, Oberoi Mansion, Dining Table,

Dadi: Yeh kya, khane ka waqt ho gaya hai aur baachein abhi tak aaye nahi, kaha gaye sab ke sab
Jhanvi: I’ll call them mummy ji
Pinky: No use jethani ji, they won’t come
Dadi: Matlab
Pinky: I called them but all have different excuses not to have dinner, kisiko bhook nahi hai to kisika maan nahi hai, God knows, what’s wrong with them
Dadi: Aise kaise maan nahi hai, Jhanvi go and tell them that I have called everyone

Jhanvi nods and leaves.

After some time, Jhanvi came back followed by Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya, Rudra was still upset and ignored Soumya, Soumya was hurt and sad, Shivika also avoided each other and maintained distance, Ishkara talked only through their eyes,

Anika: Dadi, you called us
Dadi: Haa, yeh kya baat hai, why you all are not having food.
Rudra: Dadi, I am not hungry.
Anika: Even I am in no mood.
Ishana: Dadi, Om and I had dinner outside only, so we are not hungry.
Omkara: Haa dadi, aap log kha lijiye.

Dadi now turned to Shivaay and Soumya who were lost in their own world.

Dadi: Do you both also have any reasons?

Shivaay and Soumya looked at Dadi not knowing what to say, as they didn’t hear what Dadi had asked them,

Shivaay: Dadi…wo….
Dadi: No need to say anything. All will have dinner now and that’s it.
Anika: But Dadi…..
Dadi: Its my order

All sat down to have food but their minds were lost in their own worlds,

Rudra was upset with Soumya for hiding the truth from him, Soumya was trying to talk to Rudra but he ignored her, Anika didn’t understand why she was angry seeing shivaay with Radhika and why she behaved the way she did with him, Shivaay was hurt by Anika’s behavior but couldn’t stop thinking about her, Omkara knew that he had fallen for Ishana but feared that his love would make him loose her friendship also, and Ishana, although her feelings for Om were more than friendship, she denied the fact and thought him as to be her friend only.

After dinner all of them retired to their rooms.

Near the kitchen,

Shivaay had woken up due to thirst but finding the jug in his room empty, he decided to go to the kitchen, he drank water and was about to return when he heard someone sobbing, he followed the sound and was shocked to see Soumya crying sitting leaning on the wall, tears were flowing non-stop, Shivaay immediately walked to her and sat beside her, feeling someone’s presence near her Soumya turned to see Shivaay looking at her with shock, concern and care, not able to hold anymore Soumya just hugged Shivaay tightly crying badly than earlier, Shivaay understood that something really big bothered her, he caressed her hair and calmed her down, after sometime Soumya calmed down and Shivaay made her drink water, both of them sat near the poolside,

Soumya: Bhaiya, please don’t tell Anika di or Ishu about this, I don’t want them to be worried.
Shivaay: I won’t tell but you have to tell me.
Soumya: Bhaiya, wo…..
Shivaay: Bhaiya kehti ho na, then say without hesitating, I’ll do everything possible to solve my sister’s problem.

Soumya smiled at Shivaay who smiled back and then Soumya told Shivaay about Meera and Rudra and how Rudra is upset because of her,

Shivaay: Soumya, some fault is your also, you should have told Rudra earlier.
Soumya: I know Bhaiya, but now what should I do, so that he forgives me?
Shivaay: I think you should just go and talk to him, everything will be fine.
Soumya: Are you sure, this will work?
Shivaay: You trust your Bhaiya naa, then just go and talk to him, I guarantee that everything will be fine.

Soumya hugged Shivaay, said thank you and left.

Shivaay also turned to go to his room but stopped seeing Anika, he decided to ignore her and moved to go but stopped hearing her voice,


Shivaay turned around shocked, he couldn’t believe that Anika said thank you to him,

Anika: Don’t be so shocked, I said thank you because you helped Soumya, and solved her problem. My sisters are everything to me and you helped her.

Anika was about to leave but stopped when she felt Shivaay holding her hand, she turned around and looked at him, they share an eye-lock,

(“O Jaana……..” Plays in BG)

Shivaay moved closer to her and Anika didn’t stop him, they were very close to one another,

Shivaay: Sometimes I don’t understand you, whenever I feel that I have understood you, you do something that proves me wrong…….why are you like this…….why are you so difficult to understand……..why can’t anyone understand you…….why can’t I understand you………
Anika: Who says you don’t understand me…… do…… really do…… fact……..only you have understood me……

Shivika look at each other, all their old moments flash through their minds,

(“Kis pe karu zahir
Hai Dard kya aakhir
Kyun sukoon mujh se khafa
Betaab lamho mein
Benaam aashquon mein
Yeh aaks kis ka ban Gaya
Ghum KO aazmane de
Dil KO chot kahna de
Kya hai chale kuch to pata
O Jaana……” plays in BG)

Realizing what Anika said, she became conscious and moved Shivaay away, Shivaay also came back to reality, both walked away without even facing each other.

In Ishana’s room,

Ishana was lying on her bed but sleep was miles away, she got up from her bed and came out of her room, she walked to the nearby balcony and was surprised to see Om standing there looking at the moon, she just kept looking at him and was lost in him, feeling someone’s gaze on him Om turned around and saw Ishana,

Omkara: You didn’t sleep till now.
Ishana: Tum bhi to jag rahe ho.
Omkara: Actually I wasn’t getting sleep so came here.

Ishana stood beside Om and looked at the moon,

Ishana: Moon is so beautiful naa
Omkara: Not more than you

Ishana looked at Om and Om realized what he said, their eyes met,

(“O Saathiya plays in BG”)

Om broke the eye-lock,

Omkara: I mean… are also beautiful…..wo….I…..

Ishana started laughing which made Om relax,

Ishana: Relax, you don’t have to explain.
Omkara: Chand kitna lucky hai, uske paas itne saare tare hai, kash hamare paas bhi itne sare saathi hote, someone always by our side, someone who cares for you, someone who thinks for you, someone for whom you are important, someone who is your strength and your weakness, someone…..
Ishana: Someone whose worlds revolves around you, someone who knows you more than you do, someone who listens without you saying anything, someone whose tears make you cry, someone whose smile makes you happy, someone…….
Ishkara: Someone who is your SOULMATE

They looked at each other and smiled.

Rudra’s room,

Rudra was sitting near the window when he heard a knock, he turned around and saw Soumya standing there with a coffee mug, she knew how to persuade him, but Rudra didn’t pay heed and faced the other side, Soumya was disheartened but composed herself,

Rudra: I am in no mood to fight, so just go.
Soumya: Who said I am here to fight, I just came here to give you coffee, you must be studying.
Rudra: I don’t want your coffee, you can leave.

Soumya placed the coffee mug on the table and walked to him,

Soumya: Rudra, I know whatever I did was wrong and I am really sorry for hiding such a big thing from you, but trust me I was going to tell you……..i was just afraid that how you would react……I knew you would be heart broken, sad and upset…..i just didn’t wish to see you like that….I know you are angry on me and you have complete right to be angry…..but please don’t ignore me……it really hurts

Soumya sat down crying and Rudra couldn’t see her like that, he ran to her and hugged her tightly,

Soumya: I am sorry…..please talk to me…….please
Rudra: Soumya, don’t cry….you know naa I can’t see you like this……I forgive you
Soumya: Really
Rudra: Really

Soumya hugged Rudra but soon they realized their position and moved away.

Rudra: I think its late, we should sleep.
Soumya: Good night
Rudra: Good night

PRECAP: Wedding functions………Ishkara fight……..Rudra’s realization………Shivika’s increasing closeness

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