Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 3

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Epi 3

RECAP: Om decides a new move to trap Ishana……..Shivika have an argument……Rumya first meet turned to fight…….Anika decides to make Shivaay bow in front of her

At present,

Ishana’s dance academy,

Ishana was dancing on “Sun Saathiya – ABCD 2”, she was lost in her own world, her graceful moves, her beautiful expressions, her hands and legs moved perfectly to the musical beats, as she was lost in her in her dance.

Om came there with a bouquet and saw her busy in her dance, he was mesmerized by her dance and unknowingly started walking towards her, he moved so close that as Ishana turned around she lost her balance and was about to fall when Omkara held her by her waist, and the bouquet fell from his hand, and they looked at each other and were lost in each other’s eyes,

(Aankhon mein Teri – Om Shanti Om plays in BG)

They soon realized their position and stand up properly, they look in opposite directions,

Omkara (thinking): What happened to you, duffer? Concentrate on the plan, idiot, you dropped the bouquet also, now what will you give her. The entire plan flopped.

Ishana looked at him talking to himself,

Ishana: You, here?

Omkara turned around to face her,

Omkara: Actually, I came here to thank you, for helping me. But… (They look at the fallen bouquet)
Ishana picked it up, Ishana: It’s Ok, I like it. (She smiled at him)
Omkara passes a fake smile, Omkara (thinking): She is such a fool. I thought it’s hard to crack her but this is easier than anything.
Ishana: wait a minute, how did you know, I would be here.
Omkara: Woh…What question is this, you are Ishana Singh Oberoi, everyone knows about your dance academy.
Ishana: Acha, now I should leave. Nice meeting you, bye. (She turned around to leave)
Omkara (to himself): She is going again, how do I stop her? (To Ishana) excuse me.
Ishana turned to him, Ishana: Yes
Omkara: You dance really well, it was amazing.
Ishana: Thanks (she again turns to leave)
Omkara: She is again leaving, what to do now, haa…..this will work. (He holds his leg and shouts) Aahh

Ishana turned around to see him holding his leg, he sees her and starts with his drama, and she comes to him,

Ishana: What happened? Are you fine?
Omkara: Don’t know, suddenly it started paining.
Ishana sees the wound, Ishana: You come with me, I’ll dress your wound. (Om gets happy that finally he got her attention)

St. Teresa College, Mumbai

Rudra was busy searching for a book in the library when he heard someone laughing loudly,

Rudra: who is this Idiot, laughing like this that to in the library? (He comes out towards the table and sees a girl sitting on the table talking to her friend)

He goes to her and taps on her shoulder, she turns around and both look at each other shocked, as she was none other than Soumya,

Rudra: It had to be you.
Soumya: What do you mean?
Rudra: I knew no one else can be so stupid like you to laugh like this in the library. This is not the school canteen that you are chilling out with your friends, students come here to study and you are disturbing everyone around. So, please leave and do this non-sense somewhere else.
Soumya: Oh hello, who are you to tell me, where should I go and what should I do. My wish if I talk or laugh, in library or canteen.
Rudra: There is no use talking to you, dimag hoga tabhi to samjhogi.
Soumya: So you mean to say I don’t have brain.
Rudra: Any doubt.
Soumya: You…. (She said pointing her finger towards him, anger clearly seen in her eyes)

But before she could continue, Rudra interrupted,

Rudra: I don’t have time to waste on you, I have other imp stuff also. (He leaves which irritates Soumya even more)
Nisha: OMG, Soumya Singh Oberoi ko bhav na dene wala pehle banda mil hi gaya
Soumya: Shut up, you insulted me, now you’ll have to pay for this.

She says giving a wicked smile.

Nisha: Meaning, what are you going to do?
Soumya: Just wait and watch.

