Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 38

Episode 38

Hi guys, so sorry for being so late, I was really busy with studies, I know you all understand. I’ll try my level best to post regularly from now but I really can’t promise anything, and I am sorry for that.

Getting back to the story, the link to all previous parts is here for all those who missed anything,

Here it goes,

RECAP: Ishkara lie to Anika that Shivaay is not fine………Anika worries for Shivaay…….Radhika and Rumya disclose Ardhika’s love to Shivaay………..Shivaay agrees to help them and return to Oberoi Mansion………Ishkara spent some time together………Rudra finds Soumya worried and decides to find the truth……..Anika gets angry seeing Shivaay going with Radhika

At present, Oberoi Mansion, Soumya’s room,

Soumya was thinking about how she would tell Rudra about Meera going to London, she didn’t know how Rudra would handle himself, she knew he would be heartbroken and hurt and that she wouldn’t be able to see him like that, she knew no matter what had happened in the past, Rudra did love Meera a lot and this news would shatter him, but she had to tell him, if he got to know from somewhere else, he would be more hurt, Soumya wiped her tears and stood up to leave but was surprised to see Rudra standing behind her,

Soumya: Rudra, its good you came, I wanted to talk to you.
Rudra: Even I wanted to talk to you.

His voice clearly showed that something was wrong and Soumya could sense it but brushing away all thoughts, she spoke,

Soumya: Rudra, first let me talk, its really urgent.
Rudra: I know what you want to talk about.

Soumya looked surprised at him, Soumya: How do you know??
Rudra: So what you thought, you won’t tell me, I’ll never know.

Rudra showed her a post by one of Meera’s friend wishing her luck and happy journey, Soumya maintained her composure and spoke,

Soumya: Rudra, you are getting it wrong, I was going to tell you….
Rudra: When….when were you going to tell me….after everything got over……tell me Soumya…….when….

He held Soumya by her shoulder tightly and Soumya looked at him with tears flowing from their eyes,

Soumya: Leave me Rudra, its hurting.
Rudra: Its hurting me also.

Rumya looked at each other and share an eye-lock,

(Teri Nazron Mein
Hai Tere Sapne
Tere Sapno Mein
Hai Naraazi
Mujhe Lagta Hai
Ke Baatein Dil Ki
Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
Tum Saath Ho Ya Na
Ho Kya Fark Hai
Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Agar Tum Saath Ho“” Plays in BG)

Rudra: You have let me down today, I never expected this from you.

Rudra pushed Soumya away.

Soumya: Rudra……

Before Soumya could say anything, Rudra left from there and Soumya sat down with tears.

Other side of Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was going to his room, he didn’t wish to face Anika at this point of time, so he directly headed towards his room but he stopped as he heard his name, he turned around to see Anika,

Shivaay: Wo…..

Before Shivaay could complete, Anika threw a jug full of water on him leaving him shocked, he looked at her completely taken aback,

Anika: You deserve this.

Anika kept the jug on the nearby table,

Shivaay: Pata tha mujhe, bachpan se hi dimag nahi tha inke paas.
Anika: Dimag hai tabhi to tumhe time par samajh gayi
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Anika: You know what I mean.
Shivaay: Whatever you have to say, say it directly, baatein ko gol gol ghumane ki koi jarrorat nahi hai.
Anika: I don’t have time to waste talking to you.

Anika was about to go but Shivaay held her hand and pinned her to the wall, Anika looked shocked at him,

Anika: Leave me
Shivaay: Tell me what were you talking about and I’ll leave you
Anika: No one can order ASO
Shivaay: I don’t care about that, I asked you something, just answer.
Anika: I won’t, what will you do?
Shivaay: You don’t know what I can do.
Anika: I very well know what middle class people like you can do.

Hearing this Shivaay remembered everything Anika said that night, he immediately left her hand and turned to leave,

Anika: What happened, sach chubh gaya
Shivaay looked at her in disbelief and just left without saying anything.

Outside Oberoi Mansion,

Ishkara reached Oberoi Mansion after Soumya called Ishana to tell that Shivaay had returned.

Omkara: I think I should leave now, anyways everything is fine now.
Ishana: Haa, its getting late, you should leave.
Omkara: Ok then bye.
Ishana: Bye

Both of them stood there, neither of them wanted to leave but they couldn’t find any reason to stop each other,

Omkara: To main chalta hu, good night.
Ishana: Haa, good night.

But still neither of them moved.

Omkara: You go in, I’ll leave after you go.
Ishana: you go, I’ll wait till then.
Omkara: thik hai, phir bye.

Omkara turned around to leave finding no reason to stay, Ishana wanted to stop him but even she couldn’t find a solid reason for him to stay back,
Both of them stood there looking in opposite directions,

Ishkara: Om/Ishana

They turned around at once and looked at each other,

Ishana: You were saying something
Omkara: First you say
Ishana: I was thinking that why don’t you stay here for tonight.

Omkara was on cloud nine hearing this but maintained his composure.

Omkara: But…..
Ishana: Its Ok, don’t worry about others, I’ll talk to them.
Omkara: Ok.

PRECAP: Shivika………Ishkara……….Rumya

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