Ishana’s dance academy,

Ishana was applying ointment to Om’s wound and Om was enjoying the scene,

Ishana: You should take care, the wound is fresh (she said applying the antiseptic)
Omkara: Aahh (Ishana looked at him)
Ishana: Don’t worry, it’ll burn for some time but will get well sooner.
Omkara: Thanks, you are really very caring.
Ishana: The one who knows how badly it pains, also learns to care for it.
Omkara gets confused, Omkara: Sorry, I didn’t get what you said.
Ishana: when my own father didn’t understand me, how will you, leave it. (Ishana dresses the wound and gets up to leave)
Omkara: Looks like you have an old relation with pain. (This time he said it from his heart and not for her attention)

Ishana turned around and looked at him surprised,

Omkara: Always remember one thing, the more you try to hide it, the more it hurts you. Sometimes, it’s better to share it with others, feels better. (He smiled at her, this time it was a genuine smile)
Ishana: Some pains are to be kept in your heart only, they can’t be shared.
Omkara: Of course, it can be when you meet the right person to share them. (He smiled at her) anyways, I should be leaving.

They have an eye-lock.

(O Saathiya plays in BG)

He leaves, Ishana stood there looking at his retreating figure, and she felt an unknown connection with him, as if she had a deep connection with him.

Oberoi office,

Anika had to attend few interviews as they had been looking for employees for Oberoi Groups new project, the project held imp as this would change so much in the business world, it was really imp that she had the best of the staff,

Shakti: Anika, you know, how imp this project is, we need the best people of all.
Tej: Don’t worry Shakti, I know Anika will chose the best.
Anika: Right bade papa, that’s why I am personally going to test the candidates. Acha, I should leave, otherwise I’ll get late.

Anika’s cabin,

She was waiting there for the candidates to come one by one, she interviewed a lot of people but no one could win her heart, she was still looking for that one person, finally the last candidate entered and Anika looked up and was shocked to see him, same was with him,

Shivaay (thinking): You are not getting this job, Shivaay, better leave before this Allu Singh Oberoi starts with her Oberoi puran. (He turned around to leave but stopped hearing Anika)
Anika: Wait, you are here for the interview then why are you going without attending it.
Shivaay: Because I know, you won’t hire me, so why waste time.
Anika: I’ll decide whether to hire you are not, please have your seat.

Shivaay was confused by her sudden change of behavior but still sat down. Anika began with the interview and to her utmost amazement Shivaay answered everything with confidence and smartness.

Anika: So, you fit perfectly in my expectations, so I think I should hire you. (Shivaay looked at her in disbelief) Don’t be so be so shocked, I keep my professional and personnel life different. (She got up and extended her hand) congrats Mr. Shivaay (he shook hands with her). So you can join from tomorrow, Jenny will give you the official letter.
Shivaay: Thanks, see you. (He leaves)
Anika: Now the fun begins.

PRECAP: New entries…..Soumya’s plan……Shivika get stuck……Om failed again

So guys, i hope you all are liking the way the story is unfolding. If you think it is getting boring or that there is nothing new about it, please tell me freely. i dont want to present something that you all may not like.

also i have a question, who do you think should fall in love first,

Shivaay, Anika, Ishana, Omkara, Rudra or Soumya
whatever you all feel

So based on your views, i’ll try writing.
But haa love wouldnt start so soon, as there is still a lot to know.

Please drop down your views in the comments below.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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  1. Fabulous. Please Ishkara and Soumya first

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    Getting interesting day by day.
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  6. WOAAAAWWWW…what an epi. Maza aa gaya. Om trying 2 gain Ishu’s attention is soo cool. He is calling somebody FOOL nd dat person is none other than ISHANA, it’s beyond imagination. Nd in precape: Bechara Om failed again. Abb tumhari baari hain ,Ishu ne jaise kitne papad bele tumhe patane ke liye abb tum belo( I m really enjoying dis)

    Rudy is in library , Sumo talking on phone dat 2 in library. It’s OMM… Nd Sumo giving wicked smile awesome.

    Shivaye giving INTERVIEW as a CANDIDATE it’s unbelievable.

    It was a khidkithod epi. Nd kya Ishu bhi Om ki tarha sayribaaz hogi???

    Nd about ur question….. I think RuMya should fall in luv 1st. Nd Sumo should fall 1st for Rudy. Nd then ShivIka nd Shivaye should fall 1st for Allu. Nd about IshKara Om should fall 1st but in their story Om ka saach bahar ayega nd vo Ishu ko uska feelings nahi bata payega…. Ishu will b mad at him. Then vo use manayega nd taab use Ishu ko propose karna cahiye.( it’s jst my suggestion.. U plz do what u wish)

